Ben White reacts to Leeds sacking Marcelo Bielsa

Leeds United has sacked Marcelo Bielsa after his side hit a poor run of form in the Premier League.

The legendary Argentinian boss was the manager at Elland Road from 2018 and he helped the Whites to gain promotion back into the Premier League after almost two decades away from it.

His side remained in the top flight last season despite struggling with inconsistent form.

They rarely made progress in this campaign and have been conceding goals generously.

He has now been sacked with a replacement expected to be named soon.

White spent the 2019/2020 season on loan from Brighton at Leeds and the manager trusted him with plenty of playing time.

The Whites desperately wanted to sign him when they gained promotion, but the Seagulls would not sell.

He eventually moved to Arsenal last year and has been doing great under the command of Mikel Arteta.

The defender was not happy that Leeds sacked Bielsa and reacted to the news on Instagram.

In a post on his story, he shared an image of the victorious Leeds team of 2019/2020 with Bielsa celebrating winning the Championship and added a white heart emoji.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bielsa played an important role in the development of White into the defender he has become now.

The Englishman is grateful to have played under the former Lille manager and he understandably isn’t happy to see him leave.

But football is about results, and managers will only keep their jobs if their teams perform well.

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  1. if Bielsa was a key contributor in the development of White as a Defender, defensively-speaking, we all know why he was given the axe(lol)…just think of how many times his Leeds gave up a seeming handful of goals in a singular match…of course, I admire his tactical aggressiveness, as it’s rather refreshing when in full flight, especially in light of the myriad of negative tacticians who currently populate the managerial classes, but much like others before him, sometimes you simply must adopt a more balanced approach when things are floundering

    1. but you didnt see Whites develoment week in week out, we did. Bielsa improved the player. If you dont believe me ask him.

      1. I can’t even fathom the state of his defensive play prior to Biesla’s tutelage, if what we’re seeing now is considered to be a vast improvement(ioi)

      2. Mikel’s choice for White was bang on target, compare the impact Varane has made at Man Utd for the same price tag? All the prophets of doom were in grief that they got Varane and we had to make do with White. 11 clean sheets is a testimony to Mikel and his defenders.
        Biesla was a man enough to walk away after a 4-0 trashing to the Tots. We cheered our man after a 8-2 humiliation and some still do over here. Sad for Biesla.

        1. apples to oranges comparison, as ManU doesn’t play with 11 men behind the ball like we have a tendency to do even with a 1 goal lead in the first-half…if you think White’s a stellar defender then you’ve been sitting in front of the tv with your eyes closed…in fact, his defensive struggles are part of the reason why MA has opted for a negative game script more often than not, as our scheme relies far too heavily on our forwards defending deep within our own final third…btw Varane wasn’t targeted by our organization because we were moving in a more youthful “win later” direction and our management team knew full-well that he had no interest in coming to a club undergoing such a potentially wonky “rebuild”

  2. Masterstroke from Tuchel take off your number one and replace him with the penalty saving king Kepa who concedes a penalty to every single Liverpool player and then balloons his penalty 2 and a half miles over the bar 🀭

      1. Terrible call from Tuchel Sue, I have no idea what he was thinking but that defeat is on him, Mendy would have saved one of those pens.

          1. Haha I said the same Sue he kinda looked embarrassed after the 8th penalty πŸ˜‚ I don’t know who told him he was a penalty saver but they might need to rethink that… he couldn’t save a rubber duck in a bath tub lol. Did you see Aubas goal against Napoli Sue beauty 😁

            1. 72m 🀣 Couldn’t save or score – his pk was a goal kick haha!! Been an eventful weekend, Kev – Rodri got away with one!!! Heating up at the top and bottom of the table!
              3 games in hand.. it’ll be tough at Vicarage Road.. bring it on though!
              I did indeed (you don’t have to call me a beauty 🀣🀣🀣) – joking aside, it was a beauty! I’m happy for him!

              1. Bilbao seen Chelsea coming didn’t they Sue ? 🀣 Haha that’s what you see in rugby πŸ˜‚ yeah Everton definitely should of had a pen then again so should we but the ref and var seen Ederson get the ball which from every angle possible he doesn’t lol. Every bloody game is tough for us, but let’s hope we get over the line 🀞haha can’t you take a compliment 😜 no but his form looks good Sue he’s scored again tonight πŸ™„

                1. Yes I saw – in the right place at the right time! And still doing those front flips – he’s getting on a bit now!!
                  I’m dumbfounded at how poor the officials have been – did you hear Shearer on MOTD?
                  What do you think your Dad would’ve thought of Bielsa?

                  1. He might wanna quit the gymnastics at his age Sue 😜 no haha I haven’t watched motd this season I think well I might have watched it once but what did he say ? I thought Keita could have gone today if I remember correctly wasn’t nketiah sent off for something similar against Leicester? Oh he would have wanted him gone Sue but to be fair he never got angry used to just say Leeds are rubbish… I actually got him a signed Norman hunter photo on his last birthday he loved that he was his favourite player πŸ™‚

                    1. He’ll end up injured!! Kev that’s the first time I’ve watched it in ages – he said Mike Riley and a lot of his colleagues are having a terrible season and that something needs to be done! Hear hear!! Imagine if Everton are relegated!
                      He [Keita] wasn’t even booked!! Couldn’t believe it.. has Salah EVER been booked?!
                      He would’ve loved them back in the PL, Kev.. and they may yet survive. Bielsa did a phenomenal job, but his time was up! I don’t know of this new fella, do you?
                      Aww that’s sweet of you πŸ₯°
                      Did you keep an eye on your scores? I always take a screenshot of both of ours 🀣

                    2. Alan Shearer saying something positive never thought I’d live to see the day πŸ€ͺ the standard of refereeing is shocking though if that was one of our boys today they would have been given 2 red cards πŸ˜‚ oh Salah is a golden boy they wouldn’t dream of cautioning him. Me and him had some battles I remember a game at Highbury in the fa cup in the 90s we lost to Leeds 1-0 I was absolutely fuming never spoke to him for about 2 days πŸ˜‚ the same happened when hasslebaink ended our hopes of winning the league at elland road πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he did a great job initially Sue but the defending at times was amateur, 60 goals against already.. is it the american coach ? I had no clue who he was I had to Google him hahaha. Thank you Sue β™₯️ haha I don’t think I did well this week but I think you had a good week you must be ahead of me now 😁

                    3. Bloody hell 60 goals, worst defence in the league! I’m surprised it was only for 2 days, Kev 🀣 Couldn’t stand JFH!
                      Yes – Jesse Marsch, funnily enough I also googled him 🀣
                      Wolves and United let us down, Kev. You 7, me 10 and no, you’re still ahead πŸ‘Œ

                    4. Even with Mustafi at the back did we ever get that high Sue ? πŸ˜‚ Haha yeah I know I could never take a Leeds defeat well let alone a title ender πŸ˜‚ I read something about klopp admiring him but he also admired Ragnick so I would take that with a grain of salt πŸ§‚ πŸ€ͺ funnily enough when I get a Friday night prediction correct score I don’t get another one all weekend πŸ˜‚ I think I’m getting reeled in like man City in the title race πŸ˜‚

  3. Really can’t see the hype about Bielsa, done absolutely nothing in European football except take clubs backwards.

    1. well he got Leeds into the premier league with some of the best exciting football. That’s got to be worth something surely. Unless youd prefer dreadful boring 0 – 0 draws for your team.

    2. interesting commentary Hair Dryer…although it does make one wonder, if your comment is to be believed, how Leeds returned to the PL following a 16 year absence…you would think someone who has spoken so positively about Pep’s former “student” might be more respectful towards a manager who Pep himself referred to as the “best” in the business

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