Ben Jacobs reveals what Saliba is looking for from Arsenal

Arsenal is facing uncertainty regarding the contract negotiations with William Saliba, as the defender has been reluctant to agree to the terms of a new deal.

The Gunners had initially anticipated a smooth process in securing the Frenchman on an extended contract. However, Saliba has not accepted their initial offer, reportedly making demands that have surprised the club.

Paris Saint-Germain is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to swoop in and sign Saliba if he becomes available during the current transfer window, which is a cause for concern for Arsenal.

Despite having only completed a single full season at the club, Saliba has demonstrated his world-class potential, making him a player that Arsenal is eager to retain.

According to journalist Ben Jacobs, Saliba is seeking a salary that aligns with his status as a key player at the Emirates Stadium, reflecting his value and contributions to the team.

“He obviously wants to be well compensated, and quite rightly so given the season that he’s just had,” Jacobs told GiveMeSport.

“It was always going to take a bit more time. There’s bound to be suitors and interest in Saliba because of the current contractual situation.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba is a player we cannot lose this summer. When we lost him to injury in the last campaign, our title challenge ended.

He knows how important he is to us, which could be why he is pushing for a lot of money.

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Give the boy what he deserves, similar compensation with our top earners. It’s never gonna be easy to replace him trust me, it’s very difficult to find top top CB who’s gonna fit well. After all it took us years to someone as good

  2. According to Jacob, Saliba is seeking a salary that is aligns with his status.

    What the hell that supose to mean?

    We all knew for some time now the kid wants a pisspot load of money and that was before Saka got the lion share of the pie.

    So is that alignment is with Partey?
    Surely can’t be with Saka,
    But there is no doubt Arsenal got to doubles that last offer of £120,000 a week, as Edu is now caught between a rock and a hard place and the kid is not smiling.

    1. You mean between the rock and hard place that Edu and MA created by pisspoor contract management?

      Flagged here by many here…Eddies ridiculous salary is the cause. Saliba is more than double the player Eddie is to say the least.

      1. Agree with your last paragraph 100% and it seems we have Nelson jumping on the bandwagon too.
        I can’t see the club letting Saliba go, but I’m sure the likes of Rice etc are watching interest.

      2. @Pj-SA

        And what is so funny is that many people were saying last year that White is better than him and if it was the other way round, Arteta would have retain him and ignore White.

        Now people are even questioning him now because of the contract situation saying he’s not as good as people think he is (as if a 22 years old is at his peak) and we should sell and buy another CD. with that they already question White transfer.
        If we sell Saliba, why not move White to CD in place of Saliba if he’s a better player than Saliba?

        Nketiah can earn 100k but Saliba can’t earn twice more or even 200k?

  3. Sell him already to big for his boots let PSG take him and his attitude no player is bigger than the club so cash in and move on!

    1. Attitude?You must be earning lower than your value at your place of work then.

      So if i want more money for my value, it means i have an attitude?

      Saka has been on a contract talk since a year now and i never heard him having an attitude. or you think is good for Saka to demand for more money but not right for Saliba?

      Or you think every players are playing for us because they love the club?
      Try giving Saka 100k and see if he won’t sign for another team. All players are there for the money now.

      And enough with people saying, one player can’t play in the EPL because other league are inferior. All this players are coming to the EPL and killing it.
      So many players has come from the so called farmers league and kill it in the EPL.
      How many players were built in the EPL and won PFA? maybe or 3 in the last 15 years. but the players from the so called inferior league has won numerous individual award and medals

    2. Too big for his boots ?because he wants a similar wages to Saka and Co?Jesus is on 265K/week.Eddie is on 100K/week for mostly sitting on the far they’ve offered to treble his wages to 120K/’s definitely different strokes for different folks for some fans on JA.i didn’tread/hear any criticism towards Saka/Martinelli…. despite their negotiations taking as long as Saliba’s!!what about Nelson who’s agreed on Arsenal 4th offers?are they not greedy?too big for their boots?

    3. He should get what he deserves, what a terrible attitude Mark.

      This is the type of person you’d never want to work for, will under pay you and when you ask for what you are worth he’ll turn around and say you have a bad attitude and that you think to much of yourself!

  4. Mark – you don’t mess about do you ?
    If only MA had all the straight forward answers like that, everything would be so much clearer. It’s all so confusing as to know what is truth and what is just rumour. It’s impossible to guage. You never know, Saliba might already have told them that he wants to stay and for less than is being suggested. We just can’t know really.

  5. Evgunner, like your style, you never ignore the positive side, more often than not there are hope in your comments that we can hold on to.

    So Saliba stays, what four addition you would like to see Arsenal sign.

    1. G – by the time I’ve sent you this message you will have flittered like a butterfly over to a new topic and miss this response. You’re always doing that. I have to chase you all the time and never catch you. And I bet you didn’t see my post to you earlier on the topic of Jesus. It”s impossible keeping up with you.

  6. He is behaving as bigger than the club. I don’t see that. These negotiations happen always. I don’t think Saka’s entourage just sat quietly and were offered what he takes currently and we are not privy to all that were said.
    Saliba is of high quality that improves us and everyone knows. Asking to be up there with our high earners shouldn’t be what makes you sell him now. He is class so pay him well and sign him for 4 more years . After 2-3 years you can still keep or sell to the PSG’s and co. for more.

  7. The Nketiah deal was the start of loony wage demands. Downright ridiculous.

    Saliba is not yet worth as much as Saka or Odegaard- who we hear is having his contract renegotiated. However, on the basis that EN is on £100kpw then Saliba has to be on £150-175kpw with a review clause?

    1. I agree with @SueP,the Nketiah deal has had a negative impact.i have nothing personal against Nelson but the fact that he was confident enough to turn us down 3 times and Arsenal came back with a 4th offer,is not a good this how big clubs operate ?also,i understand that we have to retain our best players by offering improved contracts but fringe,squad players come on of Leicester biggest mistakes,after winning the PL their priority was to keep that team together.they gave much improved contracts to most players,some already in their 30’s.then with COVID,less sales players,building a new training ground,they couldn’t invest in players even when they had some money to spend.the fringe players refused to leave.Leicester wages bill is 81M compared to Arsenal 87M, Newcastle 83M,now look at the squads.anyway my point is that we shouldn’t try to keep average players at all cost and be stuck with them for years.

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