Biased Roy Keane says “Arsenal will have enough to stay up”

So we all know Arsenal have made their worst start to a season, since Roy Keane was an annoying little urchin, but he has surpassed his usual normal insult level aimed at Arsenal this time around.

Somehow he turned a question about whether this weekend’s game against Tottenham was a big game for Arsenal into a question about whether the Gunners could be relegated! Keane replied on Sky Sports (as transcribed in SportReview): “They all seem big at the moment obviously don’t they?

“That might be the best thing for them to have next week – a derby. Obviously there are no supporters there – going away’s maybe less pressure than at home.

“But I still think Arsenal will have enough to stay up I think. I still think they’ll be strong enough to stay in the division.”

So you may think thart is a stupid response, but when you also consider that there WILL actually be fans at the game, 2000 of them, then it makes you wonder why he even has the cheek to call himself a football expert in the first place.

We all saw Keane put in his place and wound up by Gary Cahill a few weeks ago when the Australian was talking about Arsenal’s win over Man United at Old Trafford.

This is just another example of Keane’s hatred for Arsenal and the reason he can never be cdescribed as an objective observer…

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  1. You really think it was a stupid response AdPat? I think it was perfectly answered in every respect. By no supporters being there I’m sure he meant Arsenal supporters and he did say we should stay up. He could easily have said the opposite. Did you see and hear him bigging up Gabriel after the Wolves game? Hardly sounds like someone who hates us.

  2. I saw no problem with his answers, yes he hates Arsenal and yes he like to rub it in but he is mostly right about the game and Arsenal.

      1. No team is ‘too big’ or ‘too good’ to go down. Man U and the Spuds were relegated in the 70s. Leeds, despite their relative dominance during the first part of the 70s, were relegated in the early 80s. Everton, twice champions during the 80s, clung on to the top division by the skin of their noses in 1998 (the first of our magic Wenger years!)

        Arsenal have no divine right to stay up, and if recent results continue to Christmas, there is every chance that we will be dragged into a relegation battle.

        I still think that we are unlikely to go down, but it’s not an impossible scenario. Something needs to change. What is it, I don’t know, as if I did, I would be earning millions as the manager rather than just a helpless fan.

        Given our present situation, I wonder what the ‘4th is not a trophy’ mob is saying now. Some of us would give our right arm to be in 4th position right now!

        1. 👍 Nice one, Nick…yes I wonder what they’re saying… us competing in the champions league is a pipe dream!!

  3. Then why bother giving this person publicity? Seriously, why? He is not worth us discussing. Id ratHer clean the drains than watch this thug with his snidey comments on TV.

  4. Don’t people realise that these pundits are told by the producers to say things that are controversial otherwise it would be a pretty boring show. When I watch a game now on TV I just watch the game and nothing else. All the chat before and after is just rubbish.

  5. i am a proud irishman, okay, but, roy keane makes me regret being irish. he is the greatest thug ever to kick a ball, he is a bully and a git. unfortunately, he is an ambassador for irish guide dogs for the blind, this is where i get my wonderful guide dogs from. it makes me sick to think that this lout is representing such a wonderful organisation.he never shuts up,and that accent, omg. i can assure you that all irish people do not talk like roy the even discuss that person on here is caving into him and his opinions, so i will stop now.

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