BFG – Arsenal are a great team………for 60 minutes!

The Arsenal vice-captain Per Mertesacker is still convinced that the Gunners have the “potential” to be an excellent team, but first of all they have to realise that the length of a full game is supposed to last at least 90 minutes, whereas the Arsenal players seem to think the whistle should go at 60 minutes!

He has a very good point as just in their last two games Arsenal have scored four goals in the first hour, but conceded FIVE in the last 30 mins! Yesterdays defeat to Swansea has proved very costly and has even allowed the Swans to move above us in the table, but Mertesacker thinks this is not a “big issue”.

“We have the potential and we have to extend 60 minutes of performance to 90 minutes, that’s not a big issue.

“We played our game for 60 minutes with patience, seriously and they didn’t have a proper chance. Then we scored and we thought we didn’t need to keep possession or patience, and then we struggled. That was our fault and we did the same on Wednesday. We have to think about it quickly.

“We have good ideas on how we can extend the good 60 minutes into 90 minutes. It’s absolutely necessary in the next couple of weeks. We struggled a bit but we have great potential and you can see that.

“Now we have some time to think about the few issues that cause trouble because we made mistakes in areas we have to avoid.”

So it looks like someone has found the root of our problems at last, and thinks they can be fixed. At least I hope so or here may be a few people out selling “Big Issues” in the near future lol!

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    1. Since they say “we learn from our mistakes”, Wenger is making as many mistakes as possible so he’d always be learning.

      1. KickAssFan your so right it makes me laugh when teams always saying “we will learn from this” week and week out then lose the next game,

        Arsenal club is over 100 years old when do you think the learning will finish and teaching will start? the truth of the mater is AW has passed his sell by date, his lost most of his testosterone and has no fight left in him, as i have said before AW should challenge for Sepp Blatter Job, OH the word challenge wrong choice of word i meant ASK.

  1. After 2 weeks its DI MARIA VS CHAMBERS
    Poor lad thrown into the deep end

    I can bet all my money that the old man will still play chambers as RB
    Such is the ego in that man

  2. Blah blah bah…. We are not good enough, no need for excuses.

    Alexis and Ox were the only players on the field that wanted to win and were hungry for it.

    The rest of the players just pitched up, that’s all. I would be so frustrated if I was Alexis right now. I really thought that the other players would raise there game after seeing Sanchez play, but it doesn’t look like that effect is rubbing off a yet…

    1. Firstly,lucky to be 0-0 at half time. Poor finishing from Emnes,Bony.
      So, great for 60mins absolute b#llcr@p.
      Secondly,Chamberlain gave no help to Chambers.Don’t care if he had a good game.
      We lost.

      1. I think he did give some help. Chambers was losing out mostly on 1 on 1’s at the edge of the penalty box. Also, note how attack minded our full backs, then what would you expect from a winger.

        Anyway, we are not organised anymore and cannot defend as a unit even if the title would depend on those 90 minutes.

          1. Yes I totally agree. Chambers was losing the one-on-ones from the outset. Montero was too quick for him. I would have taken a chance and replaced him with Bellerin at half time as he would have kept up with Montero. However, Chambers should not be losing those battles against a player of Montero’s calibre. I cant even imagine what would of happened to him if the likes of Dyer or Routledge were fit (not sure which one of those two play on the left).

            1. He’s just not that good of RB. His game is more suited to the CB position. Montero used his pace really well, because he beat Chambers every single time.
              Also, the inexperience factor does come into play, and Chambers wasn’t mentally prepared to face the pace.
              Bellerin at least would have been able to keep up with Montero and stop him from delivering those crosses with such ease.
              It’s Wenger’s fault, my deepest sympathies to Calum Chambers.

        1. What help do you mean? The Ox standing in the RB position and not even putting any pressure in the other guy? Go watch the game again, The Ox is so defensively inept, he never made a single tackle or made difficult for Montero, he was just standing there letting players ghost past him.. Watch game again online… The whole team is so lacking in defensive awareness apart from Sanchez. They ain’t a clue. And that’s the problem.

      2. I was saying the same all game.. Chambers was getting skinned at every attack on the right side. But as always The Ox with his laziness and lack of defensive ability just kept walking and ball watching instead of getting stuck in to help chambers out…The Ox has had enough time at the club now, he had a good attacking game yesterday but football now days is more than just doing one thing.. Thats why we are struggling, our players are one dimensional apart from Sanchez.

  3. Is it just me, or is it true that cazorla has put on unhealthy fat(for a professional athlete).

    Some of our players need to hit the gym.

  4. pls wenger i know you are not gonna leave arsenal and also that you are not gonna get sacked

    Just make sure that after your contract is up you go back to france for a big holiday and dont interfere with the new manager ambitions cause you dont seem to have any

  5. May be his other team mates are good for the first 60 minutes, but Mertesacker is not good at all from minute 1 to minute 90…. When Mertesacker was exposed for his lack of pace and agility in the World Cup and was dropped after that, I thought Wenger would have noticed it too because he was at the World Cup for a French TV… But as always he just ignores everything…

    1. Mertesacker WAS good and slow.
      NOW he is useless and slow.
      Age or disbelief that he has a world cup to his name, only he knows how he’s made this transition.

      1. Being dropped in the World Cup has affected him. He has lost a bit of self belief. Same with Ozil, being not trusted in his so called best position at the World Cup has affected his confidence and self belief. The World Cup win was a disaster for our German players. Non if them had any impact.

    1. Laudrup,he would be loyal if given time.Big names are not loyals when things go wrong or more money call them.

  6. This is the worst, most fragile defensive unit, Arsenal have had in more than 10 years. There is STILL no depth in our squad, it is unbalanced as we have far too many midfielders, yet do NOT have a proper CDM!!! The tactical blunders Wenger continues to make, cannot and will not be accepted any longer. Truly I am praying for at least 2 serious buys in Jan, a Hummels and Schneiderlin type signing. That is only the beginning as we still need to reinforce the back 4 and get in a top striker. Wenger: decision time mate!!!!!!!

  7. All our rivals for top 4 are struggling.
    Westham is unlikely to go the distance
    Spurs are a mess Liverpool on the slide
    while United and Everton are as inconsistent
    as we are, even Man City is faltering.
    The ECL is out of our reach for sure
    but so too every one else except Chelsea.
    Don’t throw in the towel so early let other clubs
    implode while we haul ourselves
    back into top 4 and FA cup contention.

    1. Just like the new you, did you just visit a shine recently. Please help the fans here, we need it too.

  8. Is time for Wenger to leave this club, we need our Arsenal back, please what do you think we can do, for this man to leave our club before his contract expired, i want him to resign after this season. I’m always cry for this club, Wenger lost it general… Mr Arsene Wenger, we appreciate what you do for us in the past as a manager and please you need to go and rest at home for now.. Arsenal forever

  9. From now on, admin should come out articles base on arsenal revolution. There is no point of who we should buy now, is how to get rid of wenger and put pressure to the board to do some things.

    After the international break, the following games will be in wenger throat for sure. Is time he need to show the world why he can earn 8mil for this bs if not he himself show he is a flop, just a con.

    I just forseen the hell is going to let loose, won’t be a good Christmas coming.

    1. I think because expectations have
      fallen so low we all gonna be thrilled
      with the Arsenal revival and top 4.

    2. @Justsoccerfan, I don’t think Admin should come out and say explicitly which side he belongs: for or against Wenger. However, sometimes I do feel Admin is quite biased, based on his reaction to some comments that are not necessarily expletives or overly derogatory.

  10. Players, wages, ticket prices, substitutions, set pieces, formations. All of those topics of discussion needs to be put on hold until we sack Arsene Wenger. That needs to be our priority

  11. We don’t have a midfield… Ramsey? Wilshere? Cazorla? Ozil? Flamini? Arteta? I don’t think to, they are all weak lazy players, most of then are subs at best while the rest are just luxury players that the EPL is too much for them… I will ask you a simple question, apart from Sanchez, which player in our midfield would make a Chelski first 11, Madrid first 11 or Bayern?

  12. The akbs are silent, waiting for the times when the wobs will eat their tongues, after the fall comes the rise, i am a prophet sent by lord ganja next season would be great, wenger or no wenger, after the fall comes the rise, just like rice when troubled by heat in water takes a rise,

  13. I said if we did not sign a decent Striker, DM and CB then we will be the same old…. The team is so weak and lack quality…. I am Cazorlas biggest fan but he has got to fix up, he has been terrible.. Ramsey seems to be back to his old self, looks like last seasons was a fluke for him.. Mert just got worse.. Wilshere flatter to deceive.. Welbeck is just a a run run Forrest Gump.. Ozil same old.. The Ox just inconsistent.. Flamini is just a joke who can’t believe he is earning a living as a footballer..

    To top it off with Wenger a manager that looks tired, lost, clueless and devoid ideas.. Can’t keep defending him if he keeps making us look like mugs.. Smh

  14. i dn’t wanna hear another word/press statement from this german snail (BFG or whatever u call him) …… Rubbish!

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