Ben White to miss Man City clash, Aubameyang “struggled with the illness”

Mikel Arteta has suffered from major disruption in the Arsenal squad due to Covid-19 and injuries, which has forced him to play with a very young team in our two early season defeats.

Arteta already had Thomas Partey, Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Magalhaes out with injuries, and then ahead of the Brentford game he lost Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian and Runar Alex Runarsson to positive Covid tests.

Aubameyang managed to come back to the bench for the game against Chelsea, but then we learned just before kickoff that our new signing Ben White was added to the list of Covid-affected players.

Under the circumstances, our young team did very well to only lose by two goals to the European Champions, and Arteta was left rueing his luck after the game. “It’s really challenging.” Arteta told SkySports. “The majority are big, senior players.

“We put out there a team that would probably be unprecedented in the history of this football club. But credit to the boys, how they’re trying, the passion they are trying to bring to the team.

“They are playing with a lot of courage. They are trying their best. At the moment it is not enough to win football matches.”

Although Aubameyang managed to replace Saka for the last half hour after the youngster tired from lack of match-fitness, but both Kieran Tierney and Martinelli limped off the pitch shortly afterwards. Arteta told us that Auba wasn’t really fit to play either after his Covid infection.

“Auba made a real effort to be able to be on the bench today,” he said. “He only trained one day. He really struggled with the illness and he was in bed for a long, long time.

“He wanted to be in the squad, he wanted to try to help the team and I thought that he did help the team when he came on.”

Hopefully there will be quite a few of the squad back to face the Champions Manchester City next weekend, but the boss was asked if White would be available and he replied: “I don’t think so, no.”

I know that there are many vocal fans on here that are lambasting Arteta for losing our first two games, but would anyone else have managed to beat the European Champions with half the team missing? I doubt it very much.

Sam P

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  1. The interlul can’t come quick enough for Arsenal.
    Finalising transfers outgoings and incomings, getting players back from injury and covid and eeasing newcomers.
    Fortunately the next 7 games after the break
    are very reasonable.
    Norwich (H) Win
    Burnley (A) Win
    Spurs (H) Win
    Brighton (A)Win
    Palace (H) Win
    Villa (H) Win
    Leicester (A) Draw.
    19 from 21 is emminently possible and expected
    as we push for top 4 by Christmas.

    1. We’d all predicted an easy win against Brentford, hadn’t we? Eeh Fairfan?

      Our current squad and manager have this uncanny abilityy of making banana peels of ‘easily-winnable-games’!

      I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you.

  2. Arsenal did very well…
    What are you smoking? Send me some, please.

    In reply to your question:
    I don’t neccessarily think we had won with another manager. But maybe we would have seen an Arsenal team with energy and a 100% commitment to be the best possible.
    We haven’t seen that i pre-season and nor in the first 2 games of the season.
    Is it too much to expect?

  3. No, no Leicester win for as arsenal, draw against spurs. If we have the confidence, it will rub off on the players. No use sitting and not cheering them on. Coaching ad teach a team with and average age of 20 is difficult. Firstly, unlearn, accept, and learn new methods /style. Remember all those players, even in the Colonicny rd they were taught differently as to defend and to transform.

  4. Hiding White behind covid just shows how pathetic Arteta is. Arteta should have signed Graham Potter

  5. Our experienced players are showing little leadership or heart so it’s little wonder our younger players are struggling. Special mentions to Xhaka, Aubamayang and Willian who are overpaid and underperforming, all of whom keep going MIA in games and two of whom are club captains.

  6. We can scrutinize the team and managerbut lets spare our new players from judgment until at least the end of season, especially ben white. Poor lad will be under huge pressure from the toxic arsenal fans..

    1. Agree 100%. Arteta merits criticism, and imo so to do many of the senior players. But lay off the new players and give them a chance.
      And Jah Son – that’s a low comment even by your duubious standards. HOW DARE YOU accuse your own club of fabricating a covid test.
      On the contrary – what you wrote actually says a lot more about your own morals.

      1. Guy
        Jah son is someone I crossed swords with a long time ago. Decided not to rise to the bait any more

        1. He’s on too often Sue! One of only two people on here whose inflammatory comments are red rag to a bull. But I will try – promise! (;-)).

          1. guy, this site, as with all social media, has many idiots and non thinkers.

            I love to debate with ANYONE who has the ability to think and to write their true thoughts clearly. But that leaves very many who are unable to do either or both.

            Jah son is among this poor disadvantaged group. Ignore him and his nonsense, as I have learned to do through bitter experience of trying but failing to debate with him. He is impossible to engage with and does not want to engage.

            HE WANTS ONLY TO HATE and such types are not worth your time and intellect.

  7. Sketchy buy Ben “Rolls Royce” White out of Man City with his tires flat. I hope you remedy your tires flattened by Toney and Co. and kick on to be the CB people wish you would be. At the moment a certain greek warrior is looking much better than you (and he will cost his future team only 1/10th of your valuation).
    This signing infuriates me way more than Ramsdale. Did we seriously need English Mustafi?
    All jokes aside- Get well soon Ben. Hope you take care of your health because these times are too uncertain. Dont overexert yourself or you will get the Arsenal bug, which only happens to players joining Arsenal. Best of luck for your recovery!

  8. I hope that the reports that our players caught covid at Auba’s son birthday party are not true,l!

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