Big indication that Arsenal player is looking to force a move this month

Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi makes a significant change that could result in his departure.

It is being reported in the English media via the Mirror, that Shkodran Mustafi has changed agent, which is fairly significant when you consider the timing.

There are many reasons why a player changes an agent and failure to secure a move is certainly one of them. It was fairly common knowledge that Arsenal tried to move the German defender on in the summer but for one reason or another it did not happen.

Changing your agent at the start of a transfer window does kind of send a message. That message is that Mustafi is trying to engineer a move.

It has not quite worked out for the 27-year-old, he has tried, his attitude cannot be faulted, he never threw his toys out of the pram and he knuckled down even when he was ostracised by former Arsenal manager Unai Emery. But the brutal truth is that he was never really good enough.

There were high hopes that he would be a success at the Emirates based on his performances in La Liga with Valencia but the English game is totally different from most leagues and Mustafi simply has not adapted.

I predict that we will see an increase in speculation involving the central defender and even though there is now a long term injury to Calum Chambers and Mikel Arteta needs reinforcements, I am of the opinion that Mustafi will be sold this month.

I suspect that it is what he wants as well.


  1. Hope something goes through for Mustardi and us of course! Decent player in many respects but prone to too many brain farts for my liking.

  2. Mustafi is a calamity waiting to happen, any time he kick the ball for the club. This will be a good news for both parties, he is far below our standard, personally, I wish him well in his future endeavor.

  3. You must be a myopic person in real life if you think players and agents start looking for jobs after the window opens. If mustafi didn’t find work before now, then he wasn’t planning to move

  4. I still figure Mustafi got a rough deal. Fact is performances did not get any better when he was dropped. His crime was that he was always making last ditch tackles when we were conceding goals.

    Was that because he was making a mistake, or was it because he was the only one chasing down hopeless causes, while everyone else stood around watching.

    He led the team in mistakes, but also led in tackles clearances and interceptions. When we dropped him, we made less mistakes and still lost.

    Fact is that too many of the fans worry about this player or that player, yet squads of players worth far less were beating us. That isn’t individual player’s fault. Manager, tactics, fitness and attitude have to be fixed, before we can start assigning blame to any players, and even then I don’t think it has been at all helpful for fans to get down on a player.

    As long as a player is wearing an Arsenal shirt, I will cheer him on and encourage him. It may not help, but it sure as hell wont hurt the team.

    1. TT, though I accept much of what you say about “managers, tactics, fitness and,attitudes” as sound common sense, the clear fact remains and must not be overlooked nor deflected from, that Mustafi is universally and correctly scorned by Gooners as his mistakes are just so MANY and so COSTLY. He is akin to a sports car but with a faulty brake. You should NEVER own such a car and he must, I fervently hope,leave us this month.

  5. I wasn’t surprised with his errors, because he was one of the reasons Valencia almost got relegated

    I bet Wenger had his own choice, but he would likely have to accept Mustafi. Emery also wanted Banega and N’zonzi, but he was given other players

    That’s why Arsenal have to give Arteta his own players. Not all defenders can play from the back

    1. @Gotanidea Dont know exactly what youre talking about, mustafi might be crap here but mustafi/otamendi partnership was one of the best defensive partnerships in la liga give cfedit where it’s due man. They were better than 99 percent of the famed partnerships in spain IMHO. What youre alluding to had very little to do with the mustafi. As a football fan you should know this.That said I still believe he is a calamity as seen vs chelsea.

    2. Correct, and for this season, Emery wanted Partey, Maguire, Zaha. We don’t get players needed and wished for, but what Kroenke tricks! No DM but Ceballos to chase Ozil out (to keep the money), Luiz for Kos, no monster/top CB! Have us all hyped up with Pepe, bought on payement plan instead of cheaper Zaha but Palace asked to pay upfront!

      Chelsea is gonna do as for Kante who wanted Arsenal but Kroenke ruined, 40M deal! They will get Zaha and mainly Koulibaly who we looked into but Napoli wants cash money, no plan!

      I’m surprised but maybe wrong, they not on best attacking player in the league nor Spurs losing Kane, that Adama Traore kid is killing it the season. I saw him since Barca youth as an amazing prospect with incredible speed and skills. Clearly needed more physical power, guess he worked at it real hard! What an Athlete & player! Not sure he will look at Arsenal today. Playing EL and above us in EPL, useless move now. His market value is 28M, super cheap, he will 3 times more in 2020!

  6. I had hope for him because he was in the World Cup winning squad but he has been a total liability

    We need to clean house and rebuild our defence

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