Ben White to Arsenal this week – “There is no doubt”

The Ben White to Arsenal transfer saga has been one of the longest lasting rumour this summer, but was held up when White received a last minute call up to Gareth Soughgate’s England side.

Although he didn’t get to kick a ball at the Euros, he was coccooned away from any transfer talks in the England camp, but now, at last, he has finished his holiday and back and available to complete his move without any more hold-ups.

The transfer guru Fabrizio Romano is in no doubt that the deal will completed this week….

So, White will be Arsenal’s third and most important signing of the summer, but according to the numerous Arsenal rumours doing the rounds, he will certainly not be Arteta’s last signing in this window.

Surely we are certain to be bringing in at least one new midfielder, with Mikel Arteta still keen on seeing Martin Odegaard back at the Emirates, but the biggest interest for me is to see which players will be leaving, before we can start thinking about bringing in replacements.

Seeing as Arteta seems to concentrating on reducing the average age of the Arsenal squad, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tammy Abraham coming in as a replacement for the ageing Alexandre Lacazette….

Would you?

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  1. Well we all need a boost. Not a lot has changed and it’s so clear we need an upgrade on Pablo Mari who is pretty one paced. Holding is OK, but not possessed of great speed or great technical ability. Ben White is a very poised, elegant and technical player. If he signs this week we will get the boost that maybe we can improve in the coming season. Ben White like Tierney could be captain material. White signing would definitely signal we really mean it. Then James Maddison and Max Aarons would make me happy.

    1. Ben white and Rob Holding are right footed while Gabriel and Mari are left footed. The CB pair are White/ Gabriel or White/Mari.

      1. Adeyemii

        I hope once we get White (if he in fact signs) with Gabriel that should be our starting pair of CB’s. The reason I brought Mari and Holding up is because I’m not sure the are good enough to be CB’s in a top 4 side. My dream back four for us is Tierney, Gabriel, White, Max Aarons. They would take us to another level.

    2. Yes Sean, at last some good news (it’s gonna happen).

      By all accounts an excellent addition.

      You touch on his technical ability.

      This is crucial in that as we all know M A is a huge disciple of playing out from the back, and this will continue.

      Being a “ball playing” centre back is one of White’s strong suits.

      Hopefully this will aid our transitional play in becoming a LOT quicker.

      A defender who can get the ball into more meaningful areas of the park, played with pace and tempo will be a bonus i.e. play the “progressive” ball as soon as you can.

      I do remain concerned about our ability to deal with the aerial threat though.

      Also young legs.

      Stamina is key.

      Next year I believe we are going to play a very high press where at all possible. When the press breaks down, it will be crucial to recover and reshape quickly – White can only help here.

      Young legs brought in in ASL & Tavares, possibly Abraham giving high energy press starting up top (not commenting on Tammy A one way or the other, just sticking with the theory).

      I may be totally misreading the whole thing.

      However, if we persist this coming season with our all too often snails pace predicable build up – I for one will be totally “gutted”.

      Let’s look forward, not backwards.

      The remainder of the window will be very interesting.

      1. AJ
        I agree. A high press and young legs will be important. Get the back four right and some dynamic midfield creativity we could do well. We desperately need someone like James Maddison or similar.

    3. Two and a half weeks to go and we av finished with this window no more signings so I say we will finish between 10 th to 7 th if we or lucky until we flog the flops we av no more money so good luck everyone see you next season in the championship

      1. Tom k And you consider this sort of trashing the club post as that of a “supporter” then do you?

  2. Arsenal bought:

    – Ozil, then Real Madrid won UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Cup World Cup and Copa del Rey

    – Pepe, then Lille won Ligue 1

    – Willian, then Chelsea won UEFA Champions League

    Maybe Brighton will win the FA Cup?

    1. Not funny, is Arsena cursed under Kroenke? I think our coaches really need to know what they really need to improve the team. Jugen Klopp bought well and Liverpool won the league and Champions league.

      1. Liverpool hired a scientist who used to work on Hadron particle collider, to make an intelligent scouting data analytics system for them. Hence their signings were mostly underwhelming to their fans, but those underrated players’ stats were incredible and they have proven to match Liverpool’s requirements

        Whereas Arsenal were more reliant on their scouts, network and agents. I guess this is why Arsenal laid off 55 scouts and Mislintat, then acquired StatDNA

        1. GAI
          I agree with you. In early Wenger era most of his signings we’re unknown players from the French championate and they went on to become invincibles. He also signed some youthful players from accademy. But things have changed and most managers now wants to buy overrated names who ends up not performing. I like Sambi Lokonger signing I have a feeling he will do well.

  3. Still feel very underwhelming signing as our main problem last season was CRATIVITY.

    I believe we were in the bottom 5 in chances created.

    White needs to be new Rio 2.0, otherwise we got ripped off. So I reserve myjudgment until he plays.

    So far, 2 young back ups and starting CB. Still long way to reinforce the squad if we want to even dream about top 4.

    RB – Emerson, Aarons, Hugo Siquet, Daniel Munoz
    DM – Camavinga, Bissouma, Kessie, Koopmeiners
    CM/AM – Maddison, Aouar, Sabitzer

    I think we need to move on first the likes of Xhaka, Elneny, Bellerin, AMN and Lacazette.

    I would be willing to give extensions to Nketiah, Willock and Nelson and send them on loan.

  4. Partey came to Arsenal then Athletici won La Liga.
    Arsenal sacked Unai and Villa Real won the EL beating Arsenal along the way.
    Nasri and Cliche won PL at Man City.
    RVP won the PL at Man U.
    Vermaelen went to Barca and won La Liga and CL.
    Sanchez went to Man U and got 500k p/w then went on loan to Inter and they won Serie A.
    Ramsey and Szczesny went to Juve and they won Serie A..
    Oxlade went to Liverpool and has won PL and CL.
    Mind you Kola and Mustafi went to Schalke and they got relegated. AMN went to WBA and they got relegated.
    Maybe Arsenal will win the PL this season and the CL next season?

      1. Yet, Chambers won the Fan’s Player of the Year playing in the DM role, a role which we are actively looking in the market to fill.

    1. fairfan Dream on with that said the amount of players linked to Arsenal is unbelievable. His Arteta trying to buy a new team he has got to get them to Gel and play the way he wants

  5. Ben White is a good ball playing defender and suits MAs style of play. The main point is now what? I hope it is Bissouma, Aouar/Madison and Aarons. Than Arsenal is ready to go. As for Tammy Abraham, he is a good goal scorer no doubt, he could be a ideal replacement for Laca, done well wherever he has played, lets see. He is not at the fag end of his career like Willian and Louis.

  6. We will be giving are players away if we can sell at the price he wants and all the other clubs know it and bide their time

  7. Believe it when I see it.
    There seem to lots of “sources close to the club” or “transfer gurus” to believe any of them.
    When he has the shirt on his back and squad number that is when I believe it.
    We have been here so many times before…

  8. I hate to say that but I am not impressed of Ben as center back. He lacks height for aerial duels and his aerial duels winning numbers are not good, he can play right back or DM.
    Paying 50M is …too much.
    Anyways Chambers is the same height and he impresses me with his jumps every time he plays center back, so..
    I hope I am wrong. Good luck to him.

  9. Ben White disappointmented me a bit for his failing to report at Arsenal to have his medicals to conclude his transferring from Brighton to Arsenal immediately after the Euro 2020 has ended.

    For. What is the essence of White rushing to go for his holiday immediately after the Euro 2020 when he has a very important transfer to Arsenal in his front to deal with it?

    His participation in Euro 2020 tournament that he only took part in it in training sessions for England but didn’t feature in any of the 3Lions matches throughout the tournament. Should not constitute an excuse by him to rush to have a holiday if he takes his transfer to Arsenal very serious but not keep them waiting.

    So, what was the point for him to have rushed to holiday immediately after the England tournament Cup final, instead of him to report to Arsenal to have his medicals done. Then proceed on his holiday. Or excuse me, are Arsenal yet to agree the £50m fee of his transfer to them with Brighton before he started his holiday? If it’s so, I tender my apology to him.

    But nevertheless, it is being believed in the football circle that Arsenal will still do more new signings this summer transfer window before it closes. For, it has been tailored they may sign a backup number 2 goalkepeer to Leno with Okonkwo as number 3 in the pecking order.

    Them sign another new midfielder who could be still be Odegaard as Arteta is looking to still be very keen to bring him back to Arsenal this summer on a permanent or loan deal move.. But if the effort to bring him back to Arsenal this summer stalled. Then the club will find another top quality midfielder to sign him.. But who that another new midfielder will be, I can’t say. Maybe is James Madison that they’ll sign I don’t know. But I don’t think Aouer will be the one they will sign.

    And I think the club will refresh their striker department this summer with a top quality new striker signing who could Tammy Abraham or not.

    So, all in all. Arsenal could sign up to six new players during this summer window. And also move out six senior team Gunners permanently or on loan this summer who played for the club last season. Runarsson has already been moved out on loan. But who elder should follow him out? Bellerin, Elneny, Nketiah and who and who? I think Arteta and Edu will figure it out.

    1. not sure what you’re getting at. He took some of his scheulded vacation time? Even if he didnt play in euros you have to keep fit train every day and be ready to play when called upon. It’s not a vacation and he just came off a season where he played almost every game for Brighton. Think you’re making a big deal out of absolutely nothing. It doesnt make sense to be upset a player took a vacation that they wouldve taken no matter what club was sigining him. The deals been done for weeks.

      1. TBF I’m with Samuel on this ,as myself thought it strange that he didn’t want to sort his career out before a holiday ,has he been waiting for a better offer to come in ?
        How come sancho as now already signed for Utd and he actually played minutes at the Euros .

        1. Dan A sexist comment if I may say so. What gives you the right to assume that White was going on holiday by himself? He probably has a female companion, wife, partner, girlfriend or maybe not.

          But either way he is unlikely to be the only person involved in having to postpone his holiday – which he has amply earned , I would have thought, just to sign for us.

          It has been effectively done for sometime already and he and both clubs involved would be fully aware of that. You are making a fuss over nothing of importance at all, as is SAMUEL too.

          1. @jon
            Clutching at straws there buddy boy ,once again you have made a whole comment completely out of nothing that I said .
            Sexist ?cmon bro you can do better than that ,my post was aimed at a professional football that should be putting their career before anything else ,not even sure where you even went with that post .
            Lost me completely.

        2. Dan
          The sancho deal has been on going for close to a year. In that time sancho has taken many a holiday in between the deal
          You have been around long enough to know that these sorts of deals don’t just get done at a drop of a hat. Agents directors. Legals ects.
          Until he signs on the dotted line he is still a brighton player but let’s hope he becomes ours soon.
          Where’s king Kev when you want more transfer tittle tattle..
          Even if mystic Kev doesn’t always gets it right it’s always nice to hear him say we are linked to every ayers in the world 😉

          1. Don’t forget the 100 quid mate if we are top 4 on jan the 1st @alan ,like I said I’ll be more than happy to part with that ,believe Ken 1456 said he would also do the same .

  10. At the end of the day, chemistry is all you can hope for in CB pairs. We need another Koscielny/Per pairing for us to reach top 4

  11. Arsenal should go beyond rejected players and go for players that are better than the one leaving. I cannot imagine tammy abraham being better than lacazette. Tammy Abraham is not the kind of striker arsenal needs. I even believe in martinelli who is a good goal poacher than Tammy.

  12. I think it now depends on the outgoings for more than financial reasons. And judging by the way they’ve handled the outgoings, I can see maybe only Lacazette moving out.

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