Benzema to Arsenal was NEVER a possibility

It certainly makes you wonder where all these media stories about Karim Benzema moving to Arsenal came from. Right from the beginning of the transfer window it was mooted that the Real Madrid striker was the only real target that interested Arsene Wenger.

Despite umpteen denials by Arsene Wenger and Benzema himself all the way through summer, the story just refused to go away, with journalists and insiders seemingly putting their reputations on the line as they were SO sure that the deal was going to go through.

In this age of Twitter there were also the usual fake agents accounts popping up with false information, which was lapped up by the gullible fans, who then repeated the lies on sites like JustArsenal. (I remember being told off for telling All Guns Blazing to stop saying the same thing over and over – ‘DONE DEAL #BenzyFrenzy’ lol).

But now that the interminable transfer window has finally closed, Benzema has yet again announced in public that a move to the Gunners (or anywhere) was never on the cards. He was quoted as saying on the French TV station Telefoot: “There was nothing in the talk of a transfer away from Madrid.

“I’m happy at my current club, it’s the best in the world. I’ll continue to work here and be happy where I am.”

I realise there were a few sensible readers who kept asking why he would even consider leaving one of the best clubs in the world for Arsenal, but it usually fell on deaf ears…..

But I’d bet my life that we will be linked with Benzema again all next summer as well!

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  1. A player never leaves Real Madrid or Barcelona at their own accord it’s Madrid or Barca who get rid of the player like Ozil to Arsenal,Sanchez to Arsenal,Di Maria to Man U,Cesc to Chelsea,Casillas to Porto,Pedro to Chelsea even Robben to Bayern or Zlatan to AC Milan

    1. How do you know RM were simply getting rid of Ozil or Barca getting rid of Alexis and not reluctantly talked into it by club and player??

      Ozil was picked up on the last day of transfer window. IF they wanted to get rid of him they would not have waited till the last dat. Their intentions would have been expressed early on

      1. Real Madrid sold Ozil to Arsenal in order to balance the books after signing Bale,Ozil was available before in the window they offered him to Man U for 27mil but Moyes refused we got lucky with the Ozil transfer!

        1. I don’t think getting Ozil for the amount we paid was lucky. He has been with us for two years and in my eyes still hasn’t proved himself. Not like Sanchez. Sanchez was worth every penny.

    2. Wenger Needs to Go!………and if the next manager fails to deliver……. He won’t have 10yrs of grace!……… Sick and tired of Long term mediocrity!

  2. sorry but karim isnt gonna say…yo madristas , i was gonna go london but arsene played wheres the wallet and i thought…no broseph he?!
    not too bothered never liked him, he is a good player, but hes 28 an basically a tw*t

    no point trynna cover our hugely poor transfer window with posts like this.
    we will support til the end…fact remains wenger ivan an co failed in this window-
    an we still pay too much for our tickets- its very poor from our club

    1. The post has nothing to do with the lack of signings. It just highlights that the rumors were pure fiction which anyone with an ounce of common sense understood all along.

      1. How does it highlight the rumours were pure fiction?
        Cos a player said it? Players are truthful?
        Remind me, what was fabian delph sayin to villa fans right before he left?
        Cos wenger said it?
        remind me, what was arsene sayin before we signed santi?

        Common sense is void when it comes to our transfers. Sanogo leads our line vs bayern. .months later its alexis sanchez
        Common sense? ! A novel concept

    2. The whole world knows we flopped massively in this transfer window……. There’s no gainsaying…… Yet we are still trying to cover it up with the cloak of ignorance…………..and One way or the other, it always comes back to bite us……. Don’t we ever Learn?

  3. Also Ibrahimovic said he didn’t have any contact with Arsenal

    Would not be surprised if Cavani, Lacazette, Aubmeyang, Lewandowski, and even Kokorin were not contacted either.

  4. @Dee@ease that is a very big lie because it does not apply in all cases OK be honest I do not support you there at all. By the way have I not been saying Benzema was never close to joining arsenal because people only fantasized but never analyzed. However the cycle and the mental barrier continues.

    1. It applies in all the cases I’ll go on Higuian to Napoli,Alonso to Bayern even back in time Makelele to Chelsea,Luis Figo to Inter,Ronaldo R9 to AC Milan all these players were pushed out they never willingly jumped ship from Real Madrid

  5. Benzema’s agent was very clear in July that his client was going nowhere unless Madrid decided they did not want him. Hint got all you people who get sucked in by fabricated stories, when a credible journalist breaks a story on Twitter he follows up with a full story in s reputable publication within a few hours. If you don’t see that, don’t waste your time on the rumor.

  6. Why he started talking l this at the end of transfer window. Why was he posting those intrigue pictures.
    I might be wrong but I feel, he was not sure about his place in starting XI in RM. When Benitz plan failed to use CR7 or Bale or JR in central role then Bentiz couldn’t risk loosing Benzema else RM’s fan would have slaughtered him.
    when Benzema was sure he will play then he started tweeting and all that he is not going anywhere.
    He has used Manu and Arsenal

    1. ….ur not talking about football r u

      Whatever her name sure she loved it.

      Gregory u stud u 😉

  7. I am not against Wenger but i am also not for him. All of you want him gone, but out of pity you all shut up.

    Under wenger and stan we will never win again.

    1. Ks-Gunner totally agree with you, we will always be short on winning anything major, it’s a business plan they have at Arsenal and not a trophy wining one

      Now that the FFP is killed and buried by Platini and rich teams can once again spend as they like, I would like to see Stan Kroenke sell his shares to Alisher Usmanov it’s time for a change

      1. The rumours have already started for January transfer, we are in for Zaza ( no not Zaza Gabore) and Cavani, we have four months to believe and delude our selfs in to thinking that we are sighning a new striker but at the end it will be Danny Welbeck coming back from injury, Arsen will say… I told you I don’t believe in January transfer window prices are hyped

    2. I do want him out, not now obviously but at the end of the season, provided that we are again where we all assume we are going to be, which is somewhere between 8 to 15 points off the pace.

      I would be most pleasantly surprised tp be wrong and have this incomplete squad win the EPL, then and only then should he stay, if we fall short, he should finally and gracefully fall on his sword as he will have no excuses left to show for our shortcomings.

      But i am sure, he will stay, and the board will probably give him an extension, and we will probably win a caup and all will be well again in Mediocreland.

  8. @Dee@ease stop assuming just because you see it news papers and you as assume. Listen as good as Real or barca is honestly speaking not every player wants to play for them because players also have their preferred team. You cannot know everything that goes on in players hearts or behind doors so do not assume. You are speaking based on assumption and what’s the you see rather than hearing it from players mouth. Everything is possible in this world you know and I mean everything.

  9. Mr Admin, you are pathetic. Your recent articles have been trying to cover up the fact that Arsenal did not have a good transfer window. A fact that is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. You are letting your sentiments enshroud your objectivity. Where you for a second expecting Benzema to come out and say I wanted arsenal? He is a professional remember. The last 7 to 8 articles have all been posted by you alone. Where are the rest of your writers? I guess they seem to be more realistic than you. You don’t make us feel like all is well, like Mr Wenger did all he should etc Obviously, all isn’t well. We support the club through thick and thin but that doesn’t take away the fact that Mr Wenger failed us.

    1. Pathetic eh? You like to get your insult in early do you. Well okay I can play that. You are an idiot. Okay? Feel better now?

      Now to the proper discussion which is where you should have started.. I am more than aware that Arsenal should have bought a striker, but this particular article was to highlight the fact that Wenger actually never had any intention to buy one and had never made or intended to make a bid for Benzema. And in fact, if ever asked, he made it clear that he thought Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck were enough for him. I am afraid I was realistic always and did not believe that Benzema (or any other expensive striker) was going to arrive. I accepted that once Jackson Martinez was overlooked by Wenger. I have no reason to “cover up” the facts. I have simply been defending Wenger from an unprecedented attack by aggressive schoolboys that just spewed vile insults without allowing any objective discussion. My point is that I know Wenger did not buy or intend to buy anyone, but that does not mean I am going to stop supporting the team, which includes the manager. He believes this squad can challenge for the title and he has proved many people wrong in the past, and unless the team suddenly drops into the relegation zone halfway through the season I will continue to support him. One loss in four games does not deserve this venom and until we see the results at the end of the season I will reserve judgement.

      Other people are not so patient. They are just being “pathetic”.

      The rest of the writers (except for occasional contributors) are on holiday as it is a boring interlull so I am left to defend Wenger against the unprecedented abuse.

      Thankyou for at least trying to make a discussion, unlike the previous posters.

      1. Admin , don’t get drag into base insults. I have said it previous seasons that other clubs fans have openly mocked AFC fans as being the most feckle. They change their opinions with the wind. I agree with you this squad has come off agreat 2nd Half of the season. Agreat preseason including the Community shield and excluding West Ham have shown some grit in games. They will get stronger. AFC players having good internationals.
        Fans are suggesting that AFC are afraid to spend. Look at the transfer spends for the last 2 seasons. If the right players come they will over spend if they have to. I am disappointed that Jackson Martinez and Carvalho was not bought. But I do not think it is such a disaster. The squad is still go enough. We were look for extras not trying to fill gaps. We were look for more depth so we should only buy the best and if they not immediately available then I am prepared to wait. Not just sack someone because I’m disappointed.

  10. I think we were and he was.
    But not all pieces fell together and it didn’t happen.
    Now him and wenger can’t say that it was almost done cause it wouldn’t benefit anyone.
    That said I dont think we will go for him again

  11. The twittersphere is full of young and impressionable kids, who get whipped into a frenzy at every post. They are whats keeping social media alive. They don’t think, they just read and repeat…
    Sounds like a few of the impotent moan merchants on here. They keep repeating the same thing, thinking that it will become reality…LMFAO

    1. @NY-Gunner

      I’m not young my first live game at Highbury was 1971
      I am one of those SUPORTERS that have been repeating my self for three years now, We have the funds why ain’t we spending on much needed top quality players why why explain it makes no sence to me no mater how you explain it

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