Ben White responds to Arsenal links “You don’t know what’s true”

The biggest Arsenal transfer rumour of this summer, if thousands of reports are to be believed, has been the prolongated pursuit of Brighton’s defender Ben White.

There have been reports of the player telling his friends that he wants to join the Gunners, and rumours that Brighton have rejected an opening bid of 40m GBP for the 23 year-old.

We have even had the Arsenal oracle David Ornstein assure us that the deal is close to completion.

But now we have had the first words from the player himself, and he honestly sounds like he has not been involved in any discussions at all so far, although that is quite normal during secret transfer talks.

He was talking to talksport in a long exclusive interview, and here is an excerpt from the article…

On the speculation, he told talkSPORT: “It’s nice, it’s happened quite a lot over the last two years, there’s been a lot of noise.”

On whether he talks to teammates about it, he added: “Not really.

“You don’t know what’s true and what’s not. So there’s no real point talking about it.”

I can imagine that Gareth Southgate has banned the players from talking to their agents while England are still in the Euros so as to avoid unneccesary distractions, so it looks like Arsenal fans will have to wait until they are out of the competition before finding out if there is any truth in all these rumours…

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    1. Sort of like maybe how they signed Partey in their first summer together? I’m asking for a friend.

  1. Sorry off topic AdPat but I have apologised for my earlier error regarding football insider article.
    Back on topic, I think White is just being respectful and that he will arrive soon. Cant see what Tom k has suggested happening anytime soon though I think most of us on here will only give them 2 or 3 months to show we are on the up.

    1. No problem Declan, we all make occasional errors, even me…
      (But don’t tell anyone!)

      Back on topic – Maybe White wouldn’t even be involved in transfer discussions until both clubs have agreed on the transfer fee anyway?

      1. Admin Pat, “We all make occasional errors..” Not me sir! NEVER MADE A SINGLE MISTAKE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.
        On the other hand though, my parents…..!

        In more serious vein though, I doubt that White himself has any more idea than any of us on JA when or even if he is coming. Agents virtually even breathe for their clients these days! Sigh!

  2. Here we are talking about buying a young and relatively inexperienced defender for £50m when we have a dire need for an attacking midfielder and goal scoring CF. We are stuck with Auba for another 2 years and Lacazette’s value is dropping day by day with one year left on his contract. Our position in the league and lack of European football next season doesn’t make it an attractive destination for quality players.

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