Ben White deal comes closer with player reportedly keen to join Arsenal

Brighton star tells friends he expects to join Arsenal

Brighton and Hove Albion defender Ben White has reportedly told friends and family that he expects to join London club Arsenal in the current shop window.

The North London outfit submitted a bid of around £40million for the Englishman on Wednesday evening. Although it was straightaway rejected, the Gunners are expected to go back again for the coveted 23-year-old.

Staff at Arsenal are ‘confident’ that the deal can be struck with the Seagulls. However, he won’t come cheap.

But any fee is unlikely to be unsurmountable by the Red and White, who have made White one of the priority signings this summer.

The FootballInsider report further stated, ‘He has already begun house hunting in the capital in the expectation that the move will go through.’

Arsenal are now expected to launch a second bid, an improvement on their previous offer for the versatile defender.

White played 46 games in the Championship under Marcelo Bielsa before proving that he’s ready for the Premier League. He went onto making 36 appearances for Graham Potter’s team, impressing a whole host of top clubs across Europe.

If Arsenal have identified Ben White as their primary target, then the club should not roam around for long. They might well be priced out of any deal if European heavyweights such as Liverpool, Manchester United or even Paris Saint-Germain come knocking on the player’s door.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Vinnie2000 says:

    Good business from Arsenal!!
    Wish it materialises ASAP!!
    We shouldn’t complain pls!! Man City had Laporte, Stones but still went to Buy Ruben Diaz and Nathan Are!!
    We are only behaving like a Big Club!!
    Holding and Ben White is a Good partnership!!
    Mari n Gabriel should compete from d Bench!!
    Mavro n Saliba should go to other Clubs!!
    Everyone can’t be Pleased!!

    1. Gotta_feel_sorry_for_the_lad says:

      Thank you… Hard to understand that this signing will disappoint people. Also I have slight feeling/hope we might be funded more than we expect and not just money from sales.
      Did it surprise you we got Pepe and Partey? It surprised me.

      There’s a lot of doom and gloom on here. You should have watched us under Don Howe and Terry O’Neill in the early 80s. Though I’d have some things of those days and Highbury back.
      I believe we have funds for White and Maddison. And we will get some good money through sales by the end of the window.
      We need upgrades and replacements in many areas to improve the team as whole unit.

      Ben White is epl proven, quality, young, and can fill different positions, might even mean saving money on a right back in this window since he, Chambers and Cedric can cover it.
      We need a good player to replace Luiz, a player with influence and passing ability. I really like Rob though but not sure if he’d generally really be in the team of a top six club pushing for Europe or the title.
      I hope we keep Saliba and believe we will if Mavro is sold.

      I don’t think this will take money off the budget from getting a quality attacking midfielder. I think Edu and Arteta seem to be mismanaging in places, questions about them but there are positives but they’re not completely daft. It’s been said they are clear about the summer plan for ages. I believe we will try to get a tried and tested quality no 10 – if one will join us. They know creativity is needed. Whether they can implement it is a different question.

      Those two, Isak (sell Auba or Laca) and a decent left back, considering Kieran’s injury record, would make a great window if we can get rid of the ones nobody misses anyway. I’d love to see Van de Beek though and he feels like an Arsenal player to me not another cog in the greedy utd machine who can’t even buy the league properly.

      One thing I feel bad about is as days go by it doesn’t look like we’re going for Bissouma.
      We should offer Brighton 80 mill for White, Bissouma and Ryan.

      Remember how we were begging for Torreira deal to get done? Where’s that got us now? A whingeing albatross around our neck that’s going to be another loss and hard to get rid of.
      Point I’m making is we don’t really know how things turn out with transfers but a quality epl player who wants to join should be welcome.

      1. ACE says:


      2. guy says:

        Well said gfs my thoughts exactly. Its very early in the window and we are prodding and testing on lots of fronts. I am also suspicious that we may also have more funds available than we are letting on. Hence the lowball bids – designed to perpetuate the myth and stop everyone fleecing us. We need English players, with potential, young and a resale value. Never turn down quality and White is a fringe international with a great future. He can play DM or RB. Excellent buy, as is the Belgian.

  2. Junior says:

    Fantastic signing he would be. Edu, sometimes act funny, get dz deals done ‘Maddson’ ‘White’ atleast 2 give some hopes..

  3. Mikki says:

    And how sure are you that white will be a better player than Saliba ,,,the age different is not that much,they both have potentials,, arteta is not like pep ,,foden was playing and Sterling was on the bench,but there was a time sterling is the favorite, the rise of stone and laporte has to be benced,,they should all be given the opportunity to compete for various position… Last season I don’t know why on earth bellerin was used ahead of Cedric,nketiah ahead of martinelli…and after the Europa exit,saka was used as left back or wing back in place of xhaka and he should have made this decision before the Villarreal game…whether we sign world class players or not everything still depend on the coach,and decisions making,,, partey don’t look like quality player anymore due to tactical error ,so we should not be carried away by white,,what happen to pepe,party and Williams

    1. guy says:

      We are not sure Mikki, but why not both? You want an 11 man squad? And white is also an excellent rwb. Watch the vids

  4. Ayan says:

    Don’t be surprised that if Arsenal signs Ben White, he’ll suddenly becomes an average player under Arteta! ( Reference: Gabriel Manghalees). We better look for an experience and better Manager that can get the best of what we have. Is Ben White better than Saliba and Mavrapanos?

    1. guy says:

      Incredibly negative attitude Ayan.

  5. Havyn says:

    Don’t even mention Cedrac who shouldn’t be here in the first place

    Elneny, Mari, Cedrac, Kolasinac, Torierra,Leno, Mavropo, Willian, Xhaka, Auba should all leave

    We should replace them with, DM Lotonga, Madison, Whyte, GK Onono, LB Aarons

    I think we should still keep Bellerin, Holding, Willock (need goals from midfield)

    We should also sack Edu. He’s only good at recruiting wash out Brazilian. Heard he’s trying to bring in Coutinho another Brazilian who’s nearing retirement.

  6. ClassyGunner says:

    Ben White would be stupid to join Arsenal whilst Arteta is here. Can he not see what MA is doing to Saliba and Mavro?

    1. Admin Pat says:

      And what. pray, is he doing to Saliba doing to Mavro and Saliba?

      I see him giving both a chance to show their worth on loan and letting them progress away from the pressure of the EPL?

  7. Roehahn says:

    Can someone explain the hype around this kid.. ?? Lad’s played a single season in PL and just about survived relegation..And do we even need this kid..His defensive stats are worse than any current Arsenal defenders and at 6’0 he is not winning any aerial duels..
    For the fee that’s being qouted I am sure we can do better..Koundia,Pau Torres,Upamecano(if we had moved earlier) all would have cost less..

    1. Roehahn says:

      Last month, nobody knew Arsenal were interested and now all of a sudden he is worth 50 mill … What have I missed ?? And if he’s really that good, why are none of the top 6 interested..

      1. instrooments says:

        His signing is totally unnecessary…
        We have good defenders..two for reach position..
        We should concentrate on wing backs and another deep lying playmaker to improve transition speed from defence to attack or focus on shielding the defence..

        Partey, guendouzi can do the transition job very well…bissouma ,lokonga for the dirty job…

        Then covers for Leno Cedric and Tierney

        All the remaining funds should go to a top playmaker since odegaard won’t happen…

        For attack we are well stocked….auba ,laca, Pepe Saka, martinelli,Balogun.

        These guys are the helm are so confused, we should look back at the previous season and solve problems not make irrelevant signings just for the fun of it or to fit into a clueless manager fantasy pattern of play .

        We aren’t serious yet as a club

  8. jon fox says:

    Having constantly blasted the MANY sub standard CBs that we and esp AW “collected” across the years, the thought that we have at last a manager who actually values the immense importance of having a PROPER DEFENCE is, to me, a thrilling thought.

    I still find it hard to accept that Kroenke will allow sufficient funds to buy White but IF he does, then that will make a massive difference at long long last.

    The long lasting era of clown CB ‘S GENUINELY SEEMS, AT LONG,LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LAST, to be almost over.

    1. guy says:

      With you on that Foxxy. Suspect there is more cash available than they are letting on…

      1. jon fox says:

        guy, it begins to look like it! . Or else and more likely, we are being sold yet another giant pup and like mugs are buying into it. I am sceptical, by my nature, about long term proven snakes like Kroenke, so am more cautious about any big money linked players than are some Gooners.

        I just like to judge future happenings from all available past evidence and trends and using THAT formula, I do not see massive spending this summer. Lets pray I am too sceptical then!

  9. Durand says:

    Waste of money, is White twice as good as Saliba? 5 times better than Mavroporas? Is he better than Bissouma in the midfield?

    Looking every bit a checkbook manager, thought large part of his job was improving youth like Saliba, Nelson, Martinelli, Gabriel, etc….
    Not buying like City.

    1. Durand says:

      Wondering how likely it is Arteta continues to fail, and by the time he gets sacked he’s sold off young talent like Mavroporas, Saliba, Guendouzi, etc…..

      Still no idea of his philosophy and style of play but he sure like spending needlessly; bidding for White for example.

      Very little expectation players will get their chance to show their worth while Arteta buys his dream 11.

      1. LIAM says:

        If Mavropanos is as good as everyone’s making out and worth way way more than £7 million why are only one club chasing him? Guendouzi lost his place at Berlin too SAMI KHEDIRA let that sink in.

        1. Sue says:

          Actually, Guendouzi suffered a fractured metatarsal at the beginning of May… that explains why Khedira came in

          1. Dunchirado says:

            He lost his place around Feb not May, let that get in

          2. Sue says:

            No.. go and check. He missed one game completely in February.. used sub in the others he didn’t start.
            Missed one game completely in March, where I believe he had a knock. Played in April… and May (2 games) up until his fracture. So I wouldn’t call that losing his place

          3. Sue says:

            My mistake he was involved in all of Feb’s games – whether started or used sub.. so yes I’ve let that ‘get in’

  10. Andrew Elder says:

    Imo, a risky move for£50m. No expectations at Brighton to high price tag and expectations at AFC. Furthermore homegrown players are normally overpriced, why? haven’t a clue. Lastly, if he were a ‘coveted’ player why would he come here instead of the top three or four EPL clubs?

    1. guy says:

      Impossible to please! Complain when they won’t come, complain when they will. Many players dont want to go straight to the top teams reserves but prefer to grow with a young squad and play every week. They should be lauded for that not criticised. Why not have a pop at Grealish or Rice while youre at it. And to be honest we should be grateful such character exists.

      Homegrown are overpriced because you MUST have so many in your squad. to fill your quota. Thats why we were screwed last year.

  11. Sirjolly4eva says:

    Who is receiving who?

    If Arsenal couldn’t sign the most pressing needs that we have in the name of Buendia, what gives you the impression that Arsenal really submitted the 50million as said.

  12. Twinlights says:

    IMHO signing white is totally unecessary. Have no clue how much Kroenke is ready to let go for signings but knowing the kind of owner he is, Arteta had better spend the money judiciously on more pressing needs.

  13. Reggie says:

    Under 6ft for a center back we dont need at that price. Saliba got more about him for me and a proper height for a center back. Saliba over white for me.

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