BFG admits Arsenal have lost discipline and focus

The Arsenal vice-captain Per Mertesacker has been left out of the last few games in favour of Gabriel, despite the Brazilian arguably being responsible for a few goals over the previous two matches, and it seems that the BFG has not been impressed with the team’s attitude in our two derby draws.

“It’s about discipline,” said Mertesacker. “We lacked a bit of that desperation, even when we were 2-0 up at West Ham, to defend and get everyone behind the ball.

“To come back to that level is absolutely important in the Premier League and if you don’t you will get punished. These details are very important to us and everyone can see it, it is obvious.

“We want to win every single match now, to put teams in front of us under pressure. We have got the belief we can win every single one and that is the task from now on, to concentrate on the next one.

“Even when something is going against us in a game, we have to focus on ourselves and not get distracted by anything else.

“The focus and mindset is really important. There are fast changes, even in a single game and throughout the stretch of the season.

“We have to be ready and concentrate on ourselves and our games – anything can happen in football.

“We need to be there, when there is space and teams are dropping points. But that is not our business, we are just talking about ourselves and trying to win every single game.”

The problem is that Wenger and the players have been saying this for many weeks, and other than the 4-0 win over Watford, our focus and discipline has hardly been apparent. The last two games were must-win and we know what happened there. Why should we now believe that we can now go on and win every game this time?

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  1. we’ve heard all this before mate
    how many times are you gonna ‘bounce back’ this season
    its the same every year

    dont care if you win every game remaining- doesnt change anything in my mind
    theres alot wrong at this club,
    stadium ran like the kremlin, ridiculous prices, poor recruitment policy, insane wage structure.
    no accountability, players showing little incentive for years on end- picking an choosing which games to turn up in.

    i will not say wenger out like it will save everything cos it wont- alots wrong here.

    1. Wenger has brainwashed players like Mertesaker, Ozil and Sanchez that 4th place is better than being champions.

      1. Hahaha ?
        The champions league is like the Olympics…
        It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts! £££

        Or in muff terms… Getting into a WAG nightclubs and rubbing shoulders with the hottest girls, knowing full well that the only thing that you will pull that night is a calf muscle on the dance floor!

    1. I would prefer 5th place if that means Wenger is out or not. If he leaves its great if not he is not gonna spend anyway. He prefers 4th place over being champions anyway.

  2. The only way Arsenal will win any major trophy is if Wenger leaves and we get new manager.
    Even all other successful managers than Wenger have been fired when results didnt go well like Riijkard, Mourinho and Dalglish. Wenger has los the plot. Refusing to spend money and buy the spine of the team World class striker, CB and CDM. Even if we sign those players there is no guarentee we will win anything under Wenger because of his one dimensional tactics and no plan b. He makes silly substitues and doesnt make any strategy to beat organized sides. He constantly gets angry and is looking for excuses like refree and has even slated media and fans for wanting something new. According to him cohesion in average players is better than spending money on top players. He gives huge contracts to injury prone and overrated players like Theo, Diaby and Wilshere. Atleast with new manager like Simeone or Low there will be huge motivation and hunger to win trophies which will be injected to our squad and they will also make the right signings needed and have better tactics than Wenger.

  3. If we had a manager who cared about success they would have sold the overrated players like
    Theo, Giroud, Ramsey and Mertesaker. They would have released Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere and Rosicky because of injury or age factor. Wenger just doesnt care about Arsenal at all. It took him 8 years to replace top keeper like Lehmann. He is yet to replace Tony Adams, Vieira and Henry
    or even V.Persie.

  4. David Dein said few days ago that Wenger always had atleast 30 m to spend every season after we moved to Emirates without the need to sale yet we had Wenger who sold Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Adebayor and V. perise without better replacement.

  5. I have we get empty seats at Emirates next match against WestBrom. Acc to Daily Mirror Wenger receivedd f**** u chants against Palace lol.

  6. I’m wishing for a miracle right now that Mr David dein and Mr alister ushmanov to please come save us!

  7. If Vardy is out for more than 1 match, Spurs have a good shot at the title. If Spurs win the Title, I will shoot a good shot to my head.

  8. A couple of years ago I defended Wenger when Mourinho said “Wenger is a specialist in failure “. If it weren’t for two FA Cups I would agree with him now. But he is definitely become a failure at the PL and CL over the past 12 years.

  9. Arsenal has loser’s mentality. Check the u21,win just one match and you will be promoted,but they conspire to lost the two matches. No fight,no effort or determination,just beautiful nonsense(sound familiar?)

  10. have been checking this site since 2012 when I first decided I wanted the club to take a new direction. Primarily Wenger leaving, followed by the rest of the fraudsters at the top.

    What I will say as the only positive is that in these 4 years the general sentiment is Wenger’s time is up. AKB’s can no longer defend the man.

    Like any addiction you can’t help it, and I watch us do the same and same again, then feel like shit afterwards, or you build up hope only for it to be crushed. This happens every year without fail.

    If not now when? There are some top managers out there who would give a lot more to the fans than what we are getting. Get the players fighting like Spurs (as much as it hurts to see) and Leicester. We are an embarrassment of a club. The players, management and even the fans. We must unite for the common cause and demand change.

    We must do everything to get ‘El Cholo’ Simeone in. Look what he has done at Athletico WITH PEANUTS!?! This would create a fantastic rivalry between Porchettino and Simeone. Reality is Spurs ARE a better team now and that hurts. They look the real deal and will improve. Simeone would seriously add steel and get the best out of a talented squad. He’d also get rid of those who don’t deserve to wear the shirt and just happy to collect their paychecks. Sick to the stomach of it.

    Anyway rant over.


  11. Wenger was so shocked and hurt from the abuse he got from some of the fan’s close to the dugout that he gave the players a day off on Monday… I wonder if he will call in sick on Tuesday? ?

    Other rumours suggesting that wenger has left some of the staff and players feeling baffled lately.

    Well at least they now know how the fan’s feel…
    ✖100 ➕ ⚡⚡⚡

  12. The problem with Arsenal is what I wud calld “FAKE BELIEVED” Some fans still beliv in Wenger , y Arsene also still beliv in some players whom are not suppose to put on that Jersey..Well we d fans knws that nothing we can do to change AW character right now bcus is already part of Him.Is time for Change d first Signin we should be expecting this summer is a New MANAGER with an ambition Character who will bring in players of Focus to d club……….

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