The MAJOR changes that Arsenal need this summer

Major changes need to happen this summer if Arsenal are to move forward‏ by KM

Hello fellow Arsenal fans! So the most expected thing in the world happened as we lost to a Barcelona side who played in second gear I must say. But with the job done in game one, they just had it too easy.

Our defending was really poor on their goals, without underestimating their supreme quality, we just made the same mistakes again! But Arsenal football club has become about repeated failure so it’s nothing new to us. We were so focused on piling players in the middle, we left the flanks exposed too much and we got punished as you would expect from the champions of Europe.

I was really disappointed we failed to deal with a cross for the second goal, not that it mattered. I was also disappointed Joel Campbell is just being ignored by Arsene, although I was happy with Iwobi. I was overall happy with the performance of the starting eleven, but here’s a few key points from the game from me.

Mohammed Elneny is really settling into our midfield. The guy is just dynamic, good on the ball and loves a shot! What a beauty that was! He likes to shoot, a quality we miss, and if we pair him up with another solid CM he could be a real treat! Our forward players tried to do what they can despite the obvious lack of a real CF quality, but the effort was there.

Speaking of that CF, Theo and Giroud are really heading for the exit door. I mean, having them around for another year will be one year too much. They had zero impact and I felt they were introduced so we can spare some of our forwards for Everton. Regardless though, Welbeck is our main striker right now, with the rest just not being any good.

The summer exodus doesn’t stop there though. Aaron Ramsey is also on the list of players given enough chances. He had one season where it finally looked like he’ll be a player of worth, but he can’t rediscover this form and I doubt he’ll do it again, plus all the injuries. You could question Wilshere too on that front. A good player, with lots of heart and spirit but if you don’t play you’re effectively another Diaby.

Moving on. The next obvious major changes are Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky who you’d have to be blind, not to see why they need to be moved on. Last but not least is Per Mertesacker. I love the guy, but if we are to win trophies he’s gotta go. That will free numbers 4, 7, 8, 12, 14 and add that to the vacant numbers 2 and 9, those are all important squad numbers that are missing from our squad.

Wenger doesn’t like change though and I hardly see us moving on all those players, but the reality is we’ve seen enough of them. I had a friend come over on a surprise visit from the US and he said that Arsenal are turning into a mediocre club and I can’t help but agree.

Roy Keane said that there’s a “weakness throughout the squad” and I can’t disagree there either. The problem comes from the insane power Arsene has. Keane said we don’t have players with character, and he’s spot on, but we don’t have them because they will disrupt Arsene’s dictatorship.

Maybe we can introduce a director of football? Someone to force some good transfers, maybe go to Ibrahimovic and say “look we need a top striker, we’ll give you the money, just come over here and lets win this title”, someone that will do the deals and spend the money when a player is good enough to improve us, and boy there are enough of those!

I hardly see such a person coming in, but it’s hard to imagine Arsene will leave seeing how he defends his record of CL failure in successive seasons. The saddest story is that summer will come and we’ll start hearing how we can buy “anybody but Ronaldo or Messi” and for a lot of people that would be enough to get a season ticket, roll in the money for Stan and the Arsenal wheel will keep on turning just like every other year.

If you watched Bayern – Juventus, it was an immense game. It highlighted how far away we are from the elite. Bayern played bad, plain terrible, but with 15 minutes to go and 2 goals down they did it. They created their first clear chance in minute 70 and still managed to go to 2:2.

Something we couldn’t do against Watford, they did against one of Europes best defences. Even Atletico – PSV showed more tactical awareness and determination than I’ve seen from Arsene’s team in the past decade. Saying that the fact we played Barca and Bayern is why we’ve failed to reach the quarter finals, is practically admitting we’re not good enough to beat the best.

And the sole purpose of elite clubs being in the CL is to fight with the best. We’re there for the money. In the bible, even Moses the saviour himself died before the Jews reached the promised land. Point is that when you have been part of the problem, you’ll hardly be the solution.

The way Arsenal is run though, there is no problem. We earn money, we don’t spend on trophies. Looking at our goals, we’re a constant success. Only the fans seem to have a different view. But you can’t force the fans to protest, make banners, make noise or express themselves. It has to be their own choice to do so, because at the end of they day they sacrificed part of their live to see the Arsenal.

It’s hard to get excited about Arsenal, when next year will be just like the past 10. Six years in a row we didn’t learn our lesson, despite Arsene always speaking about how the mistakes will not be repeated. Go through the league and it dates to 12 years.

The yes man line and the chain turning the wheel the same old way need to break.


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  1. We need a complete overhaul from Top to Bottom!

    There’s way too much mess to clean up…. Some Lasting Longer than a decade

    1. Major changes I agree but Sanches has to go or be dropped. He adds nowt to the attacking play. ,at least Walcott gets to by line and crosses, Sanches gets there then turns and tries again have not seen him once kick with his left waist of space. I am also against Gibbs same play creates nowt, you watch his game not once does he get in to tackle stands off so player gets in cross. He is afraid to get hurt. Most thought that Ellerny was not a good buy at first never heard of him, but he has shown after 3 games he is as talented as Ozil. And he is far more affective than Sanches Girioud Oxy I left Walcott out as at least the has scored and played here and there and only comes on as sub. Mark my words if Sanches players at Everton in front of Campbell and Awobi, Wobie tied the result CB

      1. After analyzing where we are at this point, there is no doubt that we have gone backwards, Cesc, Nasri, RVP (all Champions after they left) even back then we had a better team when the so called years of transition paying for the Emirates…..Certainly you need to point fingers to the biggest Culprits Stan and Wenger, but right after you need to point to the Fans, yes including me….is unacceptable for Luko Bratzi to talk about Sanchez, not too long ago we were all and I include myself pointing fingers at Lazy Ozil…..still remember some in here trashing Ospina after having a bad game….we need to stop this BS if it was not for these players we would be down there with the likes of Chelski maybe even Newcastle…..Ospina and Sanchez saved us last year, now we call them second class, short, need to drop and you name it……We need to focus where the problem lies and look for a solution any solution, although it’s true that we have some ballast that we need to get rid of this summer, the only reason why our World Class Players underperform is because of the lack of everything from our Manager…again let’s focus, put the blame where it belongs and stop criticizing our top players before they decide to leave

        1. You make a lot of sense. After a lot of thinking here are my views.

          I am never a person who prefers wholesale changes but given the ineptitude of some players and contractual situation of others, we have to bite the bullet. The changes may not win us anything but we will at least start in the right direction.

          1- Get Aubemeyang. Period- for whatever it takes.
          2- Walcott, Ox and Wishere need to go. That frees up space for winger. Need to find a class act but cannot overspend. Else we have Iwobi, Sanchez, Welbeck , Ramsey and Campbell who can play there.

          3- Retain Ramsey. Give him one last chance.

          4- We need to buy defensive midfield and for me it is a no brainer; spend big on Kante. Make an offer which Leicester cannot refuse. Le Coq is good but he needs competition. Period.

          5. No point spending on Kroos. We have Santi at least for 1 more year and Ramsey can also play there.

          6. Coming to Defense: Mert has to go period. Boss has max 2 years may be at the top. Gabriel looks error prone. We need 2 good centerbacks-

          7. With Rossicky, Arteta, Flamini and Debuchy leaving we need replacements- only EPL hardened options. Calum chambers is not going to cut it at any level. Sell him; cut losses

          8. Lastly Arsene has to go. if we plan to change the spine the coach has to go. He is great- no doubt but him and Arsenal are just not working now. Who replaces him is a major issue- don’t see a single worthy candidate. Ronald Koeman may be! best amongst the worst !

          1. Out: Walcott (20 Mn) , Ox (15 Min), Wilshere (25 Mn), Mert (5 Mn), Flamini (0), Arteta (0), Rosicky (0), Debuchy (5 Mn)

            Total: 70 Mn

            In: Aubemeyang (65 Mn), Kante (25 Mn), 2 CB (25 Mn), Jenkinson (0), 1 defensive mid (15 Mn), 1 AM (15 Mn)

            Total: 145 Mn. Net spend: 75 Mn…Very very doable

        2. Nicely put, but the truth still hurts if you can’t cross a ball with your left then your half a player. Sanches gets picked even when he is bad so how do you justify that, what I’m saying is drop the ones who don’t perform one minute every one wants Campbell to play then find he is on bench. He creates more than Sanches so why is he dropped. Do you think Sanches plays better than him. What is the point in playing him as Wenger says he needs time to get back to his best,OK play him in reserves for a couple of weeks the way he plays now he won’t be missed. CB

  2. For the rest of the season Walcott and Giroud should stay benched. You will then see the goals coming. These two lack creative ideas not only for other players at the moment but creating their own chances as well. They always pass back and then move forward.

  3. Just to make something clear, amongst all other top football club, where do you think arsenal ranks right now?

    to win the leuage again we have two options. first. overspend and get the quality in, so the quality in the team wins us the game regardless what kind of manager we have. this is how we won our trophys years ago.

    second option. get a manager who is very comptend and knows how to uses his team to the fullest.

    by saying blindly in this and that i trust, besides being confrontet with facts is simple stupid.

    1. The biggest gulf is against other European teams. I think there has been a real fall in quality of the EPL against the rest of Europe or there has been a quantum leap in Europe. The EPL this year is really a shambles, that is why Leicester has been able to do what it has. I’m afraid for our reputation.

      1. We epl has become to powerfull for his own good. For example. We once were beating everton to 8 goals to zero, and believe me, this time they are coming after us as equals, and considering our poor form, they might also come and beat us with ease.

        There is no reptuation. We once carried a reptuation as a club who played some nice attacking football, with young players and such. but nowdays we are what? spurs 2.0??

  4. Stan kroenke has his many faults,but his greatest is not being bothered about what wenger does.Our main problem isn’t Stan,it is that Wenger has this philosophy where he believes you don’t have to spend much to win and he wants to prove it by all costs.The money to spend is there but it is not being spent, and the excuse?there are no better players than what we have. How is this kroenke’s fault?

  5. We don’t need major changes to compete with the very best. I wish we could manage to assemble this team for next season. We’ll be one of the most physical sides in the EPL with this lineup, LoL. What do you think?

    ___Welbeck Ozil Sanchez
    ______El Neny Kante
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. i dont understand why you have so many dislikes :/ i think ramsey is a great player and dont think that its favoritism of the prof but i really like this lineup ^^ they probably didnt like it because cazorla wasnt there but this is just a nice eleven with this players we could make a lot if nice teams

      1. I don’t thumb up or down but I believe he’s getting these thumbs down because of the formation. I am sick already seeing 4-2-3-1 we play for 4 seasons already. There are three things certain in life: death, tax and Arsenal 4-2-3-1. How can you suprise your opponents when you do the same thing again and again?

    1. I agree with everyone except Giroud. We need a backup Striker and Giroud fits the bill perfectly. Get Aubemeyang as first choice. Let Welbeck and Giroud fight it out for the second striker spot. Like we all have been saying Giroud is not a bad striker; it’s just that he is not ‘the’ striker.

      Agree with you on Walcott. I would keep Ramsey; although he frustrates like no one else; he is one player who has the creativity to unlock defenses. May be a change of coach will do him good. Ox needs to go. No end product; no brain and to top that ill-disciplined. We need to be ruthless with avg players- he has had enough chances

      1. Ox needs to stay. Period. He’s only 22 and he’s also frustrated by the lack of full games. I would not play him this season unless he’s fully fit. Ramsey must also stay. Walcott and the usual suspects must leave. And don’t rush Jack in. He will be better if he can keep fitness. Walcott sums up everything wrong at Arsenal, putting a shift only when suits him. Everyone sees Theo walking away with crime and they wonder, why not me?

    2. No one is going to pay 140k/week for Walcott. Therefore he will not go. But if someone wants to pay him that money I say get rid of him right now. I have absolutely no sympathy for Theo since his contract saga 3 years ago. He comes in put a cracker of a gamae against Newcastle, gets signed for 100k and then he vanishes. Bam! Just like that.

  6. If usmanov would be our main shareholder, he would force wenger to spend money to archieve football greatnes. failuare to do so would mean instant sacking.

    Thats why wenger never spends money, bec by spending money he needs to back this up with glory, but by playing with the likes of flaminis, he always has something to excuse himself with. Every time we came short, he came out claiming that its almost impossible to win the leauage bec city and co spend way more then we do, but boy, did rainieri kicked wengers ass this time, he wont the leauge with an inferior team to us, and this tells us that wenger cant hide behind any other excuse in the world anymore.

    Would l. city win the leauge under wenger is the question you all need to ask your selfs?And dont start to compare arsenal to manure, chelsea, city, and liverpool, bec you all know that their current form is only temporary, and next year they will come back as strong as they can make them self to be.

    1. You just know Wenger will just use Leicester as an example that you don’t need to spend to win the title. He will then compare them to Man City and how they spent £150m in summer for capital one cup.

      He needs to accept his mistakes. The only positive I saw in yesterday’s game is that he changed the tactics. Everytime they took a goal kick short our players were up the field ready to close them down. We should play with this intent for the rest of the season.

  7. We need to sell at least 2 players from these bunch:

    Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere and Ramsey. With the understanding that Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini will no longer be Arsenal players next season of course.

    1. I won’t complain if the first three you mention there leave. Ramsey has better games than the other three. He should stay, he also earns less than Walcott and Wilshere.

      Wenger needs to accept that his investment in these players for many seasons haven’t been a success as a whole.

  8. We do not need
    any major change.
    The odds on winning
    the EPL are low.
    Leicester if they win is an anomaly a freak result.
    Normally 15 out of 20 teams start the season
    knowing they will not win the league.
    4-6 compete for ECL places another 2 compete for Europa.
    The other 12 are there to play in the EPL and hopefully avoid relegation.

  9. Raising fans expectations
    is dangerous. You have to
    spend more money and
    sack managers regularly.
    Utd have sacked Moyes + will sack Van Gaal after
    spending 300 mill yet they are no closer to winning the title.
    Chelsea have been through about 9 managers in ten years
    spent untold millions for a couple of titles.
    City have spent the same and gone though
    several managers for a couple of titles.
    Real Madrid are sacking managers flat out
    and spending mege mega but are well behind Barca in La Liga.
    Goodbye Zizou in the summer plus goodbye 200 mill.
    Is it worth it? Not for Arsenal it is not and I agree and understand why.
    Our owner unlike the oil men or Brand Utd is not willing to throw
    150 mill at the team every season for one title every 4 years.
    600 mill per title for him and the club is insanity and I agree.

  10. I’d want us to sign Jose Giminez the 21 year old Uruguayan centre back as our number one signing. He’s already one half of the best defensive partnership in world football and has many years to give. Add Kante from Leicester and we have signed who is for me the standout player in the Prem this season and in a key area for us- with Flamini and Arteta surely about done. That would make us immediately a far superior side. In an ideal world we would add Payet and sell Ox, and Aubameyang/Higuain and sell Walcott. We can but dream; especially with Kroenke raping our club- can’t believe he’s openly been declaring he doesn’t care about results.

    1. I like the Payet bit where do you play him? In the wings ; Actually makes a lot of sense. Payet in one wing and Sanchez on another. I think Payet will give Wenger what he looks from Ramsey on the wings ( just that Payet is a lot better). Injuries will happen and Ramsey will get his chance. But Payet over Ramsey!

      Get rid of Wilshere and get Payet in. I am guessing 20-25 Mn should be enough to turn heads.

  11. I People Want Walcott to leave but I don’t see Theo leaving
    Would other clubs pay him £140,000 per week?
    That’s just £20,000 less than what Lewandowski makes and same as Ozil and Alexis

    Would he leave for less??
    He loves playing at Arsenal and makes a crap load of money

    Also why would Wenger and the board want to sell him after increasing salary by so much. They could have sold him last summer

    I honestly don’t see any of the following leaving: Walcott, Oxlade, Welbeck, Giroud, Wilshere, Ramsey

    In fact, there is a better chance of Ozil and Alexis leaving for trophies lol

    The only players I honestly see possibly leaving are
    maybe Ospina

    Now when Wenger leaves and Kronke leaves or has less power then that’s a different story

  12. If we do not win the title (and that is looking very much the case) the first major change has to be management Wenger can no longer lead us he has lost the plot he can not motivate the team and does not have back up plans encase this go wrong on the pitch (both tactics and players)…

    In terms of players it self we need to make some major changes start from the back:

    GK- we need a second keeper Ospina is on his way out and Szczesny to me is still not good enough. We could be look at Leno, Donnarumma, Perin and others.

    RB- We need a replacement right back Bellerin can not be play every single game and if Jenkison can not make it as a regular player at West ham then he should get rid of him. Scouts should be sent out to find someone.

    CB- Per is old Gabriel has the language barrier getting in his way. we need someone to partner Kosh. We could look at Laporte, Marquinhos Stones as some options.

    CM- This season since Santi has been injured there has not been not real creative flair in the middle Ramsey, Wilshere are always injured and when they are playing are too poor. Kross has been a name thrown around lately who I wouldn’t mind (meaning Santi may be a bench starter) or Tielemans, Sane from (Schalke 04) can p;ay on the wing or in the middle.

    ST- Our attacking force are not good enough period. as the main striker its your job to be firing looking for openings and get your wingers involved. My main option for this is Morata he can finish, he has pace, he can dribble he will run at players and he gets his wide men involved. Or we could be ambitious go for Aubameyang or Griezmann we have the money to buy them and pay their wages but we are scared to put in a decent big for high profile players.

    We need to get rid of ageing players (Aretea etc), cut our ties with deadwood (debuchey), play players who are ready to fight (campbell) and for the rest they step up or get out period (Walcott, Giroud)

    We needs major changes is an understatement.

    1. sell szezney or ospina + loan martinez = +7m
      sell debuchy , jenkinson= + 8m < SERGIE AURIER = -15m(best performing rb across Europe)
      release rosicky,arteta,flamini
      sell Walcott =+18m<james rodriguez or isco 38m
      sell sanogoo= +2m < IBRAHIMOVIC (free agent, one of the best in the world)

      net spend=18m
      gk cech, ospina or szezney
      rb AURIER,Bellerin
      cb koscielney, ,gabriele,mertesacker,chambers
      Lb monreal, gibbs
      dm coqulan,elneny
      cm santi, ramsey,wilshire
      am ozil,ox, iwobi
      rfwd ISCO or JAMES, campbell
      lfwd sanchez, welbeck
      st IBRAHIMOVIC, giroud,

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