Bellerin thanks Arteta for letting him go “It wasn’t working”

What the future holds for Bellerin?

With just a year left on his current deal, Arsenal will have to make a decision on Hector Bellerin. Whether to give him a contract extension or let him leave.

The former situation looks unlikely as the 27-year-old is enjoying his football in Spain with Real Betis.

He was an instrumental figure in their Copa Del Rey glory, beating Valencia 5-4 on penalties, which ended a 17-year trophy drought for Los Verdiblancos (The Green-and-Whites).

The Spaniard quickly settled to the backline of Betis and has ended up making 31 appearances with the Spanish side.

According to Goal, sources close to the 27-year-old speak of a player who has found his love for the game again after some tough times with Arsenal – on and off the pitch.

Bellerin was unhappy during his final season at Arsenal, and after a decade in London and in the Premier League, he wanted to return to Spain.

Speaking in the Wrighty’s House Podcast, the Betis man said, “Mikel knew it was nothing to do with football or the club.

“I was very happy that Arsenal gave me the opportunity to let me find what I was looking for. You could see at that time it wasn’t working for any of us.

He continued, “It was clear in my head what I needed and I’m happy that it’s fulfilling itself. I’m happy.”

Although Mikel Arteta hasn’t ruled out the possibility of him returning to the Emirates Stadium, that outcome looks unlikely, especially after the way things have gone in the past few years.

Bellerin will have to agree to a reduction from the £110,000-a-week wages he has been on at Arsenal since signing his last contract in 2016. But that is not expected to be a problem.

He’s a genuine bloke who just wants to enjoy his time on the pitch before it comes to an end. And we at Arsenal can only wish him all the best for that.

Yash Bisht

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  1. “I was happy that Arsenal gave me the opportunity I was looking for”.
    Then the headline says bellerin thanks Arteta.. ???
    Looks like you guys always find everything to give out credit for even when not necessary.

    1. Jeez, **Newsflash** Mr Pedantic brings out new conspiracy theory.
      So are you suggesting that Arteta had no say in who stayed and who left?

      1. No way am I saying that, but how about you report it as exactly as the players said it.
        The reporter could as well mentioned Arsenal and Arteta in the headline, but nah he only mentioned Arteta alone which was not even said by the player.
        As far as I know, the players leaving has little to do with the owner in Arsenal in our recent time. Meaning they trust the manager to make the decision whichever he deem fit.

    2. Pity, you can’t be happy that the club, including Arteta, apparently have treated a former player with respect and in a constructive manner.

      1. Now this is what I am saying.
        You mentioned the club which is what the reporter failed to mention.
        Of course I have no problem with whoever is getting credit as far as am concerned, but what I am pointing out here is the headline doesn’t match with what the player allegedly have said.

    1. According to Charles Watts,Betis are definitely taking up the option to buy and are already discussing a deal with Arsenal (5M to 8M).

      1. As he has one year left on his Arsenal contract £5mil sounds about right. It may rise to about £7mil if add-on clauses are included in the sale such as if Real Betis win Copa Del Rey, Europa League, Europa Conference League and/or make top 4 in La Liga in the next 3 years etc, for example.

        To think at one time we could have got £30mil for him from Barcelona.

        1. You’re right,sounds about right!if I remember properly Barca were ready to pay around 50M for him.

  2. I think there is something unique about arteta’s management that so many players find difficult and want to leave.

        1. I was just wondering how many players want to leave and then I wonder what the reason is
          Game time usually so moving on via a loan and then by selling on seems reasonable
          Equally the Lacazettes of this world run their contracts down because they are on a fortune and know that no other club would pay anything close
          Now if we had a world beater who couldn’t wait to get away from Arteta’s clutches then I’d agree. I exclude Auba in this because pushing for a move seems part of his DNA

    1. Aaron Ramsdale
      Kieran Tierney (rumoured interest from Real Madrid)
      Gabriel Magalhaes (rumoured interest from Barca, Juve & Man Utd)
      Ben White
      Xhaka (wanted by Mourinho & Roma)
      Thomas Partey (rumoured interest from Juve)
      Martinelli (we know Klopp is always talking him up)
      Martin Odegaard
      Eddie Nketiah (refused himself to go to Crystal Palace in January despite an offer being on the table)
      ESR (didn’t push for a move last summer despite two bids from Villa)
      Holding (didn’t push for a move last summer despite interested from Newcastle)

      The above players have basically been the core of the team that has got us within touching distance of top 4 so what’s your point?

      The players that are leaving Arsenal are those that Arteta doesn’t want because they do not fit into the philosophy and playing style that he’s building.

      It doesn’t mean they are bad players e.g Pepe, Aubameyang, Leno etc or that Arteta is a bad manager (currently 4th in the league). It’s just the way it is and it’s nothing personal.

  3. Isincerely wish Bellerin, a fine human being, well inhis future. I also am very pleasedand relieved he will not wear our shirt again.

    However it seems to me that if any of we Gooners criticise a player and say he is not good enough and never was – like Bellerin never was,IMO – to wear our shirt, that some other Gooners think we are out of order and being spiteful!

    No my friends, we are simply trying to stand up for the club we ALL support and therefore putting the CLUB above the player, ANY player in fact, which is what all SUPPORTERS of our club always OUGHT to be doing. IMO!
    There has grown up inrecent times, an unhealthy obsession with lauding certainplayersand putting their interests even above OUR club.

    I find that ludicrous and I cannot nor ever will do it myself.

    Speaking personally, I have always been a supporter of Arsenal Footbal Club and not, at least not equally nor anywhere near, a supporter of Bellerin, Xhaka, Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, etc etc.

    1. I fully agree with your comments Jon, I support the club above all else. Although I cheer and appreciate those who wear the badge or lead the team, they are only transient or temporary.

      I have no problem with others who put a priority on a player or manager, but only take issue when my personal love of Arsenal is questioned.

      My comment is a general statement not directed at anyone, just my stance on what I support.

      People will always divide themselves and categorize, as it has unfortunately become our nature with recent generations.

      My hope is we can accept different opinions, support free speech and be civil towards one another instead of denigrating over a difference of opinion.

      We all cherish Arsenal, just differ over what we consider best for our club.


    2. Jon sincerely wishing Hector well for the future! forgive me but somehow I am sceptical!

      1. If you want to be sceptical, then go ahead. What you do or feel is entirely your own affair and nothing to do with me.

  4. You can only support the club by cheering the players and managers cos their on-field performance is the primary source of success cos the club can’t be run without the employees you make life miserable for by booing ,trolling,abusing and chanting against them when they have a bad game.i’m glad that’s slowly being eradicated and we are reaping the benefits.downgrading players’ morale in the middle of the season when no replacement can be made until the next transfer window is really bad for the club’s progress.

  5. I think the transfer fee will be a sticking point. Lets not count our chickens just yet. We are miles away from what Arsenal want Betis to pay.

  6. Model professional, who stood up to the morons on the Internet and gave as good as he got.
    If he does leave, I wish him well and advise other players to act as he has done.

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