Biased pundit wrongly claims only two Arsenal stars would make north London fantasy XI

Tim Sherwood has claimed that only two Arsenal players would get into a fantasy line-up created with only players currently playing in north London, with nine coming from Tottenham Hotspur.

The former midfielder spent four years playing at White Hart Lane, so it is no shock to understand why he holds such a bias, but surely any neutral wouldn’t dream of leaving out certain players of ours.

While there would be no complaint that the likes of Harry Kane and Son make the team, you have to be blind or crazy to overlook players such as Thomas Partey, while Martin Odegaard and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would also get in most teams.

Sherwood claims that only Bukayo Saka and Kieran Tierney would be named in such a side however.

He said at a event for Ladbrokes(via the Metro): ‘Out of a combined XI [Kieran] Tierney certainly gets in, [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang I’m not sure because he’s not been great, I still think Son [Heung-min] and [Harry] Kane are the two strikers up there. You’d have to have [Bukayo] Saka in there but really it’s a poor bunch to be honest,’ he said exclusively to Ladbrokes at its launch of the 5-A-Side bet on Arsenal v Spurs.

‘No one is standing out for me as the rest are still developing at Arsenal. [Martin] Odegaard will be a good player; he scored a fantastic free kick at the weekend but it’s not easy to pick a combined XI.’

Trying to be fair, I believe this would most likely be the best starting line-up from both north London clubs.

Lloris(although I’m fighting the urge to name Ramsdale at present)
Tomiyasu Romero Gabriel Tierney
Partey Ndombele
Saka Son Aubameyang

The Gunner in me really wanted to leave out Ndombele simply because he has actually achieved very little on my account, although I know he is rated amongst certain circles, and don’t want to be seen as being biased, but I think this would be a fair line-up, with our team actually holding six of the positions in the team.

Could you name a better starting line-up using only players from both Spurs and Arsenal?


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  1. He came from Boreham Wood
    He weren’t no ******* good.

    He got no end of stick from the North Bank . No wonder he’s bitter.

    1. The town Borehamwood is one word even though their football club is called Boreham Wood, two words.
      Yes I am pedantic when it comes to where I was born😊
      By the way, Sherwood is well known as being a Gooner !

  2. Ndombele don’t even get in the spurs x1?

    Sherwood is bitter cos all his family are arsenal and he wanted to be one of those aholes in the family that support the opposition just to piss everyone off. So glad it worked out for him hahahahaha

  3. Is that the Nigerian pirlo i see in the pic 👍
    What a talent that lad was ,I miss his shots that went out for corners .
    I rue the day that Everton got him for a bargain .

    1. Thought I saw the lazy overated shirt selling genius too but it isn’t him. He must have been somewhere in the stands pretending to be injured and talking about how the AFC mascot is treated.

  4. Apart from Romero and Dier, Spurs’ defenders and midfielders might look inferior to ours. But I think Kane and Son are more dangerous than any of our attackers

    Kane would likely be able to handle our CBs and open up the space for his teammates. Only Lacazette can do that up to a certain extent in our team and I’m afraid Kane will be the best CF in NLD

  5. The NLD sees two sides with many doubters.
    When Spurs went 3-0 their fans were talking title tilt now two losses later many of their fan base are bemoaning “Spursy” football and it’s Nuno out.
    Despite Arsenals two recent PL and two Carabao cup wins most Arsenal fans remain unconvinced with the “process” and are still Arteta out.
    A Spurs loss and they could drop to 9th.
    A loss for Arsenal could see us drop to 17th.
    A draw probably keeps both sets of fans onside.
    6 games into a 38 game PL season is ridiculously early to talk sacking. Right?
    No because this is the NLD Derby when quite rightly logic is given the day off and passion rules.
    Winning the NLD is not a matter of life and death. As all football fans know it is much more serious 🙂

  6. Speaking as a diehard Spurs fan, I didn’t agree with Sherwood’s choices either. Frankly neither side is ‘tearing it up’ right now, but if you are choosing on class and pedigree, rather than exclusively on current form, then I would choose the following combined team, with the proviso that I couldn’t honestly find a decent back four from both teams combined! … Lloris; Tanganga/Tomiyasu, Romero, Gabriel, Tierney; Hojberg, Smith-Rowe; Son, Aubameyang, Saka; Kane.

  7. Tim who🤔 Ndombele don’t even get in the spurs 11, only a foolish coach like Tim will choose Ndombele ahead of partey and Emerson royal ahead of Tomiyasu, good he now knows his calling is being a pundit and not a coach.

  8. The whole premise of this article that Sherwood is biased is flawed because he is and always has been a ‘dyed in the wool’ Gooner.

  9. I stopped reading when I saw the name of tim sharewood. Who takes collosal failure of a manager serious? He has failed as a coach and he is now failing as a pundit. He should just sharraap!

  10. Sherwood wasn’t a very good player or manager, so he clearly has no judgement. Stupid team choice, but stupid Sherwood too.

  11. I was utterly surprised at his combined line-up as it has no partey nor tomiyasu. Me not seeing Ben white is quite understandable but absentees like partey, tomiyasu or even saka! No. Though, I agree with him picking kane and son as we obviously lack quality of those two in our team. But we really need to ask ourselves, what’s the point of all this? Becos, I really can’t decipher.

  12. It is a free world and he is paid to share his view which does not translate to anything serious. What did he achieve as a coach? He is a proof that “talk is cheap. “

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