Benzema blah blah… Do Arsenal even need him?

Arsenal are continually being linked with a move to sign supposed long-term target Karim Benzema, but would he be a key player in our side?

The Frenchman has been speculated as being on Arsene Wenger’s wishlist since his time with Lyon, and has literally been linked with our club every transfer window in recent years. Clearly no move has materialised, although Jose Mourinho did bring substance to the rumours by insisting we did try and sign the striker from Real Madrid during the Portuguese’ time in Spain.

Latest repòrts from the continent claim that Real president Florentino Perez is eyeing an exodus after having endured a difficult start to the new season, and Benzema is said to be on his list of players who need replacing.

The 29 year-old should be in his prime, and looking at his goalscoring return alone, he certainly wouldn’t appear to be at the top of his game, but some would argue that his role in the team is not solely to put the ball in the net.

As the lone striker in a team full to the brim with firepower, you could argue that his biggest role is to make space for his fellow team-mates as well linking up with his attacking team, which evolves around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, It would be up for debate whether taking CR7 out of the side would put more emphasis on the Frenchman to score more often, but with the service he receives you could also argue that he should be netting much more than he does regardless.

Karim has notched over 20 league goals in only two of his years at Real, and for debatably the best side in world football, that return is surely unacceptable, and I think it would be a huge risk to pay the fees needed to land him, especially when we have the two players keeping him out of the French international side, although there is an element of politics involved in his exclusion also.

Do Arsenal need or want Benzema? As the striker of Real Madrid does he do enough? Should he be scoring much more or is his role more important than simply putting the ball away?

Pat J

Updated: October 31, 2017 — 7:20 pm


  1. Never,he can’t even score for Madrid so how will he improve Arsenal.More so the report is absolute Rubbish.Go and watch that Lozano guy,he is a gem,we really need player like him.

  2. So guys predictions for this weekend.

    If your a betting man, there will probably be a huge payout for an Arsenal win.

    Odds must be like 100:1

    1. City are 4/9
      Arsenal are 11/2

    2. Truthfully? Well, then OK. CITY 5 ARSENAL 1. Aguerro, Jesus, Sane, Sterling and de Bruyne up against Merts, Xhaka and our “defence” in general is a total mismatch. I am after all a realist, not a self deluded one eyed fan who sees no fault with our team, through laudable but misguided loyalty to being 5th best, and a huge distance behind City, both in points and talent. Plus they have a proper manager who coaches and does the job he is paid for and we have Wenger.

  3. No enzema pls….thanks. As far as I am concerned….OG is better than Benzema. I will need a far better upgrade to OG if I am going for a striker. We have Lacasette,,,hw just needs to settle in to the EPL a little more.

  4. There was a time when I would have loved him but we have Lacazette now so I don’t think we need him

  5. a donkey and an old one to boot.

    massively over-rated

    would despair if he turned up at Arsenal

  6. Firstly, it won’t happen anyway so further talk is academic. Secondly and therefore also hypothetically, it would be madness to spend huge money on a 29 year old player, of that less than great standard. Thirdly , why am I wasting my time on this non-subject. I will answer the third question myself. Because I am an Arsenal obsessed old fool who should have gone to bed an hour ago.

  7. What about Pierre Emerick Aubemeyang, one of the best strikers in Europe. Believe me, the nearest thing I’ve seen to Thierry Henry, can play down the middle or wide just like the great man. We could easily afford the £70 million plus by off loading players like Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck etc,etc. Can’t see it mind you, not with our manager and board, no ambition.

    1. Aubameyang would be a dream and would totally kick ass, but might well wind up being more like 100M and might prefer elsewhere.

  8. No, we don’t. Far better options out there.

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