Bellerin returns to Spain but to a surprising destination

The Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has been linked with a return to Barcelona ever since he burst onto the scene at Arsenal, and it has been obvious that he would be leaving the Emirates during this transfer window for some time.

But it has been reported by that the right-back is currently in Seville having a medical with Real Betis, despite having been in negotiations with Barcelona!

Sport confusingly described it like this….

During these last hours of the market, Bellerín was at the table of the Barça technical secretariat to be the replacement for Emerson Royal, who already has an agreement to be a new Tottenham footballer. Despite that, the negotiations have led him to head to Seville, and he will wear green and white from next season.

Arsenal and Betis have closed the last fringes of the agreement this morning and it is expected that the full-back can sign this Tuesday after passing the relevant medical examination.

I must say that very few people saw this coming, but I think most Arsenal fans would agree that Bellerin is not the same player that he was before his injury, and it was unlikely that he would be headhunted by Barca at this stage of his career.

Maybe if he refinds his mojo at Betis he can resurrect his career and move back to the big time.

Betis finished 6th in La Liga last season, but have started slowly this time around with two 1-1 draws and a 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid.

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  1. Should he leave for Real Betis today then he gets warm thanks from me. He has been an honest professional and good luck for the future Hector

  2. To be fair one Edu and Arteta have got spot on.
    Not a surprise as Bellerin was linked to Bettis months ago
    In truth Bellerin has been “going” in his own mind
    and in the mind of the fans for two years.
    Our longest serving player.
    Classy player especially before the injury.
    Classy professional.
    Classy stylish man about town too.
    Now this is one farewell letter I really am
    looking forward to.

  3. It’s funny people are still asking for Bellerin’s replacement if he leaves. Why do you think AMN move to Evertons was cancelled?. Unless something drastic happens or a massive change of heart from our coach and board, no incomings are expected at the colney today except maybe outgoings

  4. If you are off to Spain Hector, thank you for your loyal service and great memories. Very best of luck.

  5. Arsenal who had bewitched YOU, You that was once a mighty team as no becomes a public laughing stock where everybody is now using to get public recognition for their personal vendetta . In as much as Hector as regress after his injury he is still far better than what we have at the right back, him leaving and probably no replacement coming in is gonna be a total disaster and anybody thinking AMN is going to play needed to hear what John Cross just posted some few minutes ago that AMN as been banned from training with the first team due to his Instagram post wanting to leave.
    Edu and Arteta are just making judgment errors upon errors, putting the well being of the team at danger all because of their Ego, even if they should get it right they would been so deep in the mess that positivities would be hard to notice.

  6. Thank you Hector for your wonderful years of loyal service at Arsenal, indeed you were so pleasing to watch at your peak, in defence as well as in attack and you will be hard to replace. Best of luck. If AMN is banned from training, it is indeed sad, the man has spoken out his mind and a good manager should also understand psychology, try to gauge the situation, the circumstances, talk to the player concerned and get him around for the sake of the team. Ego and bias should not get in the way of team progress. AMN is most suited to the RB position and hopefully the team management realises this. However, if AMN has decided to call it a day at Arsenal, I dont know how the Club deals with it, unless he leaves on loan today…What a desperate situation, if AMN is not going to play for Arsenal and with Cedric and Chambers unimpressive, there has to be a last minute signing for a RB, lets see…

  7. I am really very sorry for Bellerin. If you look at his career at Arsenal, he was well on his way to become a club legend, but then he got injury and struggle and got some real abuse for some fans while he was still the best of 4 RB’s.
    Someone from the blind school said that Bellerin was done, he need to be replaced with AMN, and when that didn’t work they said Cedric was man, and when Cedric also didn’t work they said Chambers was the man, and when that also didn’t work they said buy a new one. There is this thing in professional sport where an individual build-up credits over time. I don’t know where these other 3 got they credits form for the right back position, but I know Bellerin had plenty in the bank over a long period, and after a long injury he struggle indeed but far better that these 3. You would think that that credits would mean something to support Bellerin and care for him until better times, instead he got abuse and the most of all Arsenal players and coaches. No wonder he struggle to gain his confidence back. He played for most of last season as part of our defence, and our defence was the third best of the season. A real shame on the values and ethics of our fans. The blind school must watch which pundits and TV shows they are following, follow the ones that have credit, not want to be ones.
    What was supposed to happen is to buy a young good RB like Max to compete and compliment Bellerin and we would had a health RB position, just look how pathetic poor the RB position was in our last game, could not defend at all not even talk about going forward. If we are not signing a RB better that Bellerin by the end of the day we will be in serious trouble.
    I wish Bellerin everything of the best for his future, but I am sure that this will not be the last time we heard for Bellerin, good players always to most always prevail.

  8. I will be mightily pleased once BELLERIN HAS FINALLY LEFT!


    One less piece of complete deadwood is always good news.

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