Beware! Liverpool are back – But Arsenal can still beat them

Beware, Liverpool are back by Vinod

We are all celebrating after the north London derby win and we should be so too, after all it’s Spurs and it is a fairly convincing win. But will the celebrations last for long. Because beating Spurs is good, but we need to see the bigger picture to push the premier league favourites as much as possible.

To do that we have the biggest test in the season so far next weekend. Liverpool, who seemed lacklustre this whole season because of the departure of Mane mainly in my point of view, seemed to change their formation in yesterday’s win against Rangers, and it seemed to work out quite well. With 4-3-3, they had to play Firmino because he is the one who links up Salah and Diaz. And their midfield was not convincing with no attacking midfielder. I thought at the beginning of the season this Liverpool team is not good enough and I was right.

But now they played 4-4-2 with Jota and Nunez as forwards. Now Nunez can focus on making the runs while Jota takes the responsibility of link up play, and they seemed really slick reminding us of the way they have been playing the last few seasons. So, we have to say Liverpool have found a solution to their crisis just at the right time to face Arsenal.

Should we be scared?? Absolutely not, but we have to be cautious. We should play to our strengths and don’t worry about the threat they might possess. We should not be tempted to play Tierney and replace Zinchenko being scared of Salah. Zinchenko has been the one of the reasons Xhaka got that free role and the whole team is thriving in the current system. So, we should not change anything and play to our strengths.

I am predicting a 2-0 win to the Gunners.

Vinod (GreenLantern67)


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    1. Arsenal are good at giving platform to the falling team to rise again as we have witnessed many times. So we have to be concerned that Liverpool might take this game as opportunity to gain their confidence. So we should not take this game easily at any cost as we took Manu. So, be aware Lpool game is never easy and this should be the toughest match we will face this season.

      1. You are 100% correct ! We have seen it many times, i dont even want to predict what will happen but im not writing Liverpool Arsenal mite just give them a gift to kick start their campaign

  1. Klopp’s Liverpool team are always dominant in ball possession and they have two rest days advantage over us, but they fielded most of their key players in the UCL match

    In the last three seasons, their attackers were highly creative in passing and they have excellent ball winners in midfield. But we have a much better system and a highly skilled CF now, so I believe we’ll at least score first

    1. Klopp had been trying to use his old tactics with Nunez but he’s not a false 9. Liverpool are missing Mane’s individual brilliance and even Wijnaldum. Once Klopp successfully changes the tactics to suit Nunez they will be back. Even Salah, Firminho and Jota as starters can still cause havoc.

      1. I agree with your observations on Nunez and Mane. I bet Firmino, Jota or Salah will score at least one goal, so hopefully Xhaka and our CBs will wear their scoring boots

        I’d be surprised if Arsenal or Liverpool park the bus

  2. I feel like some people don’t seem to really believe in the team against top sides. They put themselves in a position where it feels like a loss or draw is likely but a win would be welcome. In any case, I expect Liverpool to be better against top teams because Klopp will not allow them to commit so many bodies forward in the suicidal manner they do at times. His challenge this season was playing the right tactics to suit Nunez and if he gets it right they’d cause havoc. He’s likely to start Firminho in a 4-3-3 I feel.

  3. Actually, Klopp played a 4-2-3-1 system against Rangers. And was to give some cover for Trent Alexander. With Klopp being set in his mind, he’ll probably go back to his 4-3-3 system. Either system, and the way Arsenal are playing thus far, I can’t see Arsenal having problems against Liverpool, barring silly mistakes and giving away soft penalties. I would like to see Arteta bring in Tomiyasu and Tierney back especially for this match against Liverpool. That’s no disrespect to White and Zinchenko,,, especially Ben White. I think White has been very good at right fullback. I don’t think he’s been given the credit he deserves. By bringing Tomiyasu and Tierney in, it may very well alter Liverpool’s tactics. They are probably expecting White and Zinchenko to be starting, and no doubt they will have done their homework on those two players at how they like to go forward. I certainly don’t think that Tierney and Tomiyasu will weaken our back four none whatsoever. I really think Liverpool will have their hands full. They weren’t exactly impressive against Rangers were they

  4. If we play the same style against Tottenham, I have no doubt that we will get three points. We cannot allow them to control the middle and possession of the ball.

    MA demonstrates that he is “mature” enough to defeat anyone, in my opinion. I hope he knows that everyone is now afraid of Arsenal ..

  5. Arsenal has lost to Liverpool mostly due to inferiority complex. Arsenal should forget the name and play as though they are playing any other team and victory will be assured.

  6. I believe we have what it takes to beat Liverpool as long as we have no new injury concern . Arsenal’s first eleven on a normal day is a weapon to destroy opponents. Only injury brings doubt to mind. I’m pretty sure we can win this one . COYG

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