Ben White names the Arsenal player he feels is the most skilful

Ben White has named Gabriel Martinelli as the most skilful player at Arsenal at the moment.

White joined the Gunners in the summer and has become a first-team regular, so he should know most of his teammates very well already.

Fans on Twitch asked him which of his teammate he thought was more skilful and he hailed the Brazilian attacker for being “silky”

He said: “I would probably go Gabriel. He’s silky!”

Martinelli has struggled to play for Arsenal in this campaign after missing his chance to impress Mikel Arteta at the start of the season.

However, he remains a crowd favourite and some of the club’s fans will never understand why he is not playing more regularly for them.

In games like their last match against Brighton, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was struggling and the skilful feet of Martinelli could have opened up the Seagulls at least in the second half when their defenders were tired.

The Brazilian is still just 20 and has many more years left in him, but if he doesn’t start playing soon, he might ask the Gunners to sell him and that would not please the fans.

The attacker scored 2 goals and provided an assist for Arsenal in 14 league matches last season.

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  1. Ben White who joined us just a few weeks ago can already see the potential Martinelli has but Arteta, a whole coach who has been here now for like 2 years, can’t see it! It’s a shame.

  2. No reason he shouldn’t be getting 15-20 mins as sub .
    Prime example against Brighton when we should have been chasing the 3 points ,this lad is tireless and would have given us something different .
    Arteta obviously doesn’t rate him which I’m the long run will be Arsenals regret if he moves on .
    Hopefully Arteta is long gone before that happens .

    1. Martinelli should definitely be given more game time. Aubameyang has not found his old form and should at least be rested if not sold. Eddie Nketia should also be given more game time.

  3. I hope he we see more of Marty. I know MA has pressure of results on his head but he has to have a plan B, a Plan C, a Plan D and a Plan E as well if we are encountering difficulties. Marty has a skillset which would be helpful in one of those backup plans. He is a winger who can play as a CF(apparently bring trained by MA on that position), good moving in from left, can press agressively, can be a good header of the ball.
    Downsides would be weakfoot, can be a little ineffective on the right and needs a bit more muscle.
    So far we have seen MA can inspire a style of football which is attractive (admittedly only against Spurs, but a great performance) and his usual pinball style which is present in majority of our games. The counters we saw at Brighton could be more effective with Marty. So he should play.
    That said I think MA will bring Marty to the fold very soon. Because there has not been any major dispute between the two yet(atleast not to public!)

  4. Think Arteta said if he plays on the left side with Tierney they leave too much space for a counter attack. Would like to test that more, we need more goals and it’s a great play for the last 30 minutes.

  5. Martinelli must have done something really wrong, he seems to be right out of favour and going backwards instead of forwards. Yet another player not progressing how he should!!!!!!!

  6. It’s clear that our current manager has a propensity to hold grudges…now it this were based on a series of highly disruptive and divisive acts, which have negatively impacted the locker room and/or the training pitch, then it would be difficult to fault the manager’s actions towards said player…unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case in this regards

    as far as we know, there’s only 3 real points of interest, (1) his serous injury and questions surrounding how this injury may or may not have affected his playing time, which is an increasingly contentious issue, (2) his passive aggressive social media pronouncement to fans regarding his injury status, or lack thereof, last season and (3) the smattering of somewhat negative organizational chatter regarding his involvement with the Brazilian Olympic team, as this might have run counter to the original wishes of our manager

    of course, none of the aforementioned issues would have justified the way in which he’s been mishandled/largely ignored…after all, it would seem so incredibly short-sighted on our part, once again, if we continued to sign up several younger players, like Marts, to term, starve them for playing time, thus their respective valuations dip, then we actually try to sell them under these most problematic of circumstances

    we’ve seen this dynamic play out before, during Wenger’s latter years, as it’s oft-times the logical outgrowth of an overly fragile manager trying to quell any potential dissension within the ranks…as such, any voices that might complicate matters further are usually silenced or removed from the equation, regardless if they’re not actually in the best interests of the club as a whole

    1. It is quite clear that you have built a false narrative which I can only assume is yet another attempt to discredit the manager.

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