Arsenal DO NOT need any new players in January – Really?

The Arsenal and Spain international right back Hector Bellerin has already made himself an extremely popular player with the Arsenal fans, and of course with his manager Arsene Wenger. The Barcelona academy graduate has just kept getting better and better since the two injury problems that hit the unlucky Matthieu Debuchy last season gave him his first team chance.

But while the young right back is about to get even more popular with his boss when Wenger reads the comments reported by the Daily Mail this week, Bellerin’s take on the club’s need to do good business in the January transfer window will not have won him any more gold stars with the Arsenal faithful.

Because the Spaniard appears to be on the same wavelength as Le Prof when it comes to making signings. In fact he sounded like he had swallowed a list of Wenger quotes when he declared that Arsenal have plenty of strength and depth in our squad and so do not really need to spend any money in January.

Bellerin said, “There is a lot of quality in the team and I do not think we need any new players.

“If someone new comes he will be welcomed but I think we have a very strong squad, with good replacements for every position.”

Really Hector? So you don’t think that we are going to miss the injured Francis Coquelin at all then? And we have been fine without Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck, Wilshere and all eh? That must be why we are doing so well in both the Premier League and Champions League, oh hang on a sec…

Seriously mate, I’m sure that Wenger is not thinking of dropping you and was going to get you a Christmas present anyway, you do not have to suck up to him.

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  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    He’s said what any faithful,focused player will say..of a truth we really do have depth in our squad if no one is injured,if Welbeck returns am curious to know how he’ll be used. Ramsey gonna bench?
    I think Bellerin is looking at this from a view where he’s considered the injured players.
    But we do need a DM and a world class CF maybe… I know some of you wont agree to it but our attackers aint doing bad, Giroud for first time in his life he’s having a role competition with another player (Walcott) has stepped up. We have Walcott there who even makes Sanchez more dangerous.
    We are doing fine for now, considering how many first eleven players we lost to injury but still got the points and not slip down bar our lost to WB, and now our players are returning and Wenger wont find it any easy to select when they all recover i think that’s why he made that statement.

  2. zulazlykamari says:

    i can’t even remember our backup players….then u think we need to add another backup…

  3. Young Bellerin , your loyalty is to be admired but there is no place for sentiment in trying to win in any sport.When fit we do have strength in depth but as in previous seasons our injury list prevents this luxury.Strengthening the squad is an ongoing necessity. Though the A+E department at the Arsenal is doing its best time waits for no man.
    if a player that can improve our squad. becomes available in January then old scrooge Wenger should at least join the auction.

  4. G-Rude says:

    If Chambers doesn’t cut it as DM then I think Wenger will have choice but to buy one. Get Pogba!

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