Bent joins calls for Arsenal to bring in Serie A winning manager now

Darren Bent is the latest individual to suggest that Arsenal sacks Mikel Arteta and replace him with Antonio Conte.

The Gunners have made a worrying start to this season with two losses and no goals scored from their opening two league games.

They have been backing Arteta with the players he needs since he became their manager in 2019.

The Spaniard led them to finish outside the European places last season, a first for them in the last 25 years.

They had hoped to get back into the top four in this campaign, but this isn’t the start that they envisioned, even though there is still a long way to go.

After their loss against Chelsea, some of the club’s fans have asked them to sack Arteta now and Bent has suggested that they bring in former Inter Milan manager, Antonio Conte.

Conte won Serie A with Inter Milan last season and has also won the Premier League with Chelsea previously.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Bent said: “We know Antonio Conte is out there.

“If Arsenal had any kind of hopes of attracting him or getting him to the club then you would say get rid of Arteta now and get Conte in.”

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    1. Exactly! A “dream” and not more than that. No reality, no possibility, just a pointless, hopeless, waste of time, “dream”!


      I “dream” that we win the quadruple very year, BUT I do not bother thinking folks on here with my own pointless fantasies, so why do you?

  1. Maybe Arteta should be given some more time, say till 10-12 more PL games before making a call. I agree the Brenford game was a disaster but seriously with the quality Chelsea possess in all areas of the field, one shouldnt expect much from the Chelsea game specially since we were missing 5 of our regular starters. Lets give the benefit of doubt to Arteta for one last time and wait for another 10 games in the EPL. Also the win against WBA could be a springboard for success further down the line.

    1. The club didn’t sack him and have spent money (found from somewhere).
      It would be rather odd after not showing him the door after the end of last season to then not give the man a chance to prove that the incoming transfers have been worth it.
      People might be surprised- or they may have their fears confirmed, but to keep calling for his head right now seems potty. All will be revealed soon enough with how the team plays and how results go. Late Autumn will give an indication on Arteta‘s future at Arsenal.

      1. Agree, SueP. Now the season has started it is too harsh to sack him after two games.
        Just like out of work Eddie Howe strung out Glasgow Celtic and then didn’t take on the job, because he apparently couldn’t bring his own staff, who is to say that Antonio Conte would come to Arsenal. Just because a manager is unemployed, doesnt mean they’ll take on any job offered.

        1. I’m praying that Arteta gets it right ozziegunner as the prospect of more upheaval leaves me cold whether it is Conte or Howe.
          It’s not paying off the manager but his whole team as well. The costs must be phenomenal

  2. Thanks for another one of your oh so positive posts Martin, still it pays the bills.

    Darren Bent, another self confessed Arsenal fan who sold out for the media shilling.

  3. Bent is surely living on Planet Zob if he actually THINKS(some hope that he “thinks”at all)that Kroenke would offer the job to aproven world class manager AND that such a man would even consider accepting the job, even were he to be asked, which he won’t be!

    Trying engaging your brain Darren son, before spouting such unrealistic nonsense.
    In an idealistic world , then YES , I would agree with him. But it just ain’t gonna happen baby! And simply wishing won’t make it so! REALITY!
    Any fool can spout wishes and hopein vain, but serious thinkers discuss only possible realities and do not waste their time on nonsense and no hope cases.

  4. Those pundits!When Arteta begins winning,they are the same ones that will say they knew he could do it.Arteta has recruited well.But his recruits were never going to help him straight away.Suddenly Partey has a competition for a place in form of Lokonga.Tovares can ably deputise the often injured Tierney.We are going to be okay

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