Bellerin not taking Arsenal starting place for granted

The young Spaniard Hector Bellerin seems shocked that he has become a regular starter for Arsenal, and is determined to keep on working hard and improving to try and keep his place. He made it clear how much he is loving his life at the moment. “Suddenly you find yourself playing every week and it’s a nice feeling because it’s not as if you are playing for just any team, you are playing for Arsenal,” Hector told the official Arsenal website.

“So the fact that I am playing every week for Arsenal, at just 19 years old, is something that I am really proud of.

“I’m really grateful to the people who have given me the chance, and the fact that we are getting some wins as well is really nice and I’m very happy about it.

“I just want to work harder to show the coach that I am ready to play the next game as well. That’s how it has to be.

“You can’t take anything for granted because you can have a bad game and then you will find yourself on the bench.

“So whatever the performances are like, you need to keep working every week and I think that’s the reason why I’m here at the moment.”

He has a great attitude, and if he keeps improving like this he is certain to stay as our first choice right-back for the forseeable future. Matthieu Debuchy may be the first-choice for France, but after making room for Bellerin by getting hit by injury this season, he may find himself on the bench when he comes back next season…..

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  1. Bellerin is one of the young guns.
    Szcz Ospina Martinez
    Bellerin Chambers Jenkinson
    Abreu Hayden Gibbs
    Coquelin Bielik
    Ramsey Wilshere Zelalam
    Ozil Walcott Sanchez Gnabry
    Chamberlain Crowley Niles
    Wellbeck Akpom Graiciar
    Walcot the oldest 26.
    Need one more younger CB and a younger LB.
    release everyone else over the next two summers.
    Next 5 years look good already.

  2. I’m sure ur Dreaming if u start comparing bellerin as a better choice to debuchy…
    I lov bellerin, buh pls he is still growing, whereas debuchy is a complete RB article.

  3. By the time debuchy will leave arsenal or resign, then Bellerin is a finished product, he is just 19 now, can you imagine bellerin @23?? Wow just wow. And then there’s our very own Jenko!!

  4. I am SO hoping Jenkinson comes back to us…I just love it when we have true Gooners in our team, the problem there I think is that W Ham want to keep him, they can promise him REGULAR 1st team football….can we? he may decide he wants to stay at W Ham…I do hope not, as I really like him…another young talented English player …who LOVES Arsenal…whats not to like ?

  5. I have a lot of respect for Bellerin. Why? His debut was to “throw under the bus” against high-flying Dortmund, and he was caught, multiple times, but he kept playing like’s he supposed to.

    As a result, he’s now our 1st choice RB while Debuchy is injured. And if he keeps going like he’s done so far, Debuchy might have hard time get playing time this season if he returns in April.

  6. Bellerin is good but the boss has no any better RB than him at the moment, that’s the reason he is holding that position. Chambers was thought ahead of him at RB but was suddenly discovered to be lacking the pace for a RB. even he is being now seen he might even lack the true pace for a CB. Nonetheless, Bellerin must improve his game copeness as he has been found missing in some games. The latest been at Spurs. If he wants to bench Debuchy, he must consistently performed at the high performance level of the game. Arsenal cannot avoid any blunder by him that caused a goal. Arsenal want to collect the maximum points in every game they play from now till the end of the season.

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