Bellerin sure Arsenal will get Top Four – Or can he not add up?

Arsenal’s brilliant win over Stoke yesterday was exciting and exhilirating, and has put us in with a small chance of still making the Top Four, but only if Liverpool fail to get a win either against West Ham today or against Middlesbrough next weekend.

Maybe Hector Bellerin already knows the result of this afternoon’s Liverpool game, or maybe he was just a little too excited after yesterday’s match. When the Spanish defender was asked on if our win put added pressure on Liverpool, he replied: “It doesn’t matter, we’ve got to focus on ourselves. We’ve got two games left, with one of those in hand, so we’ve got the best chance of getting there.”

He obviously didn’t realise that we have now played the same amount of games as Liverpool up until today, or he is predicting that Klopp’s team will slip up today, or maybe he was just getting excited about our chances of still playing in the Champions League next season? When asked if we hadn’t given up on Top Four, he said: “Definitely. That’s something this team has. We have a lot of heart, a lot of character and, even though in some games it may not look like we’ve shown it, the team really wants to be there and we’ve shown that here.”

Many Arsenal fans question why Arsenal don’t show the same desire in every game of the campaign, instead of resurging when the Top Four is at stake, and Bellerin sort of answered that when he asked why we finally got a result at Stoke. He said: “We knew that we were playing for our lives really, so any result other than a win wasn’t good for us. We knew that at the start of the game, so we knew we had to win no matter what. I think the team did really well. We had loads of chances, it was important to get them in and I think the team did really well.”

Yes the team did really well, but why weren’t we ‘playing for our lives’ in earlier games like Watford, Crystal Palace or West Brom? Was it because we thought our Top Four place was already certain by then?

Darren N


  1. dboy says:

    Another mediocre season under a mediocre coach. What difference does it make whether finish fourth or not? Can’t understand why people are getting excited for top four.

    In 2010-2011 Winners Man utd 80 pts – Arsenal 68 pts.

    2011-2012 Manchester City 89 pts – Arsenal 79 pts

    2012-2013 Man utd 89 pts – Arsenal 73 pts.

    2013-2014 Man City 86 pts – Arsenal 79 pts.

    2014 – 2015 Manchester city 87 pts – Arsenal 75 pts.

    2015 – 2016 Leicester city 81 pts – Arsenal 71 pts.

    2016 – 2017 current standing, Chelsea 87 pts – Arsenal 69 pts.

    Has there been any progress?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      1 whole morenpoint than 2010-11.

      Now that’s what I call progress! 😉

      1. Admin says:

        We still have 2 games to go. Could make 75….

        1. ArseOverTit says:


          How can I log in to change my avatar?

          1. Quantic Dream says:

            Go to

          2. Admin says:

            Hey I told you to go to last time you asked!

            1. ArseOverTit says:

              Never saw response.

              Thanks to yourself and Quantic!

  2. Goonerboy says:

    Its not nice to always link every article with Wenger’s future, we just make the forum boring and predictable…we will always have enough ‘Wenger out’ articles in the future….most of US want him gone, BUT no matter how frequent of If I may use the word ‘aggresive’ we get on this forum, it won’t effect amything we will only bore ourselves…

    That said, let Westham vs Liverpool start already!!!!!!

    1. luvdaguns says:

      how’d that work out?

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Footballers aren’t the brightest sparks are they. I’ve got echo @dboy thoughts, why are people getting excited about the Champions League? We played four big games this season (2x PSG, 2x Bayern), and won none of them! Poor finishing from PSG, and Ospina’s heroics saved us from a couple of batterings, but Bayern did what PSG should have done, and utterly humiliated us.

    Every season we’re an absolute embarrassment in Europe, and Leicester have achieved more in one season (and their first ever season in the Champions League), than Arsenal have managed in their last 7 years!

    If there’s one team that doesn’t deserve another shot in Europe for a very long time, it’s Arsenal! Thank you Wenger for making us the laughing stock of European football…actually no…world football!

    Everyone is laughing at Arsenal, and ALL our rivals desperately want Wenger to stay. Wenger, and Kroenke are an absolute disgrace!

    1. G-Rude says:

      Did you not read Goonerboy’s comment?
      Stop making every single article into a chance to bash Wenger.
      Talk about the football sometimes eh?

      1. bran99 says:

        Like Admin always says, everyone are entitled to their own opinion, it irritates you leave it, do you have to reply to it?

        1. Krish says:

          well an opinion which was written a thousand times in about 2-3 weeks is just boring and borders on trolling as it has no sort of content to deliver.. so yes there is a reason that g-rude replies to it

  4. Tim says:

    It’s in the bag for Liverpool and it’s not dropping out. Europa it will be.

    1. DarkPope says:

      liverpool is 3 nil up against west ham away and theres no way they will drop points in the last game of the season…worst season for 10 years

  5. Odein Ere says:

    Congratulations Arsenal… Thursday Night Football!!! Some of Us saw this coming but Arsene Lovers never believed us, U just take a Look at all the Coaches in the top big 4 teams then you will know why Arsenal is where they are…

  6. mark says:

    It does beg the question why we only seem to accelerate our performances to achieve the CL which we always get knocked out from.

    Surely a season long push for the PL title would be a better step forward?

    Still, we seem to like this new system and that has to bode well for the FA cup as well as next season, as long as we persevere with it of course..

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