Bellerin on why he´s HAPPY to snub Barcelona for Arsenal

If the Catalan giants from La Liga thought they would be able to prise another player out of Arsenal, they look set to be disappointed, as Hector Bellerin has declared his happiness at and dedication to the cause at Arsenal Football Club.

The Spanish right back must surely be aware of the Arsenal transfer rumours linking him with a possible return to Barcelona, where he was born and bred and where he spent eight years as a youth player in their La Masia academy. So his words about Arsenal, reported by ESPN, could be taken as a clear message to his boyhood club that he has no intentions of leaving the club that has given him such a great opportunity at such a young age.

After Arsene Wenger described the 20-year old as one of the big surprises of the season, praising his mentality for pushing on and showing mental strength after some early struggles as well as the quality of his recent performances, the young Gunner has reinforced his position at the club with his warm words.

Bellerin praised his team mates for the way they have helped him and said very good things about the family feeling at the club. He even suggested that he accepts the heavy competition for places and will not be upset if the fit again France international Mathieu Debuchy displaces him from the starting XI.

He said, “Every single minute you play helps you a lot and gives you experience.

“I am happy that now, after not so good performances in the beginning, the coach has still put confidence in me and given me minutes.

“The chances always come through injuries, which is not a nice thing. Now we are going to have Debuchy back and I am happy for him, but when you get your chance, you need to do the best you can. I have done my best to take this opportunity.

“The back-up of the players we have makes you look good as well. They have helped me since the beginning and are my family.

“They have been young players as well so they help you in everything they can. They make you feel like one more in the dressing room.

“We are lucky in this club, we young players get the opportunities and it is important when you get them that you need to take them.

“We are all a team. I can’t single out players who have helped. They have all helped me since the beginning. They are my family.

“I feel really comfortable right now, like one more in the team and that is something you need if you really want to understand [your team-mates] in the game.

“Every single minute you play is like training. It helps you a lot. It gives you experience. I was a winger in my younger career, so the thing I have tried to improve on is my defending. It gives you the confidence when you have players around you who can help. That has probably improved me the most.”

Does that sound like a player who is thinking about leaving? It sounds to me like a very level-headed young man who is happy where he is and grateful for the chances that he has been given so far. This lad will go far, but he will go there with Arsenal, not Barcelona.

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Bellerin will be following Jenkinson route…once Debuchy returns

    when Sagna returns from injury Jenkinson was benched and rarely makes the Subs bench….

    only plays occassionally in the FA Cup and League Cup unless theres a major injury

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      Keep Calm and Thumb Rehman Down..

    2. MDOwn says:

      I Don’t see that being the case here. No offense to Jenkinson, but his performances were not of the standard that Bellerin’s have been. Bellerin also offers something that nobody else does, and that’s BLISTERING pace in a defensive position, and can also play in all right hand positions.

  2. haywill says:

    What if the spanish players make bellerin wear the bartelona kit 🙁 🙁
    And he leaves for bartelona cuz its his boyhood club and hes spanish 🙁 🙁
    And he cries when he leaves us 🙁 🙁
    And then he flops at bartelona 🙁
    And he moves to chelsea and win the premier league with jose maurinho 🙁 🙁

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      he will leave but not now or next season…prob 2-3 years onwards

      its the fact….fans are still living in denial…….

    2. Arunavameister says:

      The Cesc saga must have taught him a good lesson..
      Good to see you back haywill..:) 🙂

  3. unjonzeable says:

    Well….not surprised tho’ so many players have said sweeter things in the past buh still went away….let’s just hope Hector ain’t like ’em

  4. SUNNY13 says:

    Situation have changed now,Arsenal are no more a selling club. Bellerine can not force a move.
    Cesc case was completely different. It cost Arsenal because the whole team was built around Cesc and we did not have financial stability. In worst case if he turned our to be very best and force a move, buy the time we might have lot of silverware contributed by him and Wenger can go for other player in exchange from Barsa. midfielder like cesc are hard to get where as Right Back are not that rare. Dont forget we did not take Cesc back as we have replaced him. Wenger can replace any player with his vison
    Now worries now. Do not concentrate on negative things when there si a massive positive atmosphere in the AFC. Lets Beat Burnley and pray Chelsse drop points at QPR

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