Bendtner breaks his silence on his bust-up with Thierry Henry

Nicklas Bendtner is one of the most interesting characters Arsenal has had as a player, and he was a part of their squad from 2004 to 2014, having started in their youth ranks.

Bendtner had the support of Arsene Wenger, who loved the troublesome Dane and gave him more than enough chances to reach his full potential.

Depending on who you ask, Bendtner had the potential to become a world-class striker, but he was a maverick, and that affected his development.

The striker was never afraid to stand up to anyone and has opened up about a bust-up he had on the training ground that involved Thierry Henry.

The former striker said, as quoted by The Sun:

“Thierry and I played on each of our teams in an 11 against 11, and a mistake was made by him.

“It was overlooked by the coach, and I then made the same mistake, which was then called out.

“And in the meantime, I had started to shout a bit and say that it wasn’t quite fair.

“It wasn’t quite in a calm way.

“There was a bit of expletives being shouted and so on, where Henry then walked across the pitch and just stood and shouted into my head.

“And I shouted back a bit while the others stood and said: ‘Nicklas, you just have to be quiet and that’s now.’

“I learned a little there.”

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Nicklas Bendtner was such an interesting character, but he left us with some good memories and scored some important goals for our team.

We will always welcome him back to the Emirates whenever he wants to come for a visit, and he knows this.

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  1. ” We will always welcome him back…. andhe know this”? You reckon, Martin?!!

    I’d be obliged if you speak for yourself only and DEFINITELY NOT for me!!

    He is precisely the sort of arrogant big head that we mercifully have not had here since Auba left and I FOR JUST ONE , will certainly NOT EVER want to nor welcome him back.

  2. @Jon, he stood for what he thought was right. Such characters are needed, managers abuse players and they protect bullies especially if they are good players. I understand the world will never thrive on fairness but its ok if someone can demand fairness.

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