Bellerin – Please don’t make the mistake of leaving Arsenal!

Hector Bellerin should not the mistakes of others By SK

Hector Bellerin’s breakthrough into the Arsenal football club first team is something of an accelerated development! Just three seasons ago, he was playing for the under 21’s but an injury to Debuchy was all he needed to break into the team and that he did with all determination to never let go! From game to game, he has grown into a sort of player that will be missed whenever he is absent.

As it is expected, his performances has not gone unnoticed and big teams around the continent have been showing the interest to prize him away from Arsenal; notably Barcelona, which happens to be his home town club. Hector Bellerin is from Barcelona and he won’t be out of order if he chooses to play for one of the best teams in the world. Who won’t love to play for Barcelona?

However, in as much as it is tempting to play for Barcelona, it be a wrong move for Hector, especially at this stage of his developing career. Bellerin is still a work in progress and he needs to remain an Arsenal player for at least another six years! By then, he would have been a matured footballer and his value will be much higher than what he is commanding at the moment. Leaving Arsenal to either Barcelona or any other club at the moment should be suspended or else he will be counted amongst Arsenal players who left sooner than they should have left, only for them to find out the the grass is not always greener at the other side.

Alexander Hleb, Alex Song and Cesc Fabregas all left Arsenal to Barcelona when they should have been thinking of solidifying their places in the team! These were first team players who were doing fine but single handedly derailed their blossoming career by their decision to play for Barcelona. Hleb cannot be accounted for today, Fabregas came back to England after not finding fulfilment in Barcelona, while Song has been moving from club to club. Will Bellerin wish to find himself in these situations? I guess not. However, he can take solace in the rare case of one player who left Arsenal to Barcelona and still held his own. I am talking about Thierry Henry! But then, he left Arsenal at the peak of his career and not at the start.

Bellerin, take my candid advice and remain at Arsenal for some time. You will get to play more games and avoid being on the bench more than you will be on the pitch because at Barcelona, I doubt if you will ever be consitent in their first team. Arsenal fans still love you very much and won’t mind seeing you play many games for them. Don’t we love to watch Bellerin play for Arsenal?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Twig says:

    If I was Barcelona, I won’t go for Bellerin. What good is a fullback that cannot cross a ball?

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Hello Bellerin,
      You are free to Leave if things gets worse at this club. Don’t hamper your development while wasting your time under this crooked management!

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I hope Bellerin does stay, and I think he will to be honest. Luckily he’s been terrible since coming back from injury, so at least that may have put off some suitors.


    If Wenger does continue, which sadly could be the case, I wonder if it’s a situation no one within football has ever seen before, certainly not in the modern era. That is, for a manager to survive at a big club, when he has been so unsuccessful, for so long, has the majority of club’s fan base against him, and has lost the dressing room. I would imagine in 100% of cases in the past, and recently from what we’ve seen, that a manager would have been removed either by mutual consent, or by getting the sack. Wenger staying could be unprecedented, and will no doubt lead to even larger scale protests.

    1. gmv8 says:

      I think the board and Arsene are testing the waters at the moment, which is why he is not coming out with a decision.

  3. Twig says:

    Something is not right about this sentence “Manchester City legend Patrick Vieira has put his £2.2million Cheshire mansion up for sale – as rumours circulate that he could be one of the favourites to replace his old boss Arsène Wenger.”

  4. Ramterta says:

    It will be a totally terrible mistake for him if decides to go on that path.
    His talent may be ridiculous but he is still very raw and still trying to fit into the style of play.
    He has yet to master all the basics of a fullback and sometimes finds himself unbalanced in the position.

    either way barca have a better player in Sergi Roberto and he will only be getting in his way.
    That makes him more likely to end up like fabregas

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Bellerin does not need to stay at AFC.

    Let’s be honest if you were him would you not look elsewhere, based on asking the following:

    What is the history and prestige of the club (Barca/Real Madrid/Juventus)?

    Does my team have a chance of winning the league/UCL?

    Is the manager a modern day manager and successful coach?

    Does the club invest in its team on the field again giving me the greater chance to win things?

    Yes, we ‘have’ played in the UCL under Wenger on a clockwork type regularity but aside 1 time how near have we been to the pinnacle of European football.

    Cashley cole was spouting just the other day how he did t regret leaving AFC because he won trophies across the board when he did so.

    Players especially talented ones have ambition. If the clubs can’t match their ambition then they look and often go elsewhere to clubs who can.

    Doesn’t make me feel good to say it but that’s a fact.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s not as if Bellerin is setting the world on fire at the moment.
    The truth is, from being a youngster with world class potential, he has stagnated and Blended in with the English core at the club.
    It’s fair to say that the whole team have been underperforming of late, but if this kid had real class, he would of constantly stood out from the rest, like Sanchez has.
    It looks as if Wenger is staying and that Ozil and Sanchez will be sold during the summer, as there’s no way that a humbug club like Arsenal will risk losing them for free at the end of next season.
    The big question is, will Wenger go all out attack in the summer transfer window, to replace the stars going out? Especially with next season supposedly being his last year in charge or will it be the same old ??? … right to the very end?

  7. gmv8 says:

    Bellerin’s hairstyle is symptomatic of Arsenal’s tactics at the moment- out of date, unpleasing on the eye, shambolic and in desperate need of a change.

    1. ArseOverTit says:


      He is trying to channel Socrates and other Brazilian World Cup winners to add some flair to our evaporating team and style of play.

      Talking of Brazilians (no!!!!! Not the hair or lack of hair related type ) Neymer is talking up the premier league:

      “The Premier League is a championship that amazes me,” Neymar said.

      “I like the playing style and the teams. And who knows, someday, I would like to play at it, yes.

      “I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal,
      Liverpool – these are the teams that are always there fighting.

      “And then you have high-level coaches like Mourinho and Guardiola. These are coaches with whom any player would like to work.”

      Couldn’t help but notice he mentions AFC but not Wenger as a high level coach.

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