Bielik will NOT be Arsenal’s backup to Coquelin

When all Arsenal fans were clamouring for Arsene Wenger to buy a backup for Francis Coquelin, we were semi-relieved when we heard that Krystian Bielik had arrived from Legia Warsaw, where he was played as defensive midfielder for the senior side all last season, despite his tender years.

But now it has been revealed on that Steve Gatting has been playing the Polish youngster as a centre-back For the Academy side in all this seasons games. Bielik seems to be enjoying it though. “The physicality was something new for me,” Bielik said. “I only started playing centre back this season and it’s the first time I’ve had to mark strikers who are running in behind.

“It’s also the first time that I’ve had to win headers. When I play in defensive midfield I don’t really have to run as much to mark players, so marking a striker at centre back is a lot more physical and has been a new experience for me.

“A lot of the time they ran behind me to go one-on-one with our goalkeeper, so that is definitely something that I need to improve on. We spoke a lot after the game and the coaches told me what I needed to do to improve and this has really helped me, and I think I really improved on that in the West Ham United game.

“It also really helps to have Julio Pleguzuelo playing alongside me because he controls our defensive line and tells me when to get up. He is a great leader and really helps me play well because of all the advice he gives me.”

It seems that the Polish youngster still has a lot to learnbefore he canbe used as a backup in any position. Oh well at least Wenger thinks he willbe good it a different position than we expected….


  1. The honest truth is Coquelin backup is Arteta/Flamini. Not what most of us want but that’s what we have. Arteta and Flamini still play for Arsenal and they play DM previous seasons

  2. Bielik?……….. I dn’t even know what he looks like!…….when was the Last time he played 4 Arsenal?

  3. Bielik is only 17 so there is plenty
    of time to broaden his skill set.
    He’s a big tough lad so may be
    our next Tony Adams.

  4. I’m guessing they are only playing him there to improve his defensive awareness, tackling, aerial duels, and to get him involved in physical battles. But i think he’s similar to Emre Can, sooner or later, that guy is a midfielder and that’s likely where his future lies.

  5. Jeff Reine Adelaide
    He got the height
    the bulk the aggression
    and the foot work.
    Just need to imbue the mind
    to “corral then release”
    and we got ourselves a beast of a DM
    The next Patrick Vieira the next Paul Pogba.
    Heard it first right here on 🙂

    1. inasmuch as i want to praise Jeff reine-Adelaide, i’d be careful with the hype………he’s barely even played 10games for the 1st team against League oppositions!………Let the Boy come good on his own……..time will tell

  6. Gibbs was a winger/cm, Coq was a RB/LB, Wilshere is a Lw, rw, amf, cm, dm…sooo Bielik can be whatever, Le Prof and his coaching staff know what they are doing

    1. Le prof *coughs* knows what?……….. They are just a bunch of experimentalists !…….and Ramsey on the wings is delusional

  7. truth is, coquelin is our only viable option in the dm position. I still have nightmares about Arteta’s performance when we got trounced by liverpool a couple of seasons ago. Hes not a bad player but hes not good enough in that position against quality opposition.

  8. Good for Bielik to learn how to defend. Which is what we like in a defensive midfielder. Hayeden en Bielik the future for CDM.

  9. Please don’t read to much into it Bielik is still young and still learning. He needs to know how to cover a position when players are caught out of place.

  10. Y’all should pipe down though. Because I remember Man.Ureited saying Paul Pogba was too young to start. In two seasons, they were shedding tears.

  11. The difference between a dog on one side of the road and mourinho on the other side is.. there’s skid marks in front of the dog

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