Bellerin to Barcelona rumours start here!

The young Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has been a dream since he was added to the Gunners first team by default, But all Gooners have been worried about Barcelona coming back to pinch their old academy player. We all know how long the tapping up of Cesc Fabregas went on to persuade him to return to the Nou Camp and there is no doubt that the Catalans will start trying to persuade the Spaniard to return home as soon as possible.

Our annual Champions League game against Barca is going to give his countrymen a big opportunity to start persuading Hector that he should be thinking of returning home in the near future, and the player himself has not helped our cause by saying it will be special to finally get on the pitch in his home-town. He said: “I had been there for so long but I never played for the first-team, only the academy. I have a lot of respect for the club. It will be special to go back where it all started and walk out at the Nou Camp.”

I seem to remember Fabregas had his girlfreind at the time on his back to move back to Spain as well as his family, and Bellerin’s first temptation has been sent by his grandmother, off all people! “It’s been a crazy week. After the draw, my grandma called and said her dream was to see me in the Nou Camp.

“She told me: ‘It will be good, but you are going to do it in a different shirt!’”

So there you have it, we will have rumours about more tapping up by the Barcelona players in the near future, and even more when he becomes a regular in the senior Spanish squad, which is inevitable.

When this happens, and I assure you it will, we must all remind him what actually happened to El Capitan when he forced through a move back home….

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  1. How low can Barcelona get?
    Now they are using family members to tap up players ?

    Sounds as if Bellerin has his excuses already made up:
    “But … But .. my dear old Granny wants me back”

    1. Bellerin already stated he rejected the chance to sign a professional contract with Barca, he had the opportunity to play with the first team but knew it wasn’t worth being on the bench like the other academy players. Besides, he’s loving life in London and we’re not the same Arsenal struggling to stay in top 4, our ambitions have changed and we have some genuine world class players, if he leaves it will be way in the future when he’s in his prime maybe, by that time he would have spent nearly a decade with us so I wouldn’t be mad considering we’re famous for replacing our players with younger talent.

  2. How low can Barca get? More like how low can Admin get?
    Read exactly what the lad said again and stop starting rumours!

  3. Who wouldn’t want Bellerin. One of the best. Speaking about ex Barcelona players. I think we should try and get Adana Traore off Aston Villa. Speed and strength.

  4. Fabregas and costa was booed by chelsea fans today during announcement of the starting XI. You see what happen you leave those who love you (Gooners), to those who love what you have (barca). It leads you to living with your enemies (CFC). Dear bellerin, in 2 words “TAKE NOTE”

    1. LOL…nice one @Muda.
      I was rooting g for Everton to get at least a draw from that game…but you’ve got to love the passion and commitment of the Foxes.

      COYG against Man City.

    2. Exactly. Look how far Fabregas has fallen. From Arsenal superstar and captain to being booed in an rival club with no real chance of reaching the top 4.

      And where is Alex Song now? Anybody heard from him recently? And RVP now plays for who??? Does anybody really know or care? I know RVP won’t be seen this summer in the Euro’s. How long will it be before Verm calls to beg for his job back?

      1. Yeah it seems that if you want a very short carrier leave arsenal, is Nasri still playing?? If yes then I bet he can’t define XI for you.

        1. Are you guys kidding. Nasri, RVP, and Fabregas won titles after leaving Arsenal. There careers are slowing down because they are physically slowing down. All great players.

      2. Yeah it seems that if you want a very short carrier leave arsenal, is Nasri still playing?? If yes then I bet he can’t define XI for you. Enough said

    3. It just shows that those blue nose love Mourinho more than the club. Why would you boo your players? Why would you boo your club? Club founded in 2003. Nuff said.

      1. The players forced Mourinho out but what Mourinho brown nosers forget to realize is players like Fabregas and Hazard are made to play attacking football and that the manager was at fault for their attitude, do you think Messi would’ve been happy if he were told to play defensively for 90min ? Forcing them to park the bus was arrogant on the Mourinho’s part, and it just goes to prove he can’t play the attractive football the best managers are known to be capable of producing. If Mata had stayed he would’ve turned out exactly like them.

  5. Barcelona have pinpointted Bellerin as a force they will have to contend with to get pass Arsenal in our Ucl knockout stages match at the Ems & at Nou Camp in February next year.

    Hence, Barcelona FC have resorted to use his mother after paying her to convince Bellerin to return to Camp Nou during the January widow so as to weaken Arsenal at right back ahead of our Ucl clash.

    No problem, the Boss and the Gunners should not worry if Hector Bellerin decided to leave Arsenal for his youthful club Barca FC. Arsenal will not hold him down if he wants to go. It is even better the Boss allows him to go as he may subvert Arsenal in our Ucl game against his beloved Barca team on the days of our clashes to see Arsenal get knockout. I think I once saw Cesc Fabregas put in a disloyal performance for Arsenal in a Ucl match at Camp Nou in the match which van Persie was sent off.

    The Boss should be proactive by start to start Debuchy to play regularly to bring him back to top form and also be giving regular game time to Chambers to be match fit and be ready to play as a right substitute should in case Bellerin decided to force his way out of Arsenal to Barca which he might do. Or wait a minute, is he looking for a better deal at Arsenal? If so, let the Boss give him one to make him happy to stay.

    If Bellerin wants to leave Arsenal for Barca despite the Boss given him an improved deal to make him happy and remain at Arsenal, the Boss should allow him to go. You can only keep a horse by side of the river, but can’t force it to drink water. But Barca must pay the current transfer fee for him to have him. And I am sure Arsenal will not fail to insert the necessary financial advantage clauses into his transfer deal with Barca that will give Arsenal first to be contacted and or pay Arsenal certain amount of money if Barca want to sell him to another club.

    1. While it is true that holding onto a skyrocketing player is not always easy………

      It is waaaaaaaay too early to think about letting him go. He is under contract and that actually still means something.

  6. We ought not to worry about Bellerin though he is in form but Jerkincin is waiting for every available opportunity to grab that position to himself but all we need to worry about is our DM who is out injured. Come Feb. We will beat Barca. If a DM can be added to this squad of Arsenal team, that shows that Arsenal can beat any club in the world.

  7. Fortunately, Barca’s financial situation is such that they can no longer buy any player they want. They are struggling to hold on to Messi, Suarez and Neymar and may have to sell one of them.

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