Bernd Leno’s first-team spot becomes a target once again

Bernd Leno only just survived losing his number one spot at Arsenal to Emiliano Martinez in the summer, and it is under threat again.

The German had been injured for much of Project Restart and Martinez used that time to prove himself to the club.

At the end of last season, he rightfully demanded to be made the club’s first-choice goalkeeper.

His request placed a dilemma on Mikel Arteta and the Spaniard chose to stick with Leno and he sold Martinez to Aston Villa.

The Gunners replaced the Argentinean with Iceland’s Alex Runarsson, who was a player of Dijon at the time.

The Icelandic international has had a few opportunities to play in the Europa League, but he has just made it clear that he is at Arsenal to compete for the number one spot.

He claims that his mindset is one that is set on making the first team goalkeeper spot his at the club, eventually.

‘Yes. I think that should be the mindset for everybody that you want to play,’ Runarsson replied when asked if he is ready to challenge the Germany international as reported by Mail Online.

‘It doesn’t matter what position you play. I think maybe as a goalkeeper it is a little bit different, but you definitely have to have the mentality that you want to push to become No 1.

‘If it happens or not, if it happens in one week, one month or one year, that always has to be your mentality – because otherwise you’re in the wrong profession I think.’

Asked if he backed his own ability to wrestle the first-choice position from Leno he added: ‘Yes, 100 per cent – otherwise I wouldn’t be playing for this club, I think.

‘I have to have this mentality that I can play and I have to believe it and show it.’

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  1. Been impressed with him and look forward to seeing him again tomorrow. Glad we got him as I was expecting us to go for Caballero 😂

  2. No player is going to be happy to play second fiddle. Fair play to him saying it could take a year or so and happy he will be playing tomorrow as he surely will.
    By the way, our ex “lamp post” as some on here referred to him, just scored a hat trick at Sevilla. I always rated Giroud and we certainly miss him now with all the crosses going in these days!

      1. Ollie Giroud.

        Some ill informed comments made over the years by a minority at our place.

        Good honest pro’ who I was sorry to see go.

        Ignores all the rubbish, and just gets on with it for club and country.

        Best “plan B” we no longer have !

          1. Always rated him Sue – still do.

            Little story for you.

            Ollie is a really nice bloke into the bargain.

            My lad has worked with him as his double for adverts.

            So if anyone wants “Ollie” at their wedding or birthday bash , just give me a shout😃😃😃

            Just a bloody shame he went to Chelski !

            1. Wow, as his double?!! I remember one of his ads where he was topless 😂

              Yes, it is a shame. As you can imagine last night there were lots of “Thanks for Ollie, enjoy Willian” comments 😖

          2. Sue, it is worthy of note too that it wasn’t just a hat trick, it was actually a “perfect hat trick” plus the icing on the cake – the 4th. A player that both Arsene, Arsenal, and himself were slaughtered for by our superfine fans all his humble fruitful loyal years with Arsenal.
            He is/was a master at tricks and flicks in football, and he scores for fun unique goals; the scissors, the bicycle, the scorpion, the mantis, the banana, and even the drunken master goals with any part of his body😂😂😂.
            I am very sure Wenger is glad watching him as a living proof of his farsightedness no matter the club he’s currently playing for.

            1. Super hat-trick then, Gily, with the penalty!!
              Scored some beauties, haha, the drunken master – yes, even with his face!!!
              I wonder if he will leave next month?

    1. I think there is something wrong at our club. Look everybody go on that Edu support Arteta. I think Edu has been instrumental in convincing Arteta to sign Luiz and freeing Saliba. As a result Arteta is paying the price for bringingWillian who seem to be out of touch with rest of Arsenal. Instead of bringing in kids we have plenty of he is playing ppl out of position. Soon there will be clamour he won’t resist and will be his undoing.

  3. For me, selling Emil wil hunt arsenal for a long time, somehow I notice calmness in defence whilst he was here, I believe he is the better goalkeeper

    1. MA seems to have a knack for making wrong decisions with the quality players available, or is it arrogance? Maybe both.
      He was very good when he came, but right now, I can’t recognize if he’s the same person.

    2. Jd please stop this nonsense. We have Leno and he deserves to be supported. Martinez with the form Villa is in has conceded more than him and made less saves. He also has one more cleanshit than him. Our players are not the problem. Something is fundamentally wrong with our club. It is like the club is cursed.

  4. Getting back to goalkeeping, I’d be pretty disappointed if Runarsson was happy to be second choice only.

    Congratulations to Giroud. A good pro who has really taken his chances with Chelsea. I was surprised he left but on the other hand he wasn’t prolific….. but then our forwards aren’t exactly any better right now

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