Benitez and Bale helping Arsenal to seal Benzema transfer

It looks like being a long and anxious wait for the Arsenal fans this summer, or those of us that are hoping for Arsene Wenger to sign a top class centre forward anyway. Because it may well be that the transfer of the France international star Karim Benzema will not be done until the very end of the summer transfer window, just as it was when Wenger shocked us all by signing Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

The reason the Gunners are having to be patient, according to a report in the Spanish paper El Confidencial, is down to the plans of Madrid´s new manager Rafa Benitez and whether the former Tottenham star Gareth Bale can adapt to his new role.

There has already been talk about Benitez using Ronaldo as his central striker but after their first game of pre-season it became clear that it is the Welshman that could occupy this role. Benitez spoke about his use of Bale after the game and insisted that it was not just an experiment but a definite tactic. He hopes that the extra space and freedom will bring the best out of Bale who he wants to take over from Ronaldo as the talisman of the team.

And we should all hope that it works because if it does, then Benzema will be ready to move to Arsenal, with Wenger reportedly having already sounded him out, and Madrid will be willing to sell.

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  1. Even if ronaldo is used as a striker real still needs a quality backup for him, selling benzema would be a stupid thing to do for real. Onlf if they manage to get aguero which seems unlikely. On the other hand I’m hearing real are interested in Fernando lliorente, this could mean he would be used as a backup to ronaldo. Anyways real has to sign a striker before we have any chance of getting benzema. Benzema is happy at real and I just can’t see benitez selling his best striker. I think we should be looking at other players. Time is not on our side

    1. i really hope that arsene wenger has other plans on our striking situation and i hope
      he is not seriously considering benzema…if he is then i think he has to sell giroud
      first because it is very hard to see the guy who benches you on the national team still
      bench you at club level…my God how will ollie take that??? itl be devastating for him
      and to be fair to him, as human it is hard to bear..i don’t think a benzema-giroud strike
      next season will work well for us…ad rather welbeck deputize for benzema if he signs
      or we search for another striker

    2. why must we need Bale’s or Benitez’ heLp?……… Is Benitez the manager of Arsenal Fc?………. Isn’t wenger no longer a masterstroke genius? …….BTW how old is Benzema?

    1. arsene and his team have done a good job recently but i feel that something might backfire these season and their plans might be ruined or they might have to pay a lot of money for a good striker who are very few in the market…or i hope is that they don’t buy another bendtner in desperation..striker buys should be done early in the market because of the competition

      1. The only option we had early on was Martinez and bacca, both not exactly the world class strikers we were looking for. But if real get lliorente then benzema could be heading to the Emirates. I think waiting for a striker is logical but we should have signed a DM earlier. DM is the position we needed to sign early on since a large number of targets like,kondogbia ,Morgan and imbula are all gone. But at the moment not many quality strikers in the market so let’s wait.

    2. If real sign lliorente we have a big chance of landing benzema. Signing lliorente could have one meaning and that is benzema would be allowed to leave. As I said before for us to get benzema real should sign a striker first

    3. So what. Lorente replaces Hernandez. Real still are not in a position to sell Benzema and he doesn’t want to leave.

      1. That’s a good point you made, but if benitez is thinking of using cr7 as a striker then we have a chance. Plus real are in need of raising some cash, so just maybe and I mean maybe we have a shot at getting benzema. But we should not wait till the last day of transfer window to get him cuz it might never happen. We should be looking at other options too..

    4. Has anyone considered that Man U could get him? They need a striker, Real Madrid have been linked with De Gea for a while now, what if they forget about Ramos and go for Benzema? Van Gaal has shown he has no problem spending money, I hope Wenger doesn’t cheap out of this one if he does become available.

  2. I ask sincerely but why would Benzema leave Madrid to come here? If Arsenal are seriously interested in a CF I think they should look for someone else and fast. This is what I don’t get, if we wanted a CF why didn’t we go into the market early? What’s the purpose of waiting?

    1. We only missed out on Martinez, not many top strikers available this window. So waiting does seems like an option, we have to see what becomes available.

  3. Arsene Is A Genius so lets keep playing the waiting game,it will well worth it in the end.

  4. You buy a striker early in the transferperiode.
    Only to come to reliase that a better striker which you been eager to get for 6 years becomes available. …….and at a similar price ……

    wait wait wait and then strike …..

    1. Agree, being patient sometimes works wonder just like the signing of ozil. We have to wait and see what becomes available. We might just get lucky and end up getting benzema.

    1. lol the only time I’m not upset when someone is calling me Idiot HAHA

      hope your wrong but it’s Arsenal who knows?

      I heard that the CIA FBI and SAS thinking of recruiting Wagner as an agent trainer on how to keep a secrets

  5. This is very interesting.I look at the number of striking options in our team and i wonder how Wenger will be signing a cf.However as i keep saying a cf is a need not a want.And needs are more important than wants.We have needed a World class cf since Robin Van P. Left.Just look at the feeling you get when you have a world class goalkeeper e.g Cech in the team.You feel relieved you know why?Its because the goalkeeper is very reliable,very talented and consistent.Imagine the feeling you would have when having a world class cf in the team.You feel very relieved you know why?its because the cf is very consistent,is super talented,will at most times finish off chances and will mostly create moments of magic.Arsenal need a world class cf so as to have that sense of reliability and to not put too much pressure on the midfield to always create chances for them.We neeed that consistency infront of goal to excel.Right now arsenal’s centre forwards are very inconsistent,unreliable at most times and are not very clinical.We need a world class striker so that at least if the team is not performing he can take control and do something out of nothing.You need to understand the benefits of having a world class cf its not just about goals or talent but about being a leader of the attack,a strong scoring mentality and also the will to be consistent.World class cf’s give your attack the ish factor.

  6. Bale as centre forward… I wonder how that will work out. Isn’t that a bit like using Gibbs as a striker? :-/

  7. Sign him. asap

    if RM needs another striker we give them giroud for free.

    what do you think Ivan?

  8. Benzema is not a good fit. He is not physical enough for the EPL nor does he have a good work rate. This is not the summer to buy a striker. Simply not any really good ones available.

  9. Caution- Benitez and Bale may be helping RM keep Benzema and allow ManU to acquire CR7.
    The Arsenal striker need is not that critical. Maybe worth looking at Liverpool’s excesses. Maybe ould steal Sturridge . Anyone think Wenger could bring Balotelli into line ? Obviously beyond Rodgers capacity but highly skilled if he can be influenced properly.

  10. Not the annual Benzema rumour again. Draxler, Benzema and who ever is a young hot shot DM is always linked to us in these transfer windows.

  11. Benzema wont happen. You dont bring super stars in just as easy. Big teams are no eager for the cash bec they dont need it, they have enough of it, as they look to get stronger them selfs.

    We can only bring players in, who are by their teams put up for Sale. Ozil, Sanchez. REJECTS. Same with Di Maria, besides being one of reals best, he was rejected by his team, which then made it possible for Manure get him. Plays awfull at manure, bec he disslikes playing there, only money driven, thats it.

  12. I would be soooooooooooo happy if we got Benzema.

    Giroud would also improve slightly too with competition from Benzema. He hasn’t had much pressure on him from Welbeck lol.

    I still believe we need another top DM but with Benzema we would at least be very very strong in attack and can pray that Coquelin stays fit and healthy

    Benzema or any top striker would put us in real 1st place contention.

  13. Deluded springs to mind! I see it this way: madrid buy reus and sell bale to mu. Benzema may be allowed to leave rm as reus more likely to playup front than ronaldo or bale. Either way we lose out on reus, mu sstrengthen with bale while we scratch our heads and watch on, tick tock! Ps does ffp not apply to man u???

    1. Mate FFP ended Platine decided that it was unfair competition becouse EPL teams earns more TV rights money then French teams

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