Besiktas make an approach for Arsenal star Mesut Ozil

I know that there have been quite a few Turkish sides buying up some stars (or ex-traitors) from the Premier League, but you simply have to admire the front of Besiktas who have openly admitted that they tried to lure our own half-Turkish star Mesut Ozil from Arsenal.

Despite Ozil costing a record-breaking 42.5m GBP and having three years left on his contract with the Gunners, they sent their top transfer chief to London to speak to Ozil’s agent, according to one of their ex-board members. Speaking to Radyospor, Erol Kaynar was quoted as saying: “Erdal [Torunogullari] met with Mesut Ozil’s representatives last week and made an enquiry.”

Ozil himself has previously said that he would like to play in Turkey one day, but not for Besiktas. He said: “Besiktas have been performing extremely well this season,”

But Mesut has made it clear that he would prefer to play for the club his family supported as he was growing up.
“In the future I want to wear a Fenerbahçe shirt it would be an honour,” Özil was quoted as saying. “Everyone knows I am a Fenerbahçe fan.”

So it is quite an unlikely rumour to be honest, but there is quite a lot of money in this big Turkish clubs so they well may be able to afford it if they could persuade any top stars to move to such a volatile country.

I think Ozil may well play in Turkey one day, but probably not for at least another five years….

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    1. Worth noting Pedro is good enough for Chelsea (defending champs of the league), while many on here claimed Walcott was better around the time a ‘sell and buy’ was mooted….

      Lolz. 140k to watch Arsenal from the dugout. *sigh* Oh Arsene…

    2. Ozil is going on where. He is the key to our title challenge. I’m starting to believe we are actually going to buy one or two WC players. Let the title charge begin.

  1. We should offer Ozil new long term deal with huge payrise. I am afraid Wenger could sell Ozil
    if they receive 35 m bid from other clubs.

    1. If you’re afraid he’s going to sell him for a 7.5million dollar loss. How does a pay-rise effect that at all?

      1. The transfer fees is a lot dependent on the kind of contract the player is at. If a player is at 100k with 1 year remaining, he would demand a lower transfer fees than a player who is at 150k with 3 years remaining. That is the reason why Real Madrid is not willing to pay over the odds for De Gea.

    2. Wenger will never sell ozil, he’s not that mad???who in the world can replace ozil? He’s the best out there

  2. Grrrr…. Every time I give up hope on Benzema, some new info appears and I’m right back to where I started.
    Skybet have officially closed betting on the transfer..

    1. Im 80 percent sure Benzema will stay at Real Madrid but 20 percent inside me tells keep faith.

      1. Surely for it to linger this long there’s no smoke without fire. I honestly believe he’s our primary target and we’re playing the waiting game. If it falls through there’ll be other targets lined up as back up.

        1. Yea, very true. There is no smoke without fire. Most of the fans keep on saying things like the ‘Higuain saga’, ‘M’Villa saga’ etc. They were actually prime targets for Wenger. When a rumor stays this long there is always substance to it. Everybody knows we had bid for Higuain and Napoli out-bid us insanely. In fact Khedira was confirmed by Sky sports as well. We had a 20M bid for Khedira accepted by Real. So the bottomline is, it is still not confirmed that Benzema will join but it is for sure that Arsenal are trying their best to get him.

    2. For 35.5M pounds, I’ll jump to Edinson Cavani without thinking. The big matter as always : is it true?

      1. I hope those against Cavani realize he scored 20 a season from the wing as a bench player for PSG, but he scored 30 a season when he played as a CF for Napoli. It might not be EPL but the number of goals is still impressive and unlike Giroud he’s a predator and has pace, and players from french league generally do well in England.

      1. The same Theo who has watched the first two matches from the bench? Or are you talking about a different ‘last 10 games’…

  3. Well there seems to be nothing else to talk about with Arsenal these days beyond matches. So let’s talk about the Champions League. Anyone else feeling excited about it? It’s been a long time since Arsenal put in a dominant performance against a team around our level. Dortmund were struggling when we beat them last year so I don’t really count that. Napoli the year before? Good performance, but I’d expect us to beat Napoli to be honest.

    So what teams do I consider ‘our level’? A good match-up for us? I think clubs like Juventus and Atletico are the teams that would give us a good, fairly even match. If we’re pushing it a little, perhaps PSG. I’d like us to play those teams. We’ll be in pot 2 this year so we’ll be playing against at least one major team in the group stages hopefully, though there are one or two weaker sides like Benfica in pot 1. After that, hopefully we can at least make a quarterfinal for once.

    Dortmund have been a good team for us to play in the past few years, but other than that, it’s been pretty average teams like Galatasaray, Marsielle and Anderlecht and then we get knocked out by Bayern or Barca. Not even going to mention Monaco. I’d like a vengeance game against them but it doesn’t look as if they’ll qualify.

    I won’t have this ‘Arsenal have no chance of winning the CL’ nonsense. By no means do I actually expect us to do it, but it’s a cup knockout competition, anything can happen. If Chelsea and Liverpool can fluke a Champions League win then so can we.

    1. We are on the same level as Juve?
      You mean the reigning UCL winners
      Who have just strengthened their ranks..?

      Yep, that’s right, we most definitely are.


  4. Chelsea and man.u need an out and out striker. Why are they not in for Benzema? I don’t like going after players that have refused Arsenal first time round and I include Cechwho though it was a work permit problem with him he new we was after him.

    1. Will reveal my source once the deal is announced. Then you will see how reliable the info is.

  5. Benzema is a gunner. the deal is complete. I dont know why you guys are whining. He is arsenal player.

    1. At least say goodmorning to folks on ere b4 ranting bout Benzema to Arsenal…..kid without manners!

      1. The confirmation of benzema to arsenal being a done deal is way better than a good morning all arsenal fans will agree.

  6. Sky slash betting odds again! Prepare to be ecstatic gunners! benzema is coming to the arsenal!!

  7. You guys need to hear everything its amazing the business arsenal have done/are doing. Will reveal my source on saturday night.

    1. Look you have written 30 comments in the last three days ALL SAYING THE SAME THING! Please change the record or you’re banned….

        1. Way to go ADMIN……….you naiLed it………. Now i expect a calm after a storm …….Hahahahahahahahaha!

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