Benfica looking at making a move for Arsenal outcast

Bernd Leno looks set to leave Arsenal in the summer after losing his starting XI spot at the Emirates.

The German is now behind Aaron Ramsdale in the pecking order at Arsenal and they have signed Matt Turner, who will join them in the summer.

Leno has had a few chances to play this season when Ramsdale was unavailable, but his time at the club will probably come to an end in the summer.

A report via The Sun claims he is now a transfer target for Benfica, who has a new manager.

Roger Schmidt is reportedly a fan of Leno and he would look to take the German with him to Portugal.

Arsenal is unlikely to stand in his way if he wants to leave, and Schmidt is probably the best manager for him, having worked together at Bayer Leverkusen.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Leno has served us to the best of his abilities, but his failings last season showed we needed an upgrade and Ramsdale has provided that for us.

We need to move him on and prepare the way for Turner to become our backup when the American joins in the summer.

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    1. Maybe not a straight swap but Leno plus cash for Nuñez,I wouldn’t think twice about it.

  1. just another player we totally mismanaged, as now teams are supposedly balking at the notion of paying 10M for a player we’ve invested 3 times as much into already

    1. Just poor shortsighted management on all levels.

      It’s nothing but embarrassing and actually pathetically laughable

  2. I wouldn’t refer to our world-class keeper as “outcast”. At just 30 years old, the player has at least another 5 good years left to play at the highest level. I can count at least four former Arsenal keepers who were discarded prematurely and are still performing at the highest levels of the game. Benfica will surely be getting a great bargain for less than 10M. Peanuts.

    1. RF…I see that you’ve taken a more Arteta-like reigned in approach to your commentary since you were rather unfairly ambushed the other day…I feel for you mate…just to make you feel more at ease I will purposely read more into your written words so that it better reflects your true intentions…Cheers

  3. I’m happy if we get 10m because if you know Arsenal we probably get 5m and we will happily save wages

      1. Do you know what we got for auba ? -7m it’s not bout Man U it’s about Arsenal not selling shit

  4. Benfica can have Leno for free and we will still pay £60m for Nunez! All clubs win but if Nunez wants to come he will be at Arsenal.

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