Ben White reveals he rarely watches football and didn’t watch Vieira play despite taking Frenchman’s shirt number

Arsenal defender, Ben White, has sensationally revealed that he doesn’t exactly watch football now despite being a top player and didn’t watch the sport while growing up.

He was responding to a question about Arsenal legend, Patrick Vieira and says he didn’t watch the Frenchman play for the Gunners.

Vieira will visit the Emirates on Monday as a manager of Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

He is one of the most celebrated Arsenal players in the last 20 years after helping them win several trophies including three Premier League titles.

White now wears Vieira’s number 4 shirt at the Emirates and the Arsenal fans will find it somewhat surprising, but the Englishman says he doesn’t watch football.

He sometimes watches clips of his performance just for the sake of analysis and to get better, but he doesn’t follow the sport like most fans do.

White agrees that Vieira was a good player, but he doesn’t know the specifics of the Frenchman’s performances.

‘No I never watched football when I was younger, still don’t now,’ he told Sky Sports as quoted by The Daily Mail

‘I just loved the game, I was always playing it – never watching it. So I don’t know too much about older generations. 

‘I know [Vieira] was a very good player. But I wouldn’t know the details. I’m quite busy, I’m always doing something. I watch myself for analytical reasons. I watch England, maybe. I just wouldn’t just sit down and watch a game.’

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  1. One would think that like coaches, players would watch video of the opposition to assess strengths and weaknesses.
    Ben, sorry Benjamin, White has a few character traits of concern, which may hinder his development as a player. He is currently on the fringe of the England team and his games so far for Arsenal, have not been mistake free. Surely studying players of greater experience and ability like Viera or Van Dijk may help you to develop your own game. It certainly helped me in any sport I played.

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