Bellerin tells why Arsenal MUST keep Alexis AND make him CAPTAIN

If Arsene Wenger is to stay on for another year or more as the manager of Arsenal Football Club, a lot of fans will not be happy but there will be little we can do about it other than hope that the Frenchman will realise that he needs to have Arsenal much more competitive and fighting for a major trophy like the Premier League title or the Champions League.

That will almost certainly mean some big changes around the place, including our squad of players. One thing that really needs to stay the same, however, is for Alexis Sanchez to still be an Arsenal player next season. We can see for ourselves just what a big impact the Chile international has for the Gunners on the pitch, with his Duracell bunny energy and his dynamic and effective style of play, but what we do not see is what goes on behind the scenes.

Now Hector Bellerin has given us all a glimpse of what Alexis gives to the club off the pitch as well, in comments reported by Metro, and from that it seems even more vital that we keep hold of our star striker.

The Spanish right back said, ‘He wants to train hard every day, not just what we have to do on the pitch but outside of it.

‘Sometimes he’s the first one to tell other players when we’re not giving 100 per cent.

‘He’s a leader, we have loads of leaders in the dressing room but he’s the first one to get frustrated.

‘Everyone sees that when he’s not happy he’s very expressive. Some people don’t show it as much as him, but when we lose or things don’t go well everyone gets frustrated.

‘I think the mentality in the team – even though some people don’t express it – it’s the same one,’ he added.

‘Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to do their best but sometimes things don’t work. But it’s true that Alexis is a true fighter, he’s got a great winning mentality and that’s why things are going so well for him.

‘We have a great atmosphere inside the dressing room. When you start losing, that’s when you realise how strong your dressing room is, but even when things are not going well we have people who lift us up from inside the dressing room and I think that’s really important.’

It certainly is, and despite what Bellerin says there is a widely held theory that Arsenal do not have enough strong characters and leaders in the dressing room. So the ones we do have are very important and with Per Mertesacker’s future at the club uncertain, surely it would be a good idea to make Sanchez the new club captain don’t you think?



  1. Goonerboy says:

    Sanchez can be a good captain if he can cut out his childish way of showing his frustrations when the team is not doing well, apart from that he is surely a captain material…

    Just read it NOW, that Ozil said his future is tied to Wengers’…not that am concerned about that..but he has changed tune three times now..
    He has said before that his future is tied to Wenger, came out again said his future isn’t tied to Wenger and NOW he it is tied to Wenger again…he must be bathing in the pool of delusion, stupidity and indecision…

    And we think this WEAKLING will lead us to the title,..Indeed!!
    The sooner he goes with his manager the better for us…

    1. Midkemma says:

      Ozil may not grab a game by the scruff and drag it forward like Alexis might, Ozil is at his best when the CM are doing their job, they did against WHU and look how well Ozil played.

      This season though our CM has been dodgy with Cazorla out and oh surprise surprise, Ozils form has dropped. 🙁

      He is a luxury player and IMO we need to keep that in mind. Ozil appears unhappy with his goalscoring and Alexis has said how Ozil has been worrying about that… Ozil appears to still recognise he can get better. I would like to see last seasons Ozil with more goals 😉

      Arsenal need to either replace him or get players in which will help him excel again, I would hope for the latter but will not cry if he is sold.

      Imagine if we had Kante in CM… Ozil would have done a lot better! More like the Ozil that played against WHU and not the one who has been playing so much recently. ElNeny was doing well in the B2B role and Ozil had more influence in the game. Cazorla used to be able to pick him out and Cazorla also used to press higher up and he won the ball back a number of times and found Ozil in space.

      I feel us supporters and Ozil are united in this.

      We both want a CM that will defend very well and be able to find players in space, smart CM. We all love Cazorla and that is the type of quality we need, including Ozil.

      That is why I would be happy to see Ozil stay, as I also said though, I wouldn’t cry if he was sold.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        As good as Kante is we’d need allot more than him. With Walcott and Iwobi either side of Ozil, Kante can’t be everywhere at once.

  2. Arsenal board are silly to give ozil for another contact worth280,000 pounds a week bcos he is a very lazy guy are using his whole life with girlfriends in hotel and is not doing hard training bcos of cigarettes and women are making him lazy and I still prefer Sanchez hard working is doing for the club than ozil, please find another attacking midfielder is really want to commit himself for the club than the lazy guy is not have anything to offer the club and is only to demand for increasement of the payment without doing nothing for the club and is the one poison Sanchez mind for increased of the. weekly wages and please get rid of both of them to somewhere else to make money for both of them and please sell Sanchez to abroad than to sell to arch rivals.

  3. Twig says:

    How good is his English? You can’t be captain if you can’t communicate well with most of your team mates. Make Gibbs captain!

    1. Midkemma says:

      I disagree with Gibbs being cptn but I think you are right with communication, a cptn who can not communicate well will not be able to get instructions across as well or guide the team efficiently consistently.

      Adams and Vieira will always be the best cptns from memory, they was vocal, they had desire, they never gave up and they wasn’t the type of player to sulk and show negativity. They use to fight on the pitch for every ball and was never happy unless they was pushing themselves.

      I miss them 🙁

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Really he is one of the few that deserves to be captain
    1. Top quality- world class (not a requirement but a good attribute)
    2. Consistent player Plays well every match
    3. Hard worker (even on holiday he trains)
    4. Passionate
    5. Vocal

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Can he speak fluent English. He can lead by example, but I’m sick of Arsenal having this type of captain simply because we have no worthy captains. Mert is the closest thing we have to a top captain, but you want your captain to be an important player akin to Alexis. A top captain’s main strength is his organizational skills. Arsenal look allot of things but organized is not something that rolls off the tongue.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    We have to sell Alexis. He can’t be allowed to begin next season without signing the contract. It’s all good and well hearing him say he wants to play for a winning team but that outcome even if we pulled it off would leave Alexis on a free transfer. Teams would offer him massive signing on fees and they’d offer more than wages than we’d ever offer. It can’t be allowed to happen. He didn’t say I want to play for a team that makes the most ambitious looking signings in transfer window, he said the winning team, which means he’s not gonna sign.

    Why is Ozil being offered 280.000 a week when there was a moment it seemed 250.000 would have gotten us Alexis and Ozil’s signatures.

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