Bellerin really DOES want to go to Barcelona!

Right from the time a removal van was spotted outside the home of the Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin, there has been intense speculation over his future at Arsenal. The latest revelation in the story has been made by Bellerin’s good friend and ex-teammate Denis Suarez, who claims that the Gunners’ star is torn over moving back to Barcelona.

Speaking to Catalunya Radio, Suarez said: “I have spoken with him, and on the one hand he’s keen to come and on the other he feels tied to Arsenal – I hope he can come.”

Well, I must admit, I’m very surprised that Hector is even considering going back to the Nou Camp. Of course, interest from the mighty Catalans can turn any footballer’s head but what surprises me is that this is a player who very recently pledged his future to Arsenal by signing a six-year deal, and the Spaniard even stated that his intention on signing the long-term deal was to stay at Arsenal for a long, long time.

Apart from this, he had also mentioned that if the Catalan giants were to ever call him again, he would not answer the call. But unfotunatelyfor Arsenal fans, it appears that in Hector’s world, six months is a long enough time to have a complete change of heart. While it may be justified by the fact that Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League, let’s not forget that Bellerin himself had a very poor campaign and was part of that failure.

But thankfully, Bellerin is not an irreplacaeble member of the team like Alexis. Considering the fact that he has more than five years to run on his current deal, I think Arsenal could let him go for a fee in the region of £50 million and move in for Djibril Sidibe, if indeed he decides to leave. But quite honestly, I’d be disappointed to see Hector follow in the footsteps of Fabregas.



  1. Maybe he is afraid of competition with Oxlade next season. Common boi, yiu are not koing anywhere.

  2. ?? Wenger won’t sell any of our key players until he finds a replacement first… Let that be your clue ? & don’t let previous transfer windows discourage you ?? believe it or not the change starts here.

    ?- oh?, is that the ?⏰ … ?? I better take my medication now ?

  3. whats next? campaign to get bellerin back at barca? like xavi did before cesc left?
    Barca are a disgrace. Bellerin has the potential to become world class RB but if he’s made up his mind about leaving, he can **** off.

  4. Like i said if Barca want Bellerin that bad then make them pay through the nose for him otherwise tell them to get lost.

  5. One player I wouldn’t mind leaving is hector sure he’s fast but too easily out muscled lacks upper body strength he can be replaced by a number of good right backs

  6. Didn’t Aurier reject PSG contract offer a couple of months ago

    If Bellerin does leave, he would be ideal

    But Wenger needs to make Barca pay a lot for Bellerin. Bellerin signed a new contract this season.

  7. OT: The European power house meeting of France v England looked more like an Africa Cup of Nations game.

  8. He shouldn’t be allowed to leave though he is still very replaceable.He really needs to improve big time because he’s good but usually very frustrating in his style of play.When you look at his qualities you feel he can do far more and can even be the best RB in the world based on the qualities he possesses.He should be doing far better and should rather focus on improving than this Barca talk.He’s not even the finished article yet and still needs to learn so much and he thinks he can do very well at Barca?

  9. I really don’t get. Does he feel he will go to bar a and be an automatic starter? He’s not yet even a starter for Spain. What makes him feel barca will make him first team regular. Some of these young players really need to be patient, else their career will go down the drain too quickly. Ask Alex song, fabregas etc

  10. Bellerin was chased last season by Barca, he even said recently I wouldn’t have signed a long term contract some months back if I didn’t want to be here. He made numerous remarks about wanting to stay here for the foreseeable future. He said similar not many weeks back, days in fact. I don’t know this lads game but maybe Bellerin was being polite, he’s not gonna back himself into a corner and wouldn’t have expected this little s**t to try turn our fans against him.

  11. Don’t sell. He should not have signed that 5 year contract. Barcelona can find someone else until his value is more like 60 million.

  12. Oh common you nay sayers! What else do you want from the lad!!! He just signed a long contract and kept saying he’s not leaving. He tweeted last week not to believe everything you read. I just relish the idea he’ll be competing with chambo for that side wing back and I’d really like for him to concentrate more on improving this season cause he cost us a few games last season with lack of concentration

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