BFG blames attackers for Arsenal loss – A word with Ozil maybe?

If there is anyone at Arsenal Football Club who is going to take the bull by the horns, or the Elephant in the room that is the form of Mesut Ozil, it is his World Cup winning team mate from the Germany team, Per Mertesacker. After all, he has done if before, blasting our number 11 last season after he trudged off the pitch following a poor performance without acknowledging the travelling Gooners.

It should be down to the manager to give the playmaker a kick up the backside, of course, but Arsene Wenger either does not want to or does not think his record signing needs one. But reading between the lines of what our BFG said about the defeat at Stamford Bridge, as reported by, T think that Ozil could be in for a few choice words from his fellow countryman.

Because when asked about his thoughts on us losing at Chelsea, the German defender felt that the defence and central players had done their job but the creative and attacking side of the game was lacking. And Ozil certainly did not have anything like the influence that he should have done.

Mertesacker said, “Obviously we were more competitive this year. That was the first target, to be much better than last year. At times we were good but not good enough to score a goal. Defensively we made two wrong decisions and we missed the final touch in the last third and the final ball – that was the difference. Overall we have to admit that we can take some positives out of this game but there’s still something to do.

“We tried to be more in control than last year and we always made sure we had cover at the back. In the second half we tried to push more and we took more risks. That was the second goal for them. In the first half there were a couple of good decisions, a couple of good chances for us but we missed that bit.

“In the final third [where Arsenal were not good enough]. I think we defended quite well. There was always a cover and there was always protection in the final third. We had a couple of decent chances to get through but we failed with the last pass or the last touch.”

So I wonder whether the giant centre back had a quiet word with his compatriot and tried to somehow get him fired up to find the form that we know he can produce. After his excellent performance at Aston Villa and a good showing against Galatasaray, I had hoped that Ozil would be off and running, but the questions about his big game mentality will just keep coming up until he starts to produce when we really need him. What do you think?

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  1. Idear start a facebook page (we are unhappy about the way Arsenal is run) I will like it straight away. Over to you everyone we can all make a difference.

  2. PS I have tried to organise thinks before in the past but haven’t got the backing. Its time for someone else to step up to the plate.

    1. I agree. Yes our offense was stagnant but our defense was even worse. I couldn’t believe how easy chelsea’s second goal was. Costa (who’s supposed to have a bad hammy) breezed past both Mert and koscielny. Were just not good enough at the moment in any part of the pitch.

      1. it takes a lot of balls from Mertz to blame anyone for the loss, particularly when he was just jogging behind Costa on the second goal and out of position on Hazard’s penalty act…while I think that Mertz is a good player, he is extremely slow to play against some of the quickest teams in the EPL. Maybe Wenger should buy another defender to partner Kos against the big teams and leave Mertz for the “easiest” games…in my opinion, Kos is working OT to cover Mertz lack of pace and that is not good…

  3. Who every gave me a thumbs down, you must be so happy with how the club is being run at the moment. 🙂

  4. I wrote this on another post but i will keep writing it until people stop blaming individual players.

    Where i come from there is a saying ” fish starts smelling from its head” means the stink that is coming from Arsenal is coming from the top.

    Arsene Is the main problem with Arsenal, this is his team. He bought every single player in the team, none were bought by other managers. He had 18 years to mold the team the way he wanted and this is what he got. He truly is a specialist in failure.

    He bought the players
    He chose his staff
    He trains the players
    He motivates the players
    He gives them the tactics
    He chooses who to play and where to play them
    He makes substitutions in the games

    This is 100% his team, he built it with his bare hands, and the best he can get is 4th place year in year out.

    Stop making excuses for Wenger and see the reality.

  5. Sorry admin about hijacking the post. I am getting fed up with people moaning about things and sitting on their arses and doing nothing.

    1. @Andrew, What do you suggest we do? And do you think it will work and have any effect at all.

      I can not stand to see Wenger for one more day in charge of Arsenal, but i honestly dont think there is anything at all that we can do.

      Look at Newcastle and Pardew.

      Wenger however unsuccessful he has been in the last decade is a legend at Arsenal and weather we like it or not, will stay as long as he wants. And unless he leaves nothing is going to change.

      1. @Jimbeam
        Not every supporter can make it to a given match. As I said at the top of the post a facebook page would be good. If you could get enough people to like it and comment on it, it would go viral and that would make our voices known.

  6. winning chelsea 4:0 but lossing all the trophies or and lossing to chelsea and winning the epl. most fans here will want arsenal to beat chelsea and lose everything.
    for some people who are deluded enough to think we cant catch up with chelsea must be watching the epl for the first time in their lifes.. afterall last season we topped the epl for 4 months and lost out due to injuries and poor managerial decisions. liverpool lost out cos of over confidence and childishness..
    so my fellow gunners before you buy a gun to shot wenger wait till may.
    am sad that we lost to chelsea but am not sad enough to be mad.
    Wenger is playing ozil on the wing just to accommodate wilshire, wenger is trying to increase the number of britons in the first team but its just killing the over-all performance of the team.. Wilshire is not even making use of this opportunities.. Wilshire is a talented lad but have serious indecision issues.
    Be a gunner support the team lets wait till season is over, we have already put one trophy in the bag, its only the english press that calls community shelf a mickey mouse cuo,just cos we won it just like the called the FA cup a mickey cup..
    There is no need to press the panic button,its too early.
    before you start crying how chelsea has the best team remember injuries can mess up a team, if costa or hazard or fabregas hit a crazy injury the story will be different cos their second eleven is slightly above average… remy is no costa, willian is no hazard..

    Thats my 2 cents..

    1. @Horliquegold
      We will lose both unless people wake up. One trophy in ten years isn’t good enough for a team of our standing.

    2. yes excuses..pray hard that they have injury and loses points

      instead of taking the blame and responsibility that we are not good enough and fail to beat them……

    3. @Horliquegold

      First bit of sense anyone has made in a long time, if we win our next few games the titles of articles will be ‘Title is BACK on’, ‘Can we go all the way?’, I can see them now. A week is a long time in football, and because of the international break we have even longer to work on our deficiencies. Lets build some momentum and start collecting some points.

      For all the Wenger out brigade, why don’t you do something about it? Stop writing sh*t on here bashing the club that you claim to support and write an angry letter. I’m sure it will make you feel better because I’m getting p*ssed off at the doom and gloom outlook every time something goes wrong. It’s no wonder Arsenal fans have earned the title of the whining b*tches.

      PS – Andrew, put the keyboard down.

      1. Moaning in a blog is useless. Our best chance to open people eyes are the pubs, friend circles and maybe twitter. There are a lot of good opinions about wenger shí*ty managment on this website, Just copy and spread.

        I’m tired of this and a lot of friends of mine too , now it start’s our match as fans, show wenger the door, it won’t be easy, wenger is probably one of the most stubborn man ever born. But hey, always remember who’s the real boss here, yeah, the ones that pay the wages. Us.

    4. Pls dnt be stupid and Sentimental at the same time, that’s being greedy.. That chelsea’s bench will make ur starting 11 instantly…. So?

    5. @Holiquegold
      M gonna have to agree with you on that one – its too early to panic. for the better part of last season, we missed the services of walcott, diaby and chamberlain, wilshere (he was a bit out of form), yet we managed to lead the premier league for 4 months. This season wilshere is on form, giroud has been upgraded to welbeck, in chamberlain we have a better option than what we had last season (gnabry). we have sanchez now, walcott and diaby are getting geared up as well. So all m saying is that we look far better than last season.

      lts not that bad, i mean we lost one premier league game so far (against the best team of the league n away from home). except leicester, we drew against everton, spurs, man city, which are not exactly the easiest teams to beat. I am pretty sure we have the potential n quality to catch up especially if you consider the fact that the upcoming fixtures are relatively easy – man u n liverpool are the only tough teams we are yet to play. So jus relax gooners…we’l get there!

  7. @ andrew afc i agree with you bro, apparently some of the supporters here on this site loves the way, the club is being run! So sad!

  8. Imagine if RM had sold us Di Maria instead of Ozil that summer. We’d probably also have Fabregas back with us too.

    We all thought Wenger was a genius with that move, but you best believe Real Madrid have had by far the last laugh. Wonder if they knew how bad Ozil was going to be in the PL.

    1. totally agree.. if we had sign Di Maria thing would have turn out different for this season and last season….

      Fab would have return

      We could have

      Di Maria Fab Sanchez

      1. Some people though….
        In 2013, Ozil was deemed the best playmaker in europe What does Wenger do? he signs him, everyone was happy n excited n hailed Wenger for that. Ozil started the 2013/2014 season on a high n ppl were crazy about him, then he started fading when the pacemen of the team (walcott n chamberlain) got injured. Now the very same people that hailed wenger for the signing of ozil r the ones that are critisizing him today for bringing ozil. hypocrites!
        Now they are concentrating on other teams’ signings, forgetting that we have some good signings of our own in sanchez and welbeck.
        if you want di maria in your team, why dont you go support Man u?!! if U love fabregas n consta, go support chelsea and stop whining about Wenger not signing everyone!!
        For f**k sake, we can’t hv every player in the world! United have di maria, Arsenal have Sanchez!

        1. Agree to your point but stop doing the moral policing! everyone has their point of view and u have yours- if ^^^ people cared about Manu and chelsea they would posting in those blogs and not this !

          when a big money signing is made, all aspects are looked into- especially adaptability! really don’t know how our scouts missed that!

  9. We still haven’t solved one of our major problems of last season: inability to score many goals. Chelsea have already scored 10 more goals than we have. The gap will continue to grow as the season progresses. Cazorla needs to rediscover his shooting, Ozil needs to score more as our number 10, Welbeck needs to take more risks and try more shots. Hopefully, we’ll be a far more dangerous side when Theo returns…

  10. Chambers would never have the opportunity to play DM, just because we do not have enough defensive cover and our only 2CB cannot play all the games.
    As a matter fact, with the current situation, Chambers might become the most used players as he can cover different positions.
    The boy will have to learn very quickly, hopefully not at his detriments (this a player who played 22 games with Southampton and should have been an understudy and learn his craft).

    Players like Wilshere, Gibbs, jenkinson, Chambers, Chamberlain should have been nurture by experienced players. As usual some of them won be at the club as they will be sold close to their pick (Business as usual with Wenger) to make maximum bucks.

    This club is just a business and only a business.

    Some fans here were talking about Real Madrid and even PSG chasing Wenger… I mean really!
    The job was for technical director in both clubs and nothing else. The guy could not coah to save his life.
    They fire managers in Madrid even after winning trophies just because the style of play was not pleasing (ex:Del Bosque, Capello).
    Wenger would have not last a “minute” (so to speak) at Man United, Chelsea and Man City… Why? Because they are, in fact, top clubs.

  11. You cannot dispute what he said. Those saying that the defense was the problem should consider the 5 total shots that Chelsea had over 90 minutes at Stamford Bridge. Yes Koscielny made an error, that is a defensive weakness but excluding that the defense was solid. As the BFG says the second goal came because Arsenal had to commit all but two players forward and push up to the halfway line, otherwise they would definitely not have scored. Is it a disguised attack aimed at Ozil ? Well not really, it is an obvious and accurate description of the performance. Ozil more than anyone else is responsible for creating chances so must shoulder the blame but it is inconceivable that he didn’t realize that already.

    1. @Gunner Mac: How many defenders do u need to stop 1 guy. 2 strong tall defenders in 90% of the cases are enough! if u look at the video Fabregas knew what he was doing- an over the top ball meant Mert was out of the equation and Kos was already on a yellow plus the last man. Any tackle and it would be red+penalty.

      Mert is always exposed when people run past him with the boss left to do all the work. I hhave said may times that if we aspire to be a top team we cannot have passengers. For me Mert and Ozil (in the flanks) are passengers who should at best be playing as first choice replacements!

  12. When Wenger leaves he will pick his successor. The philosophy will not change, why do you think David Dein was kicked out ? If you want to see real change and do not agree with a club working within their means rather than selling out support another team because this club will not change from being a business. That doesn’t mean money meant for players going into Director’s pockets, it means survival and not going bust. Over time the gap generated by the 100s of millions spent by City and Chelsea will reduce thanks to FFFP but it won’t happen overnight. Just support the team FFS !

  13. I think deep down MR Wenger is losing his confidence the pressure might be getting at him but on another note we are talking about soccer and if you play it you will know that you will lose games the most important thing here is to pick up the boots and go again and work out a system to win

    On the Chelsea game i thought we were doing ok( but for the referee)and then came the penalty Chelsea grew in confidence by fowling some more our determination to get a point resulted in the other goal yes Ozil looked tired but so did much of the team as they did not have the killing instinct boots on them.

  14. Merty loses some cool points for that one. He cannot be talking about our offense when his defense that he captains let in two goals. keep that blame game in the locker room.

  15. Pls dnt be stupid and Sentimental at the same time, that’s being greedy.. That chelsea’s bench will make ur starting 11 instantly…. So?

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