Bid rejected! Arsenal make move to sign Barcelona and Madrid target

Arsenal have had a bid rejected for Borussia Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele, and will hopefully return with another one.

The French international is one of the best players in Europe currently, and for me is the next player who will challenge for the Ballon D’Or for a number of years.

Antoine Griezmann looks to have hit his ceiling in terms of ability, and for me Neymar and Ousmane will be the ones to take over from Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the coming years.

We failed in a bid to sign the 20 year-old last summer when he opted to move to the Bundesliga side, and he has hit the floor running in Germany, nailing 21 assists and 10 goals in his debut season.

The BVB are claimed to have told his representatives that he is not for sale, with Barcelona and Real Madrid both believed to be interested, although an offer in the region of £89 Million is believed to have been set.

Dembele would be a better alternative to replace Alexis Sanchez than Thomas Lemar, having proven his ability for longer and while adding much more to the attack, and I dare say I imagine he would prove to be a better player than the Chilean…

I pray that we can persuade the player and his club to strike a deal, and the Alexis departure can be taken so much lighter with goals and creativity already having been brought back into the side.

Is there a better option to replace Alexis Sanchez who can be deemed realistic?

Pat J

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  1. Raj says:

    This is not going to happen unless we offer huge money for him. I don’t think wenger has in him to spend so much money.

  2. John0711 says:

    89m that rules us out then next article please

  3. Ian says:

    Dembele is awesome. Unfortunately we are the Arsenal and are best at making lowball offers and watching Alexi Sanchez work his tail off.

  4. GB says:

    I heard it was Barca who had Dembele from BVB bid rejected and we bid for Dembele from Celtic?

    1. sunnick says:

      Yours is more realistic

  5. Mr pat says:

    What utter rubbish dumbell as replacement for sanchez I could name 20 other players better than dumbell besides 89 million quid!!!!!! I’ve said this before you build a team from the back if yu don’t concede a goal you half way winning the game , what arsenal need are players like nyonzi and carvalho

    1. kev says:

      Exactly my point.It’s just that some are unknown and haven’t yet been given the chance.Everyday we hear potential potential potential.Ousmanele Dembele is good but is not what we need.There are still many talents out there waiting to be signed.We are not getting what we need at all but what we want.I wish I could say the Lemar deal was off but it’s on and will be done.We need a player in the centre who can defend excellently and attack excellently as well.I had hoped Wenger went all out for Renato Sanches who I feel would be perfect for us despite Carlo not wanting him to leave.

      JUST IN:Arsenal accept Fenebarche bid for Lucas Perez.It originally looked like he was going to Deportivo but as many clubs stepped in and made better offers he’s been hijacked.He now has to agree personal terms with them.They beat Newcastle and a club in Germany to him.

  6. Sir Muda of Arsenal says:

    must we sign french players?
    not against it though if the player is good enough. but arsene for your information there’s about 392 countries in the world.

    1. neil says:

      200 less than that .. around 195 only… but overall point well made in that there is an over dependancy on french players

  7. Goonerboy says:


    Am so sad for the future of Football if this Neymar deal is left unprobed and scrutinized…
    For God’s sake this is beyond football, something else must be involved, I can’t express how bad I feel…

    Say what you like about Arsenal and Wenger, but we are a different class, a sensible and respectable club, I really wish there is a mini-ban on the transfer market or certain limitation and control and eradication of Winter window, I will appreciate the reduction of the summer window….

    This is absolute madness!!

    1. John0711 says:

      I was with you until the “respectable club” comment.

  8. Dennis the Menace says:

    just eyewash…

  9. Ronny says:

    Great player!
    89m is that all?
    That’s more than half of tea current world record fee lol
    The games lost the plot and I’m only 45 what must my grandad who’s a gooner think?!

  10. Twig says:

    Just wondering is Lacazette really better than Perez?

    1. kev says:

      I’ve said here and will continue to say is that Lucas Perez is not your typical CF.Probably played there for Deportivo because they lacked quality in that area.He used to play as s No. 10 for them.If you watch him closely he plays like a No. 10 and to me was a waste on the wing though he impressed there at times.Lacazette is a typical CF and if we’re judging them on that position then to me he’s miles better.

  11. Marty says:

    Arsenal had a bid rejected…my my what a surprise !!

    1. neil says:

      because we should always bid high and accept low offers when others come for our players…

      by your logic barca should have accepted 50mn for neymar !

  12. tobby1983 says:

    We have little Nelson. A natural! Will be better than Dembele in no time.

  13. wizardcalidad says:

    I think it’s the Ousmane Dembele of Celtic and not that of Dortmound, we shouldn’t mix things together.. Arsenal Fans are just like the manager, we talk and talk until we’re exhausted.. The way this transfer looks, If we’re getting any player I think it’s going to be just Lemar.. And we need more than him.. A powerful DM… Another Defender that is kinda versatile.. A question is, in the past, Arsenal would have been in the position of selling a player for 80million..but not again, like the team is imploding, what has gone wrong? … Small guns ain’t getting chances again because big guns ain’t doing it right. Wenger should atleast help us turn the little Reiss Nelson into a bigger player before quiting the club.. Atleast we will have something positive to remember him.. He already lost our dignity, respect and make us look like smaller teams now… I’m really hoping on post-wenger Era, I want the league to start soonest.. Enough of this transfer intimidation.

  14. Authority007 says:

    I thought it was a joke wen Neymar rumour came up BT Jst see wat happened now, very soon Dr will nt be player of £50m again or dat will be for lower team. Wenger came out to condemned d transfer BT dats d team dat really know wat dey want , even tot Di maria will be part of d deal BT no, football improve every season, still concern aw aresnal will survive in d mist of man u, man city, Chelsea, Liverpool spur even Everton is going to be a war

  15. sal says:

    the kid is special so would have him in a heartbeat, amazing pace and flair and an eye for a pass but lets be realistic dembele and mpabbe are heading to real and Barca not us . the reason we are looking at so many French talents : a) French players settle well in london and at Arsenal b) the French team has an abundance of talented kids in all areas of the pitch they should be winning trophies in the next decade on paper. when it comes to future signings I would look at PSG at the moment 200 mil and a packed midfield they got to sell!!

  16. james murrell says:

    an intersting point that jose mourinho said re the neyma transfer that is going through. He said that 220million isn’t overpriced for neymar but it is ridiculous with what it will do to the rest of the market. Players that are worth 40 million suddenly become 60 million, players that are worth 80 million suddenly become 100+ million (easily beating the old world record). I would say do the transfer now because next season if we want to invest the price may have almost doubled with the inflation that is going on. Its not like you are gonna make a loss on a player of his calibre if he decides to move on.

    1. stubill says:

      Mourinho is just lining up his next position with PSG after he’s pissed off everyone at Man Utd!

  17. Ronny says:

    Neymar £758000 a week I read!
    Over the life of his contract a 400.000mil outlay, we’ll never compete with this and probably shouldn’t. # unethical

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