Bennett WAS wrong but SO was Arsenal boss

I am not really sure why it took a whole week for the Arsenal manager to have his say on the somewhat controversial incident during our away draw at Norwich City last weekend, but I suspect it has more to do with the pressure that Arsene Wenger has been under because of the current injury crisis at the club than any real belief from the Frenchman.

Ahead of our latest Premier League game against Sunderland, Wenger harked back to the previous game and the incident in which the Norwich defender Ryan Bennett appeared to launch our Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez into a camera pit. Alexis was clearly unhappy at the time, even though it was not that event that caused the hamstring injury.

The boss did not talk about it at the time, though, so I was surprised to hear him bring it up this week and even more surprised at the choice of words reported by The Mirror.

Wenger said, “First of all it is dangerous to have a camera there. He could have killed him. Secondly, he didn’t need to push him like he did. I think the camera position was absolutely dangerous.”

Killed him Arsene, really? Now I agree that Bennett was in the wrong here and do not believe for s econd the Norwich player’s claim that he did not try to push him. ‘My hand slipped honestly’ yeah right mate. And it was dangerous because that camera pit is made of concrete and the equipment itself is all metal and sharp angles, so I think that Bennett should at least be warned about his actions.

The Gunners have suffered from this sort of thing before as well. Remember Stoke’s Arnautovic needlessly launching Debuchy into an advertising board last season? That cost the Frenchman a long time out of the dsquad and ultimately his first team place so the authorities really should act.

But for Wenger to talk about Bennett nearly killing our player and also to complain about the site of the camera just makes him look silly and gives the anti-Arsenal and Wenger brigade more bullets to fire. What do you lot think?

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    1. refs have really got to clamp down on this: debuchy’s season and perhaps arsenal career was derailed when a similar thing was done to him. should be a red.

  1. I agree with Wenger – Bennett ‘could have’ killed Sanchez. He could have cracked his skull open on that camera or the brick edge. Hard to say the probabity really, but then again Wenger didn’t say he ‘nearly killed him’ as you paraphrased but just that he ‘could have’ killed him. It was undoubtedly a dangerous and reckless act.

  2. Arsene wasn’t exaggerating. This has to stop. Teams who play arsenal rarely play football anymore. Needless Pushing, kicking,shoving is not what fans pay to see. This whole thing started with Mourinho and his ‘the end justifies the means’ approach. In this regard, the Bundesliga has been much better.

    1. Remember what Neville said when he was pundit? You can’t let Arsenal play football, you have to kick them you have to foul them anything you do but dont play football with them. Or else they will beat you.
      So, Neville, this is what are you going to do when you play Messi next round? Because you can’t play football with Barcelona and come on top.
      Look at our injured players. ALL OF THEM results of kicks in the game. Well, some of them were friendlies but nevertheless.
      And when you have friends at FA sending you refs on a mission then the olny thing you so is to watch your team getting slaughtered on the pitch. Then English clubs go in Europe where all these fouls are imediatelly given and wonder what happens. BTW, you are totally right about Bundesliga. I think they slowly start to take on EPL (well, they already did but it just need some time to settle).

  3. okay! on a serious note, the management of carrow road needs to do something bout that pit…….. Seal it….. Or move it elsewhere where no player can find it


    Happy now?


    So what do u have to say bout ur decision in playing an over Jaded sanchez and an injured carzola…..even when the signs were visible? *places MIC at the base of wenger’s abated lips*

  4. yes.killied his career…Wenger has seen horrors in the field.I.e he has a reason to be worried

  5. It’s true, Ryan Bennett would have killed Alex Sanchez had the push crashed him to the camera instead of the camera pit he landed into. The impact of the crashing would have been devastating.

    The Boss was correct in his assertion that Bennett push could have killed Sanchez. But for the timely intervention of the mercy heavenly Father, Sanchez life was saved and limits the pushing to a hamstring injury.

    This is the 2nd time Arsenal players will be pushed off the playing mark. 1st, it was Debuchy. And now is Alexis. But the FA who normally charged erring player on the field of play not capture by the match referee during the game are yet to say anything over this very serious issue of deliberate pushing by the opponent player to a dangerous fittings outside the field of play to cause serious body harm.

    The FA have not as expected charge Ryan Bennett for a deliberate pushing offence to cause grievous harm to a fellow player. This is what the FA should have done last Monday. But they didn’t.

    To be keeping quiet over this deliberate pushing to a dangerous objects outside the field of play by the FA may get a player killed one day. God forbids! Or is it because it was the Gunners that were being pushed and not players from the FA favoured club has led to the FA become indifferent to this serious matter? I hope not.

  6. I did think watching the game the camera was in a stupid location, like they had a trench for the camera to be positioned in, and it was close to the pitch too. Not sure if I’ve just never noticed it at other stadiums before, but it did appear to be a potentially dangerous design as a player could easily (and did) come into contact with it.

    Wenger has over-reacted with the whole “he could’ve been killed” nonsense, but he has a point that the location of the camera and hole in the ground is debatable, and the push by Bennett was definitely deliberate and went un-punished.

  7. Personally I have ceased listening to anything coming out of Wenger’s mouth…..his press conferences are getting increasingly embarrassing for him and the club….from such rubbish posted above to his constant and consistent wrong information on injury, causes and ccme back dates for players, to the stuffs the whole world can see but Wenger will conveniently not see and most embarrassing of all the countless players he almost signed but never got round to signing lollll……the man lives in a parallel universe and is in a constant and perpetual state of denial……

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