Bellerin talks make front page news! Is every Arsenal star leaving?

This is a very weird season for Arsenal transfer rumours. I can’t remember ever seeing so many of our players being linked with moves away from the club. It’s like the uncertainty over Arsene Wenger’s contract has made it open season for other clubs to try and poach all our best players this coming summer.

We can’t say we are not used to the Bellerin to Barcelona rumours popping up, but I would have thought that his new five-and-a-half year contract signed just a couple of months ago would have nipped them in the bud, but it could also be interpreted as a ruse to get as much as possible from the Catalan club when the bids finally come in.

Well according to Sport in Spain, they are so certain that Barca have already commenced negotiations with Arsenal that it has been plastered all over yesterday’s front page….

The are saying that our young Spaniard is their priority signing this summer, and then they say that the transfer fee could reach 40 million euros due to interest from other clubs… are they having a laugh! Try doubling that at today’s prices!

Could this just be the first step in a classic Barcelona “tapping up” ruse, by leaking false stories to the press to unsettle the wanted target, or could there be some truth in it?

As if we don’t have enough rumours concerning Ozil, Alexis, the Ox and the list of players that haven’t signed contract extensions, so are much more likely to be allowed to leave than Bellerin. The way it’s going if a new manager does come in half the team is going to need replacing….

But can you imagine how much of a war chest he will have if we make all these rumoured sales?



  1. Ah there is nothing in those rumours…if Bellerin is already tied down to a 5 year contract it means the club is in full control of what happens. We can’t be forced into losing him like Alexis or Ozil.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Cough ‘Fabregas’ and Coughing again ‘Henry’
      If Barca really want it, they will end up having it.?

      1. Tas says:

        yea but at what cost to Barsa, Bell still has 5 year contract left if he wants to leave he has to put in a transfer request and that will cost him heavily

        1. Tas says:

          Fab and Henry was let go because we was in a financial crisis

          actually Henry was forced out the club for the money

          1. Fatboy Gooney says:

            I don’t remember seeing Henry in a rush to remove that Barcelona shirt off of his shoulder, when a Barca fan ran on to pitch to place it there (in the champions league final) ?
            Whereas Fabregas got ganged banged by the whole of the Spanish squad! to Don that Barca shirt lol ?

            1. Tas says:

              Henry almost openly hinted strongly that he was forced out of the club he loved for money

              1. Fatboy Gooney says:

                I wouldn’t be surprised if Henry becomes the new assistant manager at Arsenal next season.
                Reports have suggested that the owners son wants him to replace the manager and maybe the Board were advised by the owner to put that into Wenger’s new contract extension and maybe that’s why Wenger is supposedly stalling with it? Think about that.
                The current assistant manager is said to be heading off to turkey next season and if Wenger isn’t leaving then the maths are clearly visible for all with two brain cells and above to see.
                No one likes a fat kid lol not that I am one, in the real world ? what makes me laugh is how I get thumbed down yet the sheeple repeat my ? a few articles down the line ?

                1. Tas says:

                  What experience dose Henry have of managing a top premiership team, we all know good players don’t necessarily make good managers, i’m for one am totally against it until Henry manages a few top flight teams with success and only then in ten or twenty years time his more than welcome to manage the Great Arsenal, it will also be suicidal for him too, he should think about what Roy Keen said about managing a team, its not for everyone and if he messes up he can never come back which will be a shame

                  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

                    He will learn HOW not to do it by being Wenger’s assistant for two years lol ? that’s a good start,surely? ?

                  2. soccerboy says:

                    Zidane is doing pretty well without previously managing a first division team. So why not Henry?

  2. Trudeau says:

    Typical of Barcelona but honestly can anyone blame them? It’s a great time to unsettle Bellerin after he was part of a team that capitulated in the Champions League. While he’s licking his wounds, Bellerin glances over at Barcelona only to witness them mount an incredible comeback (from an even more precarious position) versus PSG. The timing for Barca couldn’t be better.

  3. Tas says:

    there is only one player which we cannot persuade to stay and that is Sanchez unless we get a top manager and promise of new world class players

    the rest of the team will not leave because pending on which club they move to most will be bench warmers

  4. aluz says:

    Yea, all bright stars will leave Arsenal, leaving only the dim ones and their king Wenger

    1. Tas says:

      Yea DIM and DIMER 🙂

      Aluz we are still a big big big club it wont be as bad as most think, we just need a strong intelligent world class passionate manager and within one or two seasons we will be back to being great great great club

      1. Tas says:

        if we get Ronald Koeman who is EPL proven it wont take too long to start wining again

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Most of these are just rumours. We get linked with everyone around transfer window time because we do need additions, but rarely does anyone significant sign. The reverse is the same. We’re having a dreadful season, so naturally all of our stars are being linked with moves away, but I expect most will stay. As of now, the only player that’s probably 100% leaving is Sanchez.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      If we do sell, then for once, I hope we get very high fees. I always feel Arsenal undervalue their players, or sell them too hastily, before negotiating a decent fee.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    This is what changes are all about, maybe these are the signs that Wenger is leaving at the end of the season?
    The assistant manager who is a very close friend of Wenger, (which goes way back to their Japanese adventure) is set to become a manager in the Turkish league next season and after spending 20 years at Arsenal, this move may suggests that Wenger is off too? If not?? then these signs could only suggest that the delusional one is finally ripping up his old book and wiping his butt with it,in a last ditched attempt to freshen up his stinky ass at the club.
    Next season,we will probably see the Same chief in charge but with different ingredients and I reckon that the new assistant manager (who ever comes in) will be the one who replaces Wenger when he steps down in two years Time.
    ??Henry? Or ?? Patrick Viera?

  7. Jansen says:

    I would not be surprised if Barca want Bellerin. I think he is great but not the finished product yet. He loves Arsenal and losing him would be dropping the ball seriously.

    One of the problems in the market which is constantly rising as a result of the influx of money, is that both price tags for players keep going up and wage demands as well. In my view, this makes rebuilding a long term project. If we sell Ozil, Sanchez, Bellerin and Ox, I don’t think we could replace them with the same of better players for the money we receive from the sale.

    I think at the moment we have around £100 million in the bank. We would not spend all of that (rightly so) and a player like Aubamayang or Griezman will cost us at least £80 (despite the fact that they won’t want to join us). So at the moment, we have one world class player in the bank should we spent all available cash. Every other player would have to come in from sales of existing players. In order to win that game you need a manager who can sell an average player for more money than it takes to buy a better replacement player. That is not an easy game because more often than not in today’s game you more or less get what you pay for. The days you find a ready made great player no one has scouted are gone.

    I do think a new manager could rationalize our squad and improve performance. In other words, at the moment we have an abundance of players who’s natural position is in the middle (Ramsey, Ozil, Ox, Santi, Wilshire, Iwobi and Sanchez) whilst we have very few wide players (Walcott, Perez). Our squad could become better by selling a few of the central midfield players and finding a few true wide players. Ramsey, Ozil and Ox all disappoint out on the wing IMO.

    But one thing is for sure IMO we will not be able to buy many world class players even if they would want to come play for us. A lot of our improvement will have to come from the manager and the way he makes the existing players gel in a more robust pragmatic system that fits their strengths.

  8. legend Henry says:

    One thing I like about you guys seriously is that you are optimistic.
    Thinking Wenger will replace our best players when they leave the club is beyond delusion.
    Time and again,wenger has proven to anyone on this planet that he is not bothered about what people say.
    He will not strengthen the weak areas as usual.
    Getting thumped by Bayern in a 10-2 aggregate , instead of admitting the truth , well, you know what he said.
    Great clubs like Chelsea, City and even Man United are able to keep their players but weak clubs sell their best players to top clubs and you know where Arsenal belongs : weak club.
    Most players who come to Arsenal dream of playing for a top club hence Arsenal has become a stepping stone to a better club.
    You can dream all you want , but as far as Wenger is the manager of Arsenal , the next seasons will not be different from the previous seasons.Who will not go to a big club like Barca,Bayern , Chelsea ,Have or Real ?
    You can say whatever you want to say but in every rumour , there is an element of truth.

  9. Ozzy AFC says:

    The truth is that every player who has the mind set of “I want to win and I want to compete for honours” will be seeking to leave the club at some stage from now on in, Wenger has run out of lies and rubbish to spin to fans so why would he have any more to spew out to the players?, they are in a far better position to know where the club is heading, much like Van payslip was a few years back. How much do you think the players swallow all the cobblers we have to take? they dont!!!! they can see far better than we can that the club has NO ambition and no want to win, they want to see more forward movement and its just not going to happen. We have had so many lies and so much smike blown up our backsides that even the comman garden variety fan can smell a rat, how do you really think the players feel? The board is ONLY concerned with making profit and increasing share prices and they WONT ever change this policy and thats the sad simple truth.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      The end results of a managers production is what the players serve up during matchday, Some players are dedicated to improving themselves while others act like hanger-on-ers, looking for glory off of others backs.
      Hence players picking up medals at the bigger clubs when their only contribution was warming the bench.

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