Ben White fully deserves to be the next in line to get a new Arsenal contract

In a year marked by contract renewals, Arsenal’s commitment to securing the future of their core players is commendable. The latest in line for contract talks is Ben White, a player who has undeniably proven his worth since his £50 million move from Brighton in 2021.

Initially, eyebrows were raised at the enormous price tag attached to White, especially by many Arsenal fans, but he swiftly silenced the doubters. In his debut season, White displayed a level of talent that justified the investment. But it was a year later, in the 2022/23 season that he truly shone, transitioning seamlessly into an unfamiliar right-back role. The partnership he forged with Bukayo Saka on the right flank became instrumental to Arsenal’s success.

White’s versatility has been key to this transformation and his fearless approach and slick playstyle have endeared him to fans and made him an indispensable part of the squad. Last season, as Arsenal chased glory, White’s unique profile elevated him to a level where he was a vital link in the title race.

Crucially, it’s not just his on-field contributions that make him a standout figure at Arsenal. White’s dedication and work ethic on the training ground are exemplary, earning him the admiration of manager Mikel Arteta. Such qualities are the bedrock of a successful team and undoubtedly one of the reasons why Arteta is keen to keep him at Arsenal for the rest of his career. .

With just under three years remaining on his current contract, it’s heartening to see Arsenal acknowledge White’s contributions and consider a well-deserved extension. This move not only secures the future of a vital player but also sends a message of intent to the footballing world.

As Arsenal continue their push for silverware, retaining players like White is paramount. His influence on and off the field is immeasurable, so a new contract for White isn’t just an investment in a player; it’s an investment in Arsenal’s future success, so the longer we can keep this young talented side together the better they will get.


Jack Anderson


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  1. If Arsenal plan to use the current dynamic three-CB formation next season, they’d better extend his contract. He’s very good for the setup, although he sometimes struggles when playing against a tricky LW

    1. Yea, White has done well for himself and he has improved as a right full back never thought he could do it before. He is also getting better against tricky LW he has not really been beaten one vs one this season. He deserves new contract

      1. This year would be a good time to negotiate a new contract with him, because his contract will end in 2026

  2. While we paid a premium for White when he moved from Brighton, he has proved to be a very sound investment.Equally adept at RB or right centre back in a three, he could well do a good job as a DM if called upon to do so.The fact that he has apparently fallen out with the England team manager’s right hand man has actually benefited Arsenal as he is able to rest during the tedious International breaks.

  3. I’d like to see Gabriel tying himself to Arsenal for the long term and end those pesky rumors

  4. Loved the way he embarrased Doku with a cheeky nutmeg against City. goes to show the attack part of his game is rapidly improving. He kinda keep his cool always when he actually is a Don. A gentle lion i’d like to describe him, i’m sure he’d sign. Vamos Blanco!!

  5. The most consistent performer on my opinion and certainly not underrated and well thought of inside and outside of the Arsenal community. Probably not picked for England presently as he left the squad in his last get together for reasons unknown, means he gets a rest in international times so I’m glad.

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