Beth Mead and Leah Williamson make history with Euro 2022 victory

Congrats to England Women… by Dan

The Lionesses captain Leah Williamson was already Arsenal’s poster girl before the European Championships. There’s a reason she’s often asked to model Adidas’ latest kit.

At the Gunners centre of excellence at the age of 9, who better for young female Gooners to look up to as a role model?

Women’s Football looked very different back in 2006 in the UK. Most clubs were not professional, girls had to pay for own kits, travel, etc.

That’s why the sight of Williamson lifting the Euros on Sunday will live forever. The Lioness’s captain, Beth Mead, who won the Golden Boot,and every other member of the squad might not be able to comprehend just how much their lives will change.

Endorsement deals, sponsors, chat shows, visits to Buckingham Palace, these players will become more famous than in their wildest dreams.

Many started their careers as part-timers.

It’s rare that an outcome of a final goes far and beyond a sport, but impacts the country they live in.

For equality in the UK, to promote funding at schools, to encourage young girls they can be whatever they want to be, you can’t underestimate how powerful the scenes at Wembley will be in the history of England promoting equal opportunities.

It makes a mockery that the men are about to host a World Cup in a country where the gender is still repressed. Make zero mistake, there are people in this nation who still not comfortable with the idea of a women kicking a ball.

As recently as 2018, clubs were refusing to release their stadiums to be part of a home tournament.

This was a slap in the face to those people, victory for those who insist on diversity.

Like the 1999 World Cup was credited for changing the perception of soccer in America, this could leave that legacy in Britain.

Wembley being sold out, TV numbers in their millions …you could make a movie about where the women’s game was and now is.

Politicians and celebrities jumped on the train where they saw the money it’s made in the last two weeks …. time will tell how much they care going forward.

A brilliant line from Jonas Eidevall was that these women didn’t reach this pinnacle because of the FA, they did it in spite of the conditions they had to face.

That’s why so many were quick to point out that the medals were not just for those on the pitch, but those who came before them too.

Arsenal have been a huge part of wanting female football to be competitive.

Club legend Alex Scott was in tears in her role as a pundit as she spoke about the sacrifices her generation took, for the next to play professional in fixtures BBC and Sky Sports would pay to broadcast.

On behalf of everyone at JustArsenal, well done England.

We have a couple of Gunners who just took a step into immortality. A moment that will live forever…

Dan Smith


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  1. Haha,mental for once.not run from fed this time around…….congrats to the ladies bethany,leah and the brazillian i forgot her name who won their continental tournament with back to base for some history making for our club women team,COYG.

  2. I learnt the women players and divisions are on the next version of FIFA.great improvements in the women division,i can’t wait to find out what it’s going to be like playing them but going by what i watched on the trailer released i think it’s gonna be fun. Mr are too young to be this miserable cos you would’ve witnessed our men’s success in the past if you are really that keep the faith,bruv!!!

  3. Unlike you @zig,i don’t find em hot cos i don’t roll with sticks as the law of polarity i.e attraction is applied in chicks i chose to roll with so a lady can’t have similar physical structure as mine hence most female footballers a no no for me.

  4. Women’s football has improved dramatically in the last decade, and that was a fantastic demonstration. They did brilliantly. Well done.

  5. They did so well. Of course we had a little bit of luck which all sides need in that Alexandra Pop got injured in the warm up. The scenes were unreal in Wembley a couple of days ago
    But I really want to see many more kids (girls) going down to the parks, playgrounds and playing football. The new generation of England players competing for the world cup in years to come.

  6. Those young women are real heroes. What an amazing achievement. I hope our guys at Arsenal will match their spirit, because this could be the year we come back from the football desert.

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