Ben White’s agent responds to Harry Redknapp’s England comments

Ben White continues to face criticism over his decision to quit playing for the England national team.

The defender has been one of England’s finest players this season, making him an asset the Three Lions will enjoy at Euro 2024.

However, since he left their World Cup camp in 2022, White has not played for his nation again.

During the last international break, he was expected to earn a recall to the team, but he made himself unavailable for selection.

This decision surprised most of the Three Lions’ fans, and Harry Redknapp said White should never be considered for selection again.

Some supporters share this extreme view, but the defender’s agent, Alexander Levack, has responded and defended his client.

He writes, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘Whilst I appreciate that Ben is in the public eye, which brings its own connotations and leaves you open to criticism, I wanted to make the point that every elite performer, whichever field that may be, is a human being who has the same feeling we all have and experience good and bad.

‘No one knows what is actually going on in one’s life so I really believe people should think before making a judgement or criticising these elite performers in public.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

White’s decision is a slap in the face for a country like England, which even players with dual citizenship dream of playing for.

This is why it appears strange to people, but the defender has a strong personality, and as a club, we support our players’ decisions.

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  1. Of course Ben is in full right if he does not want to spend a lot of time away from his family on his time off from work on his summer hollidays.

  2. I think Ben is a private sort of person and possibly somewhat shy by nature off the pitch. There was a fairly well publicised fall out with one of the England coaching staff which prompted his walkout from the squad and reading between the lines think he was embarrassed/humiliated in front of the rest of the squad. Anyone casting aspersions on him, like Rednapp has done, without knowing the facts, should keep their mouth shut until they do know the facts. I also find the Just Arsenal Opinion that “White’s decision is a slap in the face for a country like England” to be unnecessary.

  3. All I know is that White is comfortable and happy playing for Arsenal. The rest it’s beyond our thinking but only him.

  4. Why don’t you ask the England manager why White refuse to play for England. He ought to know, he should know and he surely must know. No 2 ways about it.

    1. Asking his England manager may be good if the trainer won’t lie. From facts coming out later (like when players retire from football and write about their football times or when they switch clubs and talk a bit about their past) I have learned that sometimes they lie.

  5. Ben White has often said he doesn’t like football as a past time nor is he passionate about it either, the lad is entitled to his thought, feelings and actions and so long as it isn’t causing a public disturbance then the law backs him up; unfortunately it’s the public that’s disturbing his peace how do you expect someone who sees football – going to train and match day activity as going to the office so much so as Elon Musk leaves home for Tesla every morning.
    This guy doesn’t for fcukn sake play video games related to the round ball and I quite remember him saying after having spent hours analysing videos on tactics, strategy the last thing he wants is more football, the guy cant be like everyone neither can everyone be like him.
    If he had a fallout with 3 Lions Asst Manager/ Coach on a matter that wasnt handles properly ìn public ẹye {his England team mates} he deserves every reaction not to warrant a repeat of the scenario have you wondered why his team mates have kept mute or why Arsenal dont want to be dragged into the scene
    Please let BEN WHITE BREATHE

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