Benzema to be unveiled today AND he’s staying put!

It just goes to show that there is an amazing amount of websites out there that just churn out Arsenal transfer stories – with the word Benzema in the title – simply to get the clicks to increase their advertising revenue, but when a so-called National Daily newspaper does it, it gets even more annoying.

I just could not let this go without commenting because The Daily Star has simply gone too far this time. I saw an article this morning which rang true, including (unusually) an actual quote from his agent. “Karim is very happy at Real Madrid and he will be a Real Madrid player by the end of this transfer window, 1,000 per cent,” Karim Djaziri said. “Karim is not looking to move anywhere this summer.”

So I thought, “At last I can do a proper story, with a quote, showing he is NOT coming.” but then the next Daily Star story caught my eye. Just THIRTY MINUTES LATER, the Star ran another headline which read: “Karim Benzema to be unveiled as Arsenal player before kick-off against Liverpool”. This one was justified by printing a TWEET from that Italian writer Emanuele Giulianelli that said: “He [Benzema] will have a medical Monday early afternoon and be confirmed just before kick off. He will stay in 5 stars hotel London center.”

Looking at the tweet closely, you can see that it was posted on Twitter THREE DAYS ago, and is on a feed from a perennial attention-seeker who has been saying its a DONE DEAL since the transfer window opened (It’s not ‘All guns blazing’ is it?).

But the question has to be asked, do the writers of these two articles work in the same office? Does anyone do any editing of stories? If so how could these get posted just half an hour apart?

I think I am more inclined to believe a new quote from Benzema’s agent than a tweet from some nobody from three days ago…

How about you?

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    1. Unlike the Ozil signing this time Real Madrid have not made a marquee signing like Bale which will need them to balance the books,so sorry folks Benzema won’t be coming to Arsenal unless Real buy someone first

    2. Welcome Benzema
      Welcome Benzem
      Welcome Benze
      Welcome Benz
      Welcome Ben
      Welcome Be
      Welcome B
      Welbeck is back!

    3. The benzema deal was never going to happen anyways.I’m not even a bit upset.all I’m saying is that enough of Wenger, klopp to take over before the start of next season. Wenger needs to say good bye thanks for some great moments. Winning the bpl in manure backyard that was my highlight. Wiltord scored that night. Anyways its time for Wenger to leave, he has failed to buy a striker. We should have got at least Jackson or our window turns to utter shiiiiiiit

  2. I agree they are conflicting ‘headlines’, but to muddy the waters further, the 1000% quote is a month old..!

    I’m not claiming anything either way, at the end of the day we are all desperate Arsenal fans with a miserly manager who displays excellent consistency with flashes of genius, but frustrates us to the max!

    1. @mark thank u. u have said my mind.

      “1000% staying put” was around July 24.

      as at then, we were all oozing and counting 3 points against Westham utd ahead.

      Barcelona were still tipped to win Super cup against Ath. Bilbao.

      Man Utd was still favourite for Pedro signature !!

      …………so long a time for decision and mind to change.

      1. Benzema has sent two instagram messages one today and another yesterday saying how there is no truth whatsoever, he even said that the people reporting it are clowns. He then said he is home already.

        Though for him to say they are clowns annoys me a little as he has been watching this thing rumble on for ages, a part of him must have loved it ..w@nker.

  3. I am sure if he was having a medical today surely more reliable sources would have reported this by now. Some circles (cough cough, agent Alexis) claims they might announce the deal maybe tomorrow and that Benz toured the Emirates yesterday. All bulsh!t to me at this moment and still waiting for official news. Should this deal pull through, and another DM we would have made some of the best deals this transfer.

    Wenger words in the interview plus Real’s performance yesterday does not help though, he indicated the other party or parties where not so willing to do business. Hope Reus signs for Madrid, this may help in the Benz chase (if we are in the chase at all).

  4. Arsenal will sign a top Striker
    and DM this transfer window.
    Trust me I know
    what I’m doing.
    Sledge Hammer.

  5. I think you can safely say benzema to arsenal definitely won’t happen following his agents comments so who’s the next player everyone gonna link us with!!

  6. its a gossip page which posts the gossip, just like BBC gossip, they’re just publishing reports made by other journalists/reporters hence why they may conflict.

    I personally am relatively confident of a deal happening, but wont be too disheartened if it doesn’t.. after all this a real life and a lot of real life variables have to be taken into consideration!

  7. Guys and admin too, please stop with this bashing on “All guns blazing” there are a lot of guys here who daily write exactly the same things/sentences, why is it such a problem when all guns blazing writes something “positive” even if it doesn’t happen or is just fabricated? Greg always writes the same one-liners, rkw keeps calling TW14 a whippet (i really hate that he does that :/ )
    and the line “we need a DM and CF” which probably originally came from the media and everybody just repeats it, is written about 83 times per hour -.-
    and articles about the same thing about benzema has been written about 41 times this month alone, so why is it suddenly wrong when all guns blazing does the exact same thing like the writers and commenters?..

    1. Because he didnt just do it once in a while. He wrote exactly the same thing like 10 times in every hour, with absolutely no contribution to any discussions in progress…

      1. “No contribution to any discussions in progress..”

        Funny how a certain user here has been doing that for YEARS, writing the same things all the time, yet all gunz blazing will get the ban.

        “Wenger out!”, “Let’s spend spend spend!”, “Klopp in!”, “Formidable”, “Let’s buy everyone”, “Still not good enough”, “As long as we don’t get smashed”

      2. @admin
        He only talked about football matters. And better yet, he never attacked anyone personally…
        Go figure…

        1. I did like how he never abused anyone even though he was getting it from all sides, but it is extremely annoying to read the exact same comments from someone over and over of the reasons why certain wobs bug me. Its a little like having the same thing for dinner day after day or watching the same movie repeatedly’s just not healthy. There comes a stage when we say right we get ya, but now move onto something else.

    2. I agree they shouldn’t single out all gunz blazing I’ve never been on Twitter before until he mentioned #alexisdun85 now I can’t stop reading he’s tweets and he’s suckered me into convincing me Benz is coming and now I feel like I’ve turned into 61gunz blazing 🙂

      1. The so called reliable source @alexisdun85 now appears to have deleted his twitter account simply cos he has been caught out talking a load of crap knows zero about arsenal transfers so please now stop dreaming about benzema to arsenal its not happening end of story!!

  8. The House of Rahman and its representatives together with the Professional Fans Association of Arsenal have decided that its time for a change…

    Time for a new manager with intend to win!!

  9. After transfer speculation of a player all Summer, it is EXTREMELY wise and good that the player’s agent puts out there Benzema has not actively been seeking a move, is happy in Spain, loves the Real Madrid fans, etc.

    If the move does not work out and Benzema is still a Real Madrid after the transfer window closes, Benzema will be at the mercy of the fans all next season … like the son of an Elephant washer did at the Emirates after having his head turned by Barcelona all Summer and the Player himself throwing himself at the club, saying “come and get me”.

    With so many conflicting stories and many of them weeks old but rehashed to sound recent, where is the logic in trying to keep up with it? It’s like being in a room of 50 liars and one honest person all talking about the same person. The result will be the same.

  10. The Agent said that 6-7 weeks ago,but these Newspaper are full of BS. They’re never reliable, i only trust, even Sky Sports is boring, they keep writing articles about Manure…’LVG just FARTED’… ‘DEPAY NEXT RONALDO’…”NEYMAR JOİNİNG MAN U’… ‘MULLER JOİNİNG MAN U’…in a day i see half of the articles there are about manure.

    Anyway,lets hope for a comfotable win and earn the precious 3 points.Today marks Giroud’s 100th appearance. He’s scored 42goals in 99 Premier League appearances -only Thierry Henry (59), Ian Wright (56) and Emmanuel Adebayor (44) scored more in their first 100 league games for the club….make it 45 goals today Giroud,before Arsene announce the CAPTURE of Messi.

  11. I think we are being strung along by Twitter, but it’s interesting to see the press don’t exactly put themselves out for headlines…the same stuff being recycled every day from a handful of Twitter accounts. Modern life.

  12. Why does Benzema not come out and clear the air like other players do when in transfer speculations,instead the moron has been hinting a move with selfies in private jet and communicating in ridles so as to be put in the limelight.We know his agent denied a move but hes has been confusing other agents for fame to win his prostitutes

  13. I seriously doubt it.

    Muzzi knows best
    He is right 99% of the time.
    Also Wenger said there is no truth in the rumours
    Benitez also said that Benzema is staying put
    Benitez also didn’t play bale or ronaldo up front

    So with all of the above my best GUESS is that he isn’t coming. Of course I hope that I am wrong

    Cavani seems more possible as he is about two years younger. The fee seems more fitted for a 26 year old for Wenger I think.

    I don’t see Higuain or Ibrahimovic coming because of the fee and salary respectively. So that only leaves Cavani unless we go for a winger: Reus, Greizmann, Draxler, Gotze etc

  14. Hi guys,
    No one is coming. Neither Benzema nor Cavani. We may have at best a DM. but no world class striker. At the end of the window AW will just say that no world class striker was available as the cost he anticipated and blame the inflated prices. and so our fight for the third and fourth place will go on. Please do not believe any any contradicting transfer rumors. waste of time really. Nothing will change till AW leaves.

  15. The Cavani story seems a little complicated for me as well. Ibra is out injured, and so is Di Maria. I dont see how theyd sell Cavani before those two are back to cover the respective positions.
    I pray im wrong though.
    Otherwise, tonight’s going to be what they call a TURN-UP AT THE EMIRATES.
    Liverpool will leave our yard turnt by the Gunners as has always been the case

  16. In Todays game wenger bench Ramsey thats why there is the bench,the last time he scored is when Aydian Dowling was a boy yet always on the teamsheet,the wierd thing I have heard is when he scores someone must die,come on wenger save lives play OX on the wing

    1. Ramsey will play. Ox to replace Walcott after 60th minute. Ozil to make room for Arteta at 75th minute.

    2. Lmao.. are you just waking from a coma? That voodoo has left him since he picked form in 2013/14 season he has scored lots of goals n no one died.
      Ox is good but defensively poor he gave away 3 balls around our 18 that led to goals. Monaco/Everton(preseason) and Westham he needs to work on his touches around our 18

      1. A bit harsh on Ox, all players make mistakes and especially when they’re young. But he does need to cut that out right now, if an easy ball isn’t on and there are players around him he needs to not try dribble his way past and instead should boot it long.

  17. I would love to see benzema coming but i don’t think he might. Still though, where the hell do this people get the idea of saying ‘done deal’ over and over. This journalist is like creating stories out of nothing. I can accept rumours like saying ‘Arsene is bidding for Benzema’ but to the point of knowing he’s is staying in a hotel? If it isn’t true and im sure its false, this jornalist really should consider writing fiction.

  18. The Twitter frenzy would appear to be over from @alexisdun85…started backing out of claim and then account deleted.

    Fairly predictable if entertaining for a week or so..

  19. oh well here we go the last real week of the window to go, and it looks like wenger is gearing up for some action in the market again, but as a lot of fellow sensible supporters on here said he would. a lot of people said earlier this month that it looks like it will go down to the last week or days, and low and behold it has exactly come down to that, kudos to those who got this prediction right pat yourselves on the back, you know wenger very well right down to a tee so to speak. but saying that he can get really predicable most summers once you see a pattern emerge from previous windows.
    he is starting to use the soundbites like a “transfer gamble” this will most likely mean that we will see a least a d/m, (probably bender by the sounds of it) most likely come in for a reasonable price, and a pretend bid(will be near aright offer but will be reject as not being high enough) for benz or cavani. to show that he was apparently trying to get a top class c/f. unless he means a gamble on buying higuian at his release clause, and hopes that it pays off, that in its self would be a massive gamble for such a manager like wenger. or it could just be con artistry of the highest order. we will will see in about a weeks time wont we. coyg

  20. it truly has been the summer of twitter agents and mostly itk’s this window that plus our tension at being strung along by wenger doesnt help our nerves much lol, but makes our fanbase and club a massive target from such people whether they are arsenal supporters or not, but it will soon be over so i think that they will all start to wind down this week, as the days go by then one last big explosion on the last day then die of the for winter till jan.
    take a bow the following people whether itk or twitter agents
    muzzi ozcan (with his “transfer of the season” quote priceless
    memz dogi (following along behind muzzi when muzzi died of a bit he picks the a baton it seems. this upsets me personally because both are clearly arsenal supporter through and through (cries a little in corner)
    rodney marsh (claims the benz deal was done make of what you will lol)

    alexisdun85 formerly known as agent alexis (seems jell bent onn the fact tht benz is a done deal would have kidknapped him and forced him to play for us i suspect)
    and his disciple all guns blazing what can i say borderline hero worship to this other guy. i just hope and pray that he is justified in this benz talk for the sake of his just arsenal account staying active.
    jenny whats her face apparently and real madid itk and around attractive lady reminds me of a “Latino Jordon” very smart but very good at playing all the guys on, that would follow her to see her “get punished”, but at the end just another star attraction on Twitter. lol
    inside gooner (saying he was “connected” as he was former staff at emirates this would get him a lot of street cred with us supporters i suppose, but he is also just throwing out guesses atm so i would be very surprised, if we didn’t see him spring more into action in this last few days more.)
    i wont denies that some of these names did at one time or another get some deals right, and for that i give then due credit, but when it comes down to our club and transfers, the old saying always stays strong.
    “no one knows what arsene wenger is going to do in the transfer market”

  21. Firstly, the quote from Benzema’s agent is an old one. This is bad journalism and I’ve sat and watched reporters do this time and again when they can’t find out what’s going on. Now the facts, Arsenal are in for Benzema and Cavani. Real Madrid have insisted on a press embargo as they are worried about fan reaction. They are trying to sign Reus from Dortmund. They are £500m in debt and need to sell someone to balance the books for Financial Fair Play. Basically, Wenger has to decide if he wants to sign Benzema or Cavani (the cheaper option). If he signs Cavani then Benzema will go to PSG. Negotiations are very delicate and could go either way. The British press do not know what is happening for certain so are guessing and re writing old stories. All of this is true but one thing is for certain, Wenger is trying very hard to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

  22. Last day our buffon manager will unvail some unknown 16 year old or some has been,same old story every year.same excuse,same ambition finish 4th.mark my word sachez or ozil will not gona stay wid a club whos ambition is to finish 4th every year,past 12 years wat have weneger learned? Nothing,why did van persie leave,why did nasri leave,why did csec leave,why did our legend henry leave? You akb can say what u like but stats dont lie

  23. If our fans could learn this would have taught them to stop chasing air! Nobody ever came out to say that we were after Benzema save for some press people. The manager made it crystal clear that he was not chasing Benzema but some people persisted with the rumour. Sowho is to blame for such a situation? Is it Wenger or those people? Anyway how could Wenger have bought Benzema when he was not up for sale in the first place? Would he have forced Real Madrid to sell when they didn’t want to? I would have blamed Wenger if he failed to buy the player and another club bought him. As it is blaming Wenger would indeed make some people look like clowns. Arsenal’s fate has never and will never be interlinked with one single player let alone Karim Benzema. Some fellows are now wishing Wenger death for not bringing a man who had been benched by France to create room for Olivier Giroud! What a paradox? Let us learn to respect ourselves as Arsenal fans and stop behaving in a manner that brings ridicule to us.

  24. Never rated Benzema, so not too bothered about this. I don’t think he has really proven himself at RM, and did think that it was because he was in Ronaldo’s shadow, but I think he is very comfortable at RM, and if he came to Arsenal the spotlight would be on him to score goals, he would have to prove himself and don’t think he would be comfortable in that position. He strikes me as a footballer who is much more interested in being comfortable, than proving himself – which we don’t need at Arsenal.

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