Benzema hammers final nail into Arsenal transfer hopes´ coffin

The good news for Arsenal fans is that the up and coming January transfer window and the one next summer will not see us bombarded with a new Arsenal transfer rumour concerning the France international striker Karim Benzema every five minutes.

Well that is if the various rumour mongers in the football media actually take any notice of what the player himself has been saying about the constant talk of a possible transfer to Arsenal. As reported by The Mirror, Benzema has tried to draw a line under the rumours by insisting that he never once considered signing for the Gunners.

The Real Madrid star insists that his club and their rivals in La Liga, Barcelona, are above and beyond any other club in the world and so it would make no sense for him to want to leave, especially as the talk about the new Madrid manager Rafa Benitez not planning to have him as a regular starter have proved to be wide of the mark.

The French forward said, “”I laugh about it with my brother and my friends. We wait for the media to come out with these rumours.

“In my opinion, I think that Real and Barca are the pinnacle in football. Why would I leave?

“I’m a starter for the best club in the world. I am happy; it’s that simple.”

And with Arsene Wenger talking about how the form and goals of Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud have vindicated his decision not to sign a striker this summer, can we finally put the Benzema transfer rumours to bed once and for all?

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  1. Dont know about the rest of you guys, but i find it difficult to read an article concerning any form of Transfer rumors at this stage of the season.

  2. we don’t need this french clown. I don’t know where is he going at the end of the season when madrid get rid of him.

  3. Who gives a f@#k. He has said he is happy in Madrid, why would we even bother trying bring someone that doesn’t want to play for us. He is over-rated anyway.

  4. He who laugh’s first,
    laugh’s last… right?

    I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal now, Anyway!
    Even if he was for free ?
    Hopefully we will laugh at him with our brothers,
    When he is sitting on the bench at the best club in the world ?

    1. People should actually think about what he said, he did not mention Arsenal and Im sure Arsenal weren’t the only club rumoured to be chasing him. I highly doubt that he would single out Arsenal and say that, more like he was talking about transfer rumours in general. He is not the first to scoff at these tabloid stories, we ourselves are amazed much of the time.

  5. Wish we had gotten Griezmann along with Alexis 2 summers ago. I still think we should try for Griezmann either in January or in the summer.

    1. if anyone had been following……… They’d recall i always did want a striker (lewy 1st choice or cavani ) , or a versatile forward (griezmann best choice) and a back-up dm to le coq (kondogbia at the time)…… But none of it happened anyway!

  6. I don’t like talking about transfers. But during the summer I was secretly praying that Wenger sign Di Maria as I thought Alexis on the left and Di Maria on the right with either Theo or Olivier up front would be lethal and mouthwatering. Unfortunately my prayers were not answered

    1. We lucky Arsene didn’t listen to all your pray. Di Maria was ManUre biggest flop of all time.

  7. We can sense his arrogant through his comments. He’s not the best striker in the world anyway. We don’t need this kind of mentality at Arsenal dressing room ever.

  8. The Boss had attempted to sign Benzema because the Gooners were inpatient with their demands for a World class striker. Now that Benzema has mocked us, have we learnt any lesson not to over agitate in our demands but to first appreciate the qualities we have on ground? Let Karim Benzema continues to have his laughter with his brother and friends as much as he wants. Arsenal will pass by and move on.

  9. Really hoping Arsenal just go full throttle tonight, because sometimes we can let the occasion get to us and be a bit hesitant then passing ball too slowly. If we can see a fair bit of the ball in the first thirty minutes and show desire with quick passing I think we could open them right up like against you know who. Bayern may struggle to cope with our pace if we start on front foot.

    Game at the weekend, Its going to be tough. Eve are not in Europa and are a difficult side to play at times. At least Alexis doesn’t get tired like the rest of us mere mortals, and now one of Giroud and Theo will have plenty in tank. Defence no worries, prefer not to rest defenders unless absolutely necessary. Ox will maybe come in at weekend so it doesn’t sound all that bad actually now that I think on it ..COYG.

  10. People are now saying he’s overrated, stop the bitterness, what Benzema said makes sense and it is true. The media is crazy, I’m glad no one will write about this anymore.

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