Ben Jacobs insists Saliba is “settled” at Arsenal amidst PSG interest

William Saliba has attracted significant transfer interest from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), but Arsenal is determined to retain the French defender at the Emirates.

Saliba’s debut season at Arsenal proved beneficial for Mikel Arteta’s side, with his contributions playing a role in their title challenge.

As negotiations for a new contract unfold, Saliba is aiming to secure a substantial pay increase and establish himself as one of the club’s top earners.

While PSG has been linked with a potential move for Saliba, there is a belief that Arsenal may be compelled to sell if the player continues to reject their contract offers.

However, journalist Ben Jacobs has expressed confidence that Saliba will remain at the Emirates, highlighting that the defender is settled in London.

He tells Give Me Sport:

“As I’ve said many times for a year, the PSG interest is very real. They’ve got one clear target, which is to buy young and, where possible, buy French.

“But there remains high confidence at Arsenal that a deal will eventually get done because Saliba is settled at the club.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba is aware that he is one of our most valuable players now and we expect the defender to keep getting better.

He will want parity with the club’s top earners and that hands us a huge dilemma in our bid to keep him happy at the Emirates.

However, we still have to find a way to get an agreement with his agents as soon as possible.

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  1. Jacobs tells us nothing that is not widely known already.

    But he gives no opinion on the KEY matter; HOW Arsenal will come to a financial accord with SALIBA or as to what wages amount he will agree to finally take to sign again. Most serious minded fans have already worked out that SALIBA will, eventually, almost certainly stay.

    But what serious minded Gooners NEED to know – rather than bald statements of the near obvious- is HOW we can afford all these new enhanced wage contracts, while still having money available to buy new top players.

    THAT would be helpful Mr Jacobs ,instead of talking for talkings sake, but saying nothing, really.

    1. Take a look at the owner, as billionaires go he is swimming in money. His net worth has increased by £2bn over the last few years. Plus coming second in the PL is worth £160m in prize money, and the CL is worth £60 alone. Thats before you look at TV money and sponsorships. Watch our revenues explode this year. This is why we need to invest to maintain that status.

  2. Maybe PSG is using Saliba as a Smoke screen to a clear shot at the young and powerful Gabriel.

    A keep telling fans and armchair managers alike, top left sided center backs are hard to find, One of the best kept football secret is the old lady long standing intrest in the Brazilian.

    1. Why would a club use a “smokescreen” and also why put this forward as a suggestion? It makes no sense.
      If they want GABRIEL, they would simply make an offer. I much doubt they do, anyway.

      1. Jon Fox please read today Sun published by Emilla Hawkins.

        If your preference is Football London, please read today article by Tom Caton.

        Am reading various media outlets outside of Britain carrying this same story
        of PSG intrest.

        PSG and Juventus intrest in Gabriel Magalhaes is nothing new it goes back over a season ago.
        But I will tell you more PSG is more in need of a left sided center back as opposed to a right sided center back.

        Why would a club use a Smoke screen?

        Its call deception

        Hiding the truth to gain the upper hand or advantage.

        America use deception to devastating effects against Iraqi in the gulf war..
        Leading the the Republican guards to hunkered down on the shores of Kuwait anticipating an amphibious landing that was never on

        1. You seem to have figured it all out. Are you yourself in the same Armchair manager category like everyone else? Or you yourself are much more enlightened and “In The Know” as compared to everyone else?

          1. @Goonstar
            Am an armchair manager too.

            Just putting out the possibilities

            No a haven’t quite figured them out

  3. If we cave in to the demands of Saliba’s camp I don’t want to see any of the slippery displays we were seeing just before his injury or the awful call that resulted in the west ham penalty before the world cup.

    If they want to dangle the opinions of the press as a reason he deserves to be at the top of our wage tree then buy his competition/replacement (Tapsoba).

    Simply say “we need to balance out the wages, if you prove to be better than the newcomer this season then you get what you want later”

    We need to do everything to only focus on getting to the top

    1. Dylan a keep telling fans with Tapsoba at Arsenal Saliba will have to watch a few games from the bench, at 6”3″ the lad is a monster.

      1. I actually think Tapsoba and Saliba are both 6″4 but Tapsoba is lighter and a smidge faster. He also speaks french which means communication with Gabriel or Saliba can be established quickly. The only person I pity is Kiwior but he can form a partnership with Gabriel or Tapsoba (did not look great with Saliba against Sporting), he could also play cup games with Tomiyasu or a tactical sub for Zinchenko on the Left with Tierney gone. Adding Tapsoba to the team and Selling Holding is enough to add that extra level to our defence

    2. I hope Arsenal don’t give into the ridiculous rumoured Saliba demands. £200,000 a week for a kid that had a few good games at the start of the season but then a few games before he was injured he was playing like a real rookie / inexperienced youngster he really is.
      He was making a lot of mistakes that showed his age.
      But our fans as always just have a blinkered attitude towards the kid. He is a great prospect but demanding £200,000 a week is absolutely ridiculous for a guy that has not played even 20 games as a Arsenal first teamer yet.

      If Arsenal make the same mistakes on wages like in the past then we will end up with the same problems. Okey players on massive wages that we can’t shift etc.

      I hope the club is much more smarter this time around on giving onto unjustified wage demands.

  4. Who says he’s demanding £200k per week, the press ?

    Sure he’s made some mistakes, so have some of the greatest players I’ve ever seen play for us.

    Btw, Saliba has played over 30 1st games for us last season.

    1. was about to post same thing. no one has any idea what is actually being discussed, including wages, everything is still speculation.
      however, in todays world you pay for potential, not just performance, a few bad games does not gloss over the fact he was fantastic for half the season and is a huge prospect.
      saka had quite a few rubbish games second half the season, yet you dont see the same being said about earning reported £300k. I would say salibas ceiling is higher in terms of ability in their role.

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