Benzema? Arsenal can win title with Giroud and Walcott – says Wenger

Yesterday everybody (including JustArsenal) had an Arsenal insider telling them that the Karim Benzema deal was done and dusted, and the Frenchman would be flying over for a medical on Monday, but now it seems that Arsene Wenger has decided to pour cold water on the rumours and insists that both Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott will be able to deliver the goals that can take the Gunners to the Premier League title.

We all know that Thierry Henry recently insisted that if Wenger bought Benzema then Arsenal could win the title in a canter, but according to a report in the Star Le Prof begs to differ. “I heard Thierry Henry say if we buy Benzema we would win the title by a margin.” Wenger was quoted as saying.

“I respect his views but football has evolved and the game has changed since he played here.

“The out-and-out strikers are no longer there. Tactics have changed.

“You do need somebody to score goals and I think Olivier Giroud will not be far from 20 this season. Theo Walcott will be up there too.

“We have to develop our game and depend less on one player.

“I truly believe we can win the league. We look like we can score plenty of goals.”

So does this mean that he has no intention of buying Benzema at all? Are all these rumours just the product of a mass hallucination by the media in Spain and England? And are all these journalists and ‘insiders’ all being fed false information?

Or is this just another example of Wenger’s smoke and mirrors approach to transfers?

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  1. Stop over analyzing everthing and just buy a striker with a freaking better conversion rate than the present one Mr Wenger!

    1. Compared to Giroud and Walcott, Benz is far better. But if I had better options, I won’t go for Benz; maybe Lew or Reus.

      What do I know? In Wenger We Trust.

  2. Manchester United are also short on striker, they’ve sold RVP, after yestedays game, Rooney barely contribute much apart from the own goal. Chelsea are with the injury prone Costa, theyve got Remy and Falcao, but we all now those two are not a threat. Man City is the only club with a good strike force, Aguero, Bony, Jovetic are good depth.

    To me, Sanchez could stil cover us for striker, Chambo, Iwobi, Wilshere, Cazorla could take the LW position. Leaving Rosicky, Arteta as cover for CM.

    I think if Benzema was available or the deal was that easy to close, Wenger would have signed ihim by now. it is well known, arsenal scout been spotted in several of Benzemas match for the past 5-6 years.

    1. It isn’t that simple. We have to wait for Real to secure themselves a replacement first. If it’s true that they’re going for Aguero (not that I see City selling him) then they definitely will be selling Benzema. If Benitez has a plan to use Ronaldo and Bale in a 4-4-2 type formation, no way are they keeping Benzema on the bench if someone offers 45 million pounds for him. Remember, the Ozil and Sanchez transfers were dependant on Bale and Suarez moving. Man wouldn’t it be great if for the 3rd year in a row we bring in a world class player from the big 2 in Spain as a direct result of rival clubs selling their best players?

      1. Ever heard the patient dog? It died of hunger cuz in the end there was no bone left for it.

  3. Here we go again….

    If we dont win the league this season we have to starting asking some serious questions.

    Mr wenger be prepared.

  4. I recently watched some Benzema vids…and it’s not just his goals…he has amazing skills and dribbles…but if we don’t get him…I’m fully behind Giroud, Walcott and Webeck.

  5. This media hype of Arsenal winning the league is so delusional.Arsenal stands the same chances as all the other big teams including Liverpool.Wait for a lost match and and a draw then u will see how this same team will be bashed by the same pundits.If u want avoid disappointment, don’t raise your expectations to high especially looking at a team that has only made one signing!

  6. i don’t think we have any hope of getting benzima.and all this buy a striker you can only buy what another club wants to sell and i in truth can’t see anybody out there thats available thats better than giroud and i mean a striker not somebody you think may fit as a striker.i think we should have had go for bony. thing that pisses me off that we have not got another d.m to cover cogs and there are still couple out there we can get please , please ,please get one the whole footy world knows we need one .whats the problem

  7. The problem with wenger is that he is a bullshitter … If quality is available to upgrade team we will buy …. Benzema is a quality player who is better than what we have ( whether or not u think giroud and Walcott are quality) …and of course his argument like all bullshitters switches immediately … What we have is good enough for me … So no, stadiums and referees and injuries and voodoo curses or whatever are not the reason we have gone a decade without challenging at the top the reason it is wenger and this kind of bullshit footballing philosophy … So no we might challenge with the addition of a quality striker we would if we added on top a quality DM and we won’t by adding a slightly better go than in past and a bunch of kids with potential

    1. So true. And very delusional to think Walcott and Giroud will score many goals. I predict Giroud 16, Walcott 9. Those are 25 goals. Those goals can hardly win you an EPL.

      1. Walcott at 9 goals is waaaaaay too low…

        2011/12 he scored 8 and assisted 11. 2700 min
        2012/13 he scored 14 and assisted 12. 2250 min
        2013/14 scored 5 assisted 5. 850 min.
        2014/15 scored 5 assisted 1. 450 min.

        Just following this trend and he will score at least 16+ and that’s from the wing. I’m using the presumption that a starter with no major injuries will play 2900 minutes.

  8. Offer Welbeck, (loan or perm) and £ for Benzema.
    Sorry Danny but I am not sure you fit anywhere in the current sqaud. I would have said left wing cover for Sanchez but Iwobi may succesfully take this spot.

    I hope I am wrong and DW plays well this season and contributes with some goals.
    I dont think Danny was ever in Wengers plans.

  9. On the DM position I think it’s interesting to see Bielek was training with the first team yesterday.
    Wenger wanting to see if he’s good enough to cover for Coquelin before the window closes? Or Wenger just trying to integrate him slowly?

  10. On a side note, Akpom and Toral scoring with emphatic finishes on their debut’s, Crowley a brilliant break through midfield followed by a tidy(ish) assist. Won’t it just be a big ole pile of gravy if Gnabry scores against City 🙂
    Congrats to the youngsters! Hope more is to come!

  11. Wenger words don’t say in any way that he won’t get a striker. I know we want him to be like Van Gaal,who doesn’t give a damn about his players’ morale,but that won’t happen. I am sure before the window closes,two players will be bought. For the striker situation,it’s all about the other team getting replacement…

  12. I never fail to get amused by people who view football like a rambo movie where one superstar does all the job singelehanded! Football, as we all know, is a team sport. I don’t see why a fit Giroud can’t get over 20 goals or Walcott get over 15 goals. Sanchez can get over 15 goals, Wellbeck is capable of 10 goals as is Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla and the rest together can contribute at least 15 goals. How many goals would these be? Who scored the goal that won the community shield? Was it nullified because he is not a striker? Who scored the third goal in the final of the FA trophy? Was it not a defender? Another interesting trend during the last season is that goals were shared out among different players which concurs with Wenger’s view that the team is capable of scoring goals from all corners and what is wrong with that? Wenger has not ruled out signing a striker. All he was saying was that even if we don’t bring a new striker we are still capable of scoring a host of goals from the players we have. Therefore we are not desperate to get any one individual. If he comes well and good, if he doesn’t still we shall manage appropriately.

    1. Lol!! You are funny!! You don’t see why a fit Giroud can’t score over 20 goals and those others?
      Hahaha it’s just because they aren’t capable.
      Ever wondered why Aguero with his fitness problems usually bags over 20 goals? Well, when you think about that, you will know.

      Do you remember a team that won the EPL without a prolific goal scorer since the EPL began?

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