Bernd Leno hits Tottenham and Chelsea with the cold hard truth

Bernd Leno has had a little pop at Tottenham and Chelsea comparing them unfavourably with Arsenal and claiming that Arsenal are THE club in London.

The German keeper was asked by SportBild to compare the Gunners to his previous club Bayer Leverkusen and his response was fairly cutting towards Arsenal’s bitter London rivals.

“You can’t compare that, of course Arsenal is a world club, THE club here in London.

“Not Chelsea, not Tottenham – Arsenal is the club here with fans around the world. ‘No matter where we are, also in the USA or in Asia, there are many fans of Arsenal everywhere.”

He is right in terms of fans, Arsenal is a global phenomenon compared to Chelsea and Spurs, the numbers on social media and the following overseas proves that beyond doubt.

I did enjoy reading his comments, I know it will rile the Chelsea and Spurs hoards, they take it real personal when they are reminded how small they are in comparison to Arsenal.

Arsenal may not have had the success that Chelsea has had over the last decade but that is not the point Leno was making, he was talking about stature, reputation, history and culture and Arsenal has that in abundance.

You cannot buy what Arsenal have and you cannot get it with big flashy new stadiums, it takes generations to build what Arsenal have got.

We just need the players to get their acts together now and that includes Leno, it is never helpful gifting goals to our most bitter rivals.


    1. I don’t think he is playing Sue-saw a clip earlier when he met up with Guardiola and seems he is only there to watch

      1. He’s injured Phil, so he’s now assistant coach! Kompany is injured too! Not been a bad half (apart from having to look at RVP ??)

  1. I’m a proud Gooner, but I believe Chelsea’s and Tottenham’s fans might also think that highly about their clubs

    The bitter fact is Arsenal have never won UCL, whereas Chelsea won it once. So Arsenal were once the king of London, whereas Chelsea ruled England and Europe in the past

    If Arsenal really want to be as popular as Man United and Liverpool, they have to get at least one UCL trophy. This is not an easy feat and only legendary players can achieve such task

    1. Globally, Arsenal are more popular than both Chelsea & Spurs though, so Bernd in that respect is right. I agree that in terms of recent winnings, Arsenal lack what United & Liverpool have, which is European history. Chelsea’s Euro haul is better than ours, and that does give them more recognition. Arsenal have to fall back on early 2000’s to look good. And no, I don’t consider being in R16 of UCL’s as something that is to be lauded. Especially when we routinely got destroyed by the clubs we aspired to emulate. As I’ve always believed, the club got far too comfortable w/ Wenger and stopped trying to push on. I believe we are getting our fire back though it will take more than just 2 seasons of course.

      1. Well said

        Arsenal became too complacent in the past because of their domination in EPL, before the big foreign investments and the world class football managers came

        The match day seemed to be just another day at the office for Wenger and his coaches. Luckily Arsenal underwent a lot of changes in the last two seasons and we also need gallant approaches in the field

    2. It is not about UCL or others it about popularity. I tell you what Arsenal have no club in English football have. Yeah Leno mentioned USA and Asia come to my country Ethiopia I can with 100 % clarity say more than half the population who is a fun of football is supporter of Arsenal football club. They may not follow on social media but I can see that. Every pub and bar is full when Arsenal play. If it was with success that would be even higher because I know people who were furstrated by the result. But you can see them when there is a big game.

      1. Great to know that there are many Ethiopian Gooners

        I heard Arsenal are also more popular than other EPL clubs in other African countries

          1. It was just man u and arsenal a decade ago. Now it’s man u, arsenal and Chelsea in that order. The two la liga giants share the rest

  2. Leno needs to do more talking on the field.
    Last game he palmed an easy cross into the path of a
    Spurs player who scored easy in the NLD.
    When you at Arsenal getting paid 100k p/w you aint gonna
    mention the fact the blue team have actually dominated
    London Town since 2005 winning a vast array of big titles.
    An don’t remind fans Arsenal last won the PL title in 2004.
    Fans don’t wanna hear that kinda talk.
    Tell fans we are the greatest even if dat was a long time ago.
    Bernd is being paid 100k p/w so he gonna keep blowin smoke up Arsenal derrière cause he know the way to the bank 🙂

  3. If you had given away soft goals like Leno did in the NLD, you might also be trying to ingratiate yourself with your own fans, to deflect attention from the fact that your performance was way below par. My advice to Leno, do your talking on the field.

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