Ben White deserves massive praise as well for his performance against Palace

Is there anyone who can stop this Arsenal team? Arsenal extended their Premier League winning run to five games with a 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace. The Gunners were outstanding in the encounter, claiming three points to extend their lead at the top of the league log to eight points.

The Gunners began the game with confidence and were aggressive in the first half. They had to wait until the 28th minute for Gabriel Martinelli to score the game’s first goal from close range.

Arsenal didn’t take long to add a second goal after star boy Bukayo Saka doubled the lead in the 43rd minute to take a two-goal lead into the half. The Gunners began the second half on a high note, with Granit Xhaka scoring the game’s third goal just ten minutes in. Crystal Palace equalised eight minutes later, but it was not enough to make a significant impact in the contest. Bukayo Saka finished his goal nine minutes later, making it four for the hosts and ensuring a comfortable victory.

The table-toppers were outstanding, as they always are these days, and the majority of the players were entertaining to watch. However, Ben White deserves so much praise as he was fantastic to watch in the encounter; his link-up saw him set up Saka for his first goal of the game.

On the right wing, the 25-year-old was a marvel to watch and guaranteed that the Gunners were dominant. He set up some good opportunities for the attackers with crosses and killer deliveries.

He was a very creative player for Arsenal on Sunday afternoon, and he will be a key player for the club in the future. He has been incredible since he began playing as a right-back, and he has the potential to be one of Europe’s greatest full-backs in the future.

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  1. I think Ben White is unfortunate to play right back in an era where England are blessed with a lot of them. However, I do think he should’ve been called up to the England squad. Gareth likes to play wingbacks and the RWB role for England is always going to be Reece James or Trent if he ever gets good again but the RCB position is one that is perfect for Ben White. It would be similar to the role he plays for Arsenal, who operate a nominal back 3 and would allow him to overlap whilst not leaving us short at the back. This versatility can be both a strength and a curse that really is down to the player himself to master. Unfortunately for the Gunners it has been a detriment to AMN’s career but so far Ben White seems to have adjusted brilliantly and grasped the opportunity to embrace and unfamiliar role and make it his own.

    1. English Coaches are not technical, with the number of talents they have, all they need, is a Spanish or South American Coach and they’ll shine brightest.

  2. An excellent all-round team performance but off-topic was anybody else impressed by the young Palace keeper?

    Calm, sure and clearly trusted by his defence at the age of nineteen. I think he is one to watch for the future.

  3. I find it amazing that Southgate considers Trippier, Maguire and Dier to be superior to Ben White who is now equally comfortable at RB or CB in a back four or as a right centre back in a three .Add to that the dubious selections of Kalvin Phillips , Gallagher and Henderson in midfield and you begin to doubt whether he has the aptitude for the England job.Certainly be can never be accused of being disloyal but in terms of showing some imagination and planning for the future, he is early lacking.

    1. Southgate’s selections have been diabolical throughout his tenure. He is a pragmatic, negative coach who is wasting some of the best talent any England coach has ever been graced with. Ben White should be in the squad simply because he is good enough. And as you point out how Henderson, Phillips and Gallagher get in the squad baffles me and tells us that Southgate will pick his favourites no matter what. Henderson and Maguire could do a John Terry on him and he would still pick them. Henderson has never been good enough, Gallagher runs around like a headless chicken and Pep would rather play an 18 yr old full back in midfield than pick Kalvin Phillips. That should tell us all we need to know.

    2. It might have something to do with the fact that White left the England camo early.we still do not what happened there.

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