Benfica or bust – The Arsenal players need to do this for Arteta

Benfica or Bust! by AI

Today is a pivotal moment in Arsenal’s season. Already, in the Premier League, we are so far off the pace that it would be a very weird season if we were to make the Champions League spots. Even an Europa League spot is difficult to attain as it is. Currently, we are home (not literally) to Benfica and on paper, it should be an easy game for us.

However, nothing is easy for this Arsenal. When we conceded the penalty away, it put the season in the jeopardy of the last one where we dumped ourselves out of the competition with our own hands. The resulting dread was apparent in our game against Benfica in the first leg. There was little boldness or an incentive to do heavy damage to a team that was there for the taking, although fitness was an issue especially in the second half.

Arteta is a magnificent young coach. Let’s not forget that he’s had a most unique start to his career as a new coach and has responded with two trophies within half of a season. There is no doubt that he has got the club out of the rut it was in under Unai Emery. However, Arteta fell into his own rut for some two months and Arsenal lost control of a promising season. He has since steadied the ship again since December and this time with a clear blueprint for Arsenal’s future. We know we are going to be much better next season the way we are playing. But today affects tomorrow and if Arteta cannot produce a win against Benfica today, his future at the club will come under deserved scrutiny.

We have to win today. That is what it comes down to. If we somehow manage not to, then the season is as good as over. Our players must turn up. Aubameyang, Pepe, Lacazette, Partey, Xhaka, Leno, Luiz and all the senior players are very much under pressure to turn up today. Give us an emphatic win and something to continue to look forward to this season. Arteta has protected them all season and it is time for them to show the gaffer some love in return.

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  1. “Arteta is a magnificent young coach. Let’s not forget that”

    That statement is not borne out by play, tactics, or results this season. Whether you want to give Arteta more time, or alternatively would like to see him gone, is one thing, but that statement does not have any veracity. Results and play prove that, the worst for many, many a long year.

    1. I agree with your comment on magnificent coach statement, results don’t bare that out this year.

      Currently I would take Emery’s “rut” of 8th place, and 22 unbeaten streak.

      Still unsure of Arteta’s blueprint. negative tactics? counter punching style? What is his team’s identity or style?

  2. Hopefully bust and then we can finally see the end of Arteta he surely cannot Keep his job if we loose this game hes clearly out of his depth and has no idea what hes doing certain deluded fans of him on here are only defending him as they thought he would be a big hit as a manager and will not admit how wrong they were but continue to wear rose tinted glasses and ignore the facts that he has the worse record of any Arsenal manager so how can we continue to persevere with this clueless idiot of a manager!!ARTETA OUT!!,

  3. “There is no doubt that he has got the club out of the rut it was in under Unai Emery.”

    How can you honestly make such a statement. This is clearly not true. The facts do not bear this out!

    Emery managed to finish his first season at Arsenal in 5th place and go us to the final of the Europa League. At the time of his sacking, the club was 8th in the league having lost only three games.

    Arteta on the other hand ….

    1. He sounds like Emery was here like for a decade . It was just a little less than one year and half season. And Arteta has been year for almost the same time and his impact in the league is way worse than that of Emery. We finished 8 when Arteta took over and now in 11 position in 25 games, year he got the club out of the rut that it was in under Emery😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂. I like Arteta and he was my first Choice but the way you guys hype him up is comedic. I’m so glad I have eyes and I can witness the real job he is doing.

  4. Arteta has got Arsenal out of a rut ? Last time i Iooked at the premier league table we were 11th with 11 defeats and also out of the 2 cup competitions and now relying on winning the europa league to gain entry into europe next season 😕

    1. Kev82 Emery Vs Arteta as our coach: matches oversee 51/45….. wins 25/19…. draw 13/10….. lose 13/16….goal for 91/63… goal agains 70/47….

  5. Danny ,shouldn’t you be at school today? “Clueless idiot” are not words any rational person would use to describe our intelligent, articulate young Manager regardless of how you feel about him personally.You could however use the expression when next you use a mirror.

    1. Ha Ha Grandad who’s the one acting like a school kid name calling people this site is about opinions whether you like it or not and should respect other people’s views!! How you can call Arteta intelligent is beyond me been in charge over a year does not know his best team and has us in the worse position we have ever been in so please enlighten me with all your many years of Knowledge!!😴😴😴

  6. “Arteta is a magnificent young coach. Let’s not forget that”…..This is where I stopped reading the post.

  7. Name calling Danny.? We’re you not the one who called our Manager a “Clueless idiot”? If he was lacking in intelligence, he would never have held down a highly paid job with Man City nor would he have been appointed Manager of Arsenal FC .You are supposedly a fan of Arsenal but yet you would like them to lose to Benfica if it leads to the sacking of Arteta,Is that what you are saying?If so you are a disgrace to our Club.

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