Benzema to Arsenal transfer set for Man Utd hijack?

You might think that on the face of it there is little for Arsenal fans to worry, assuming that Arsenal are still trying to complete the signing of Karim Benzema from Real Madrid that is. I mean, even if the Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that our Premier League rivals Manchester United are trying to muscle in on the deal are true, recent events suggest that they would fail.

But after Wayne Rooney did a brilliant impression of a striker that had been hypnotised so that he could not see where the goal was today, and United drew a boring blank at home to Newcastle United, there may well be a lot of plotting and planning going on behind closed doors at Old Trafford.

I would not be surprised if their chief executive and transfer guru Ed Woodward was to get a visit from a red faced and apoplectic Dutchman tomorrow, with the demand that United splash some serious cash again. Yesterday The Guardian were reporting that United were monitoring the Benzema situation but were not desperately looking to sign a striker, a bit like what Arsene Wenger is trying to make us believe.

But time is ticking and Rooney looks as rusty up front as a bike dragged out of the Thames after 10 years. So there may well be a significant sharpening of their interest and that could put Arsenal in trouble. It appears that there is no release clause in Benzema´s contract and that opens up the possibility of United trying to outbid us. That is possible, even though Arsenal are loaded, as Wenger hates to be made to spend more than he wants. So could our dream transfer be at risk from United?

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  1. Mind you, this is your hundred similar comment about Benzema …
    Either you stop it or you will be banned, this is your final call …
    ADMIN Representative

  2. Will hate wnger if he goes to any other club rather than Arsenal. Then later we receive pointless words from wenger that no quality palyers that would add a plus to our squad are available

  3. Can you stop with Benzema rumours now, his manager has said it many times that he is part of his plans and he has given him a challenge of 25 goals this season.

  4. The bitter truth is ……… It won’t surprise anyone if we signed Benzema or someone else….. Not after all the rumours of being linked with everybody…..targets should have been signed Long ago….unless ofcourse we didn’t set targets or we are more of a gambler!

  5. we’ve only spent 10M or so for cech so i think there’s something up AW’s sleeve. but… thats not the same thing as he being able to pull it off. i think his record on transfers is not good. we did do a clearout up top w podolski and sanogo and wellington. so i’m hopeful. but also , i am used to having my hopes crushed in the last few years.

  6. if Benzema were actually coming to Arsenal and Manure were capable of hijacking the deal, i will take a positive from it………. It will eventually make people see what Wenger really is………….

    By the way Muzzi Ozcan says “Arsenal can forget bout Benzema transfer”

    Jeinny Lizarazo- “the deal will happen”

    Emanuele guilanelli-“Benzema will sign on monday”

    Agent Ed- “Benz is surplus to requirements, but club prefer to sell next yr”

    i think i two of those four will be so damn right bout it

    1. If Benzema does go to Utd, expect to see De Gea heading in the opposite direction. If Utd do want Benzema Utd have a massive bargaining tool in De Gea, it’s not quite as simple as you think.

  7. I think it’s better if the Arsenal summer transfer saga is less agitated for and our current Gunners are more appreciated. For they have won 4 official & friendly trophies for us in recent times. They have even came 3rd in the last League table, and that’s an improvement over their previous 4th place placing. The current Gunners are not inferior to their title rivals’ teams. And we should stop making them such. Agree, the Gunners can be improved with new additions that will be an upgrade to the Gunners’ particular positions in the team. However, let’s give a chance to our current Gunners to show their title readiness as they host the Reds tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium. In the late summer transfer market, the Boss could still sign a top quality right winger and a top quality left back to reinforce these positions in the team. Arsenal are not in dear need of a striker now. And if these 2 signings can’t be met before the market closed, January window is there for the Boss to do any necessary signings.

  8. did anyone notice “all guns blazing’s” comment was deleted by the admin?…. Judgement day for him L()L

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