Bellerin slams Arsenal’s game-management despite victory

Hector Bellerin has criticised Arsenal’s failure to control the game against Leeds after they moved into a 4-0 lead.

The Gunners were extremely comfortable for the opening hour of the weekend’s victory, but after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the club’s fourth just five minutes into the second-half, our opponents were allowed a way back into the clash.

Leeds are known for their physical, high-intensity way of playing, and there were fears that they were going to find a way to score more goals after pulling the score back to 4-2, but luckily we found a way to find our feet for the final 20 minutes.

Bellerin has slammed his side for not taking a grip on the match when we had the clear lead however, especially knowing the strengths of their opponent.

“If there’s a team in the Premier League that you know will run for the whole 90 minutes, that’s Leeds,” Bellerin told Arsenal Media.

“We did really well to score straight away from the re-start but then we conceded a set piece. It’s something that we know they’re strong at and we need to be more careful with that. Then we conceded another goal and even though you’re still two goals up you’re trying to defend the box as much as you can and make sure they don’t get another one.

“That shouldn’t be the way we play, you know? We should manage the game better in a way that when we’re winning 4-0, we should just have the ball and make them run instead of them making us run. There’s still a lot to learn but obviously, especially that first half, was really positive.”

Did Arsenal get too comfortable with their 4-0 lead and let it slip? Or are Leeds maybe not getting enough credit for the fight that they showed to almost get themselves back into the match?


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  1. Love Bellerin’s comments – the win is great but the performance in the final 35 minutes wasn’t (although feel obliged to point out that he was bombing forward with 15 minutes to go like we were down by two…. so I hope when he made those comments he was looking in the mirror)

  2. For someone that talks with a lot of assurance, you make the most errors led to goal this season with your bad defending and have become the target of all teams..

    Scares me when they come at him and the relief on his face for every successful duel tells it all..

    My hope and eyes on Max Aaron or Justin

  3. It would help if Weedy Bellerin himself had not himself been so badly out of position for LEEDS SECOND GOAL. It would help still more were he not in the team at all. NEVER!

    1. Yeah it’s laughable anyone saying comments like he did when directly at fault for one of the goals.

      If Saka said the comments, then fair enough.

      1. Too bad Hector Bellerin can’t “walk the walk” on the football field, as well as “talk the talk”. He was 1-1 for the game, so it comes across a bit shallow. If he named himself as one of the culprits in conceding the 2 goals, I would be more understanding.

  4. See who is talking! Bellerin’s performance in the game despite his goal calls for scrutiny. He gave the ball away to opponents in the last 35 minutes and played some kindergarten soccer on some moments. Arsenal needs a strong extra number 2 to rival him.

  5. It’s odd how everyone is so intent on blaming Bellerin for the performance.

    1 goal
    1 blocked shot
    4 interceptions
    1 tackle
    84% pass accuracy
    3 ground duels won of 4
    3 aerial duels won of 3
    50% dribble success.

    If those stats were racked up by AMN or one of the other fan favourites their fans would be raving.

    1. Looks good but it doesn’t tell you how many times he was out of position, how many times he got run around and how many times he lost the ball in the last 35 minutes.

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